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This site pertains to the Baldwin's of Central New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

Click "Baldwin Family Fold" to begin your tour. Scroll down the page for families that married into the Baldwins and for pages of information and photos. Use the above 'search box' to find any name on this site. Follow the BLUE 'Children' Links to trace ancestry. Occasionally you will find a blue 'Family Name'. This is linked to a family that is not a Baldwin descendent but connected by marriage.



Family Crest - circa 1326 (English)

Family Crest - circa (prior)1326 (French)

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Matthew 7:18



While you browse this site you will find that each blue 'Children' link will lead you to the next generation of Baldwin's, some links of early generations lead to a dead-end due to the lack of records. The 'blue' links above lead you to other pages of interest. Below are links to 'Families' Limbs that are associated with the 'Baldwin's'.

Connections to the Lee Family - Ferris Family - Sutliff Family - Shuman Family - Frewert Family - Neidlinger Family -  Polley Family - Perrella Family - Schlafer Family - Zimmer Family - Wright Family

While I am responsible for building this web site a visitor should know that this is a consolidation of my memories and information provided by various family members,  their paper records and memory have been invaluable in this quest. As a continuing updating of the information presented here I request that anyone with exact knowledge of any family health, marriage, death or birth history that could prove helpful to others, e-mail me with the information at

Noted 'typos', incorrect information or other errors should be reported to the same address. Information recorded here is available in public records and therefore approved by the author for general use. Thanks for the visit!

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Additional Genealogy Sites with connections to the Baldwins.

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