Commentary Page


    As you traverse these pages listing persons of the Baldwin family long dead, for the most part, it would be wise to realize that these persons were mostly of rural origins. Their roots were deeply imbedded in the earth of the farms they were working at the time. The earliest generation was grandchild and/or great-grandchild to those that came from Europe via New England and cleared the forest in northern Pennsylvania and organized the early farming economy we all have descended from. For the most part, the families that married into the Baldwin's, were of rural origins and of similar history, with their roots deeply imbedded in the same soil, as well.

    While most of these families moved about quite a bit it was always in hopes of deeper and richer soils. They were mainly of the generations which fed this country and when war broke out, sent their sons and daughters to make things right. I have tried to recognize those sacrifices by various family members.

    If you are a late member of this extended family of 'Baldwins' remember this, no matter how hard you scrub, there will always be soil under your fingernails!

    As you travel these pages I hope that you learn of your past and gain a deep appreciation and respect for those that went before you and their contributions to this great nation.

    (Any family member having knowledge of a family story should forward same to [email protected]. The family would be forever indebted to you for helping preserve our history.)


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