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    The Baldwin Effect - a scientific term - If the ability to learn increases the fitness, survival, of an individual, then its offspring will have a high probability of having that ability to learn.

    Baldwin (English) (the name) comes down from Shropshire, England area where King William granted land after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Probably a variation of - Baudouin (French). Also shows up as Boudewijn (Dutch). Because common persons born into serfdom, in Europe, had no 'surnames' when any of them moved, as to the New World, they often took as their surname the name of the nobility that had 'owned' them. Of course some nobility made the same move and brought their surname with them.

    Our origins within this country - When researching the 'Baldwin' name I soon came to realize that our New York relatives came to Chenango, Delaware and Otsego county from Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Mainly about the time of the 'Great Depression' or just prior. A look at federal census lists from that era shows many, many Baldwins living in Wayne County. A survey of the cemeteries there shows quite a few headstones of our predecessors. An extensive search of Federal Census Reports backs up this assumption.

    Rosella May (Lee) Baldwin - Wife of Charles Lee Baldwin. We find in some obits that her name is shown as 'Rose Ella' this in error. When a child and youth she was often called 'Rosa Lee.'

A small story appeared in the Binghamton Sun newspaper concerning 'Rosa Lee'.

" Miss Rosa Lee of Hancock, swallowed a stick pin two and a half inches long the other day. She was hustled off New York where she is being treated in the M. E. hospital. So far she has felt no discomfort, but an operation is believed to be necessary. The location of the pin was discovered by X-rays."

    Orrie Sylvester Baldwin - brother to Charles Lee, was variously known as "Uncle Vess" or "Uncle Dickie" by the younger children. One Census Report lists him in Grandfather Milo's household as "Vessie". Other Census Reports list him as "Sylvester" no references to "Orrie".

    Charles Lester Baldwin - son of Charles and Rosella Baldwin. We find in some obits that his name is shown as 'Lester Charles', this stems from his mother, in order to separate him from his father when she hailed either, used his middle name 'Lester' and his siblings got used to hearing her call 'Lester'! Charles Lester did not like being called 'Lester'. To his friends and many of his extended family he was known as 'Jack' and he liked that.

    The Farm - Located on the Cooper Schoolhouse Road north of Bainbridge, NY. Charles and Rosella bought this farm in 1922 and moved their large family there. At the time the general area was home to many Yale families and so was called Yaleville and the road through the area the Yaleville Road, now the Bainbridge - Guilford Road. It was on this farm that most of the children (Francis, Verla, Harold, Clifford, Leroy and Charles Lester) grew up helping with chores and such. Known to them as the Heigler farm they moved off in 1936. (Can be found by turning in front of the old schoolhouse on county route # 38, up the Cooper Schoolhouse Road about a half mile. The house is on the right above the road and the old cow barn is across from it. Another barn, used for horses, on the same side as the house has fallen down. See photos page for a picture when the farm was in it's heyday.

After leaving the Heigler farm the Baldwin family moved often as the children grew, married and left for their own homes. Subsequent addresses for Charles and Rosella, High Bridge Rd., Mt. Upton, April '36-Nov. '36; Pine Hill Rd., Well's Bridge, with Rosella's father (Emilus Lee), Nov. '36-Spring '42; Covered Bridge Rd. and on Rt.#7 north of Unadilla, Spring '42-Spring '43; upstairs apartment in Well's Bridge, '43-'44; a second upstairs apartment (different building) in Well's Bridge '44-Oct. '45; Elm Grove Rd., Morris '45-46; Two different places in Franklin, Aug. '46-May '47; two months on Guilford Lake; White's Store, '47-'52 here Charles Lee had a stroke in Feb. '51 and died Apr. '52. The home and small store (White's Store) was purchased and remodeled for Charles and Rosella by their daughter and her husband, Frances and John Neidlinger. After the death of her husband, Rosella lived with various families in a care giver capacity.    

The above two paragraphs comes out of the memory of Rose Marie (Baldwin) Zimmer, the youngest child of Charles and Rosella, the summer of 2005 with embellishments from Lola Neidlinger and myself.

    Ferris Family Reunions - A newspaper clipping of September 1902 records the following -A very enjoyable occasion was the fifth annual re-union of the Ferris families, which met in the cool and shady grove of Mr. E. K. Foster, of Burnwood, Pa., on Wednesday, September 3rd. There were over sixty persons present and those from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lee and son, Arthur, and daughter Jennie and Juniata, of Sidney, N. Y.; Miss Rosa Lee and Charles Baldwin, of Hancock, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Ira R. Lee, sons, Allison and Robert, and daughter, Ethel, and Miss Grace Ransom, of Scranton; Avery Ferris, of Elmhurst; Mr. W. German and Mr. Peters, of Peckville; Mr. Welsh, of Lathrope, and Merwin Steel, of Nicholson.

    The table was loaded with all the good things of the season, to which ample justice was done, after which the officers were elected and a resolution passed to call the gathering the Lee, Ferris and Cottrell Families' reunion, after which the following program was rendered:

    Song, "My old Kentucky Home", by Rosa Myers; recitation, " The Station Agent's Story", Rosa Lee; "Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight", Jennie Cottrell; "Our Hired Girl", Jennie Lee; "Be Kind To The Loved Ones At Home", Arthur Lee; "Going To The Johnstown Fair", Mrs. Ida Lee; "Hear Your Brother", Flossie Lee; "Sneezing", Jennie Cottrell; "This", Rosa Myers; "Don't Send My Boy Where Your Girl Can't Go", Arthur Lee; "A Boy's Appeal", Merton Cottrell; "What They Did With Jesus", Rosa Lee; song "A Game of Tag", Flossie Lee; song " Twinkle Little Star", Boyd Cottrell; "Go Flag The Train", Ethel Lee; song "Saviour, Blessed Saviour", Mrs. Ella Cottrell; "Know This", Rosa Myers; duet "The Blind Girl's Appeal", Misses Edna and Jennie Cottrell.

    The meeting was closed by singing "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder", to meet again on the first Wednesday in September 1903.

    MRS. FLORA COTTRELL, Secretary

    (Added by transcriber - It is believed that this very reunion continues today in the year 2006.)

    'Frewert' the name - reportedly, of German origin, was first spelled 'Frevert'.

    Ronald "Ron' Baldwin - (Webmaster)(Author)(ex-Marine) I decided to build this record after experiencing a 'headstone' hunt with my sister, Cheryl. Once it was started it occurred to me that present and future 'Baldwin' generations need a record of 'Major Health problems' the family has endured over the years, to base their own  health care on. Thusly the inclusion of this material whenever available. The accomplishments here are due to the help and cooperation of many family members AND their responsibility to keep updated. One day I will no longer be able to maintain this web site and I look for a family member to take over. The site is located on's servers for free and will remain there long after I am gone.

    Military Service - Many 'Baldwins' and associated family members have served their country both voluntarily and by being drafted. Working backward out of my memory. Gerald (Gerry) Baldwin - Marine Corp. (Vietnam)(KIA); William (Bill) Baldwin - Marine Corp.; Ronald 'Ron' Baldwin - Marine Corp.(Vietnam); Gary John Neidlinger - Navy; Harold Baldwin - Army (WWII) Clifford Baldwin - Navy (WWII); Edward (Ed) Zimmer - Air Force (WWII) A P-40 machinegun maintenanceman, he later trained in 'bomb sights' and 'swing compasses'. Ed retired after a long career with the Army Air Corps/ Air Force. (Please let me know of any omissions, especially earlier generations.)