Photos of Charles & Rosella

Family Photo Album

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     It is believed that this is a Ferris Family photo, but we are not sure. Can anyone identify this picture?

  Ferris - Lee - Cottrell Reunion Burnwood, PA - 1932  Top row left, 4th/5th persons; Frances (Baldwin) and John Neidlinger. Left row behind children 7th/8th persons Cora (Ferris) and Emlius Lee.

Uriah & Sarah Baldwin with family (middle row right hand two adults)



  The Ferris women (L to R) Ida, Olive, Cora Frances Woodmansee, Amanda (daughters & mother) A 4th daughter (Flora) died in 1907.


The Family of Milo and Jennie Baldwin

(Photo from Lola Palmer's collection)



(Back row) Ella B., Charles Lee, Lillie B., Alta F

(Front row) Milo, Ida M., Orrie Sylvester, Jennie

(Photo from Rosemarie Zimmer's collection)



The Lee's     Rosella, Juniata, Emilus, Cora, Jennie, Arthur


Cora & Emilus                



  The Baldwin's                      

         Charles Lee                               Charles & Rosella    


        'Heigler' farm in mid '30s with the house and yard views.


        '35 (back) Clifford, Harold, Leroy (Roy) (Frances probably took this)

        (front) Verla, Charles (Jack), Rosemarie


        Lower (cow) barn on the farm on Cooper Schoolhouse Road, summer of 2005.


        Painting by Daniel Tennant of the house and upper  (horse) barn.

        The Baldwin's at Verla's in 1947. 

        (Front) Charles Lee, Ronald B., Ellen B.

        (2nd) Rosella, Gary N., Frances with David N., Verla with Dawn F.,

         Iva, Marjorie with Ramona B., Doris with Rita B.

        (3rd) Evelyn Ballentine, Rosemarie, Lola N., John N., Bill F.,

        Clifford with Gene, Leroy with Eddie, Charles, (Murray B. wasn't there)


Lillie B. and George Skinner with children