Rev. John Ballantine's Journal

Rev. John Ballantine, Minister of Westfield, Massachusetts, Journal, 1737-1774

After fourteen years of work, the journal of Rev. John Ballantine is now available for purchase and use by genealogical researchers and historians. It is for sale by Heritage Books, Inc. of Bowie, MD. I also have copies available that I will inscribe and sell directly to you.

Here is the "New This Month" listing from their June 2002 catalog:

George H. Ballentine. This CD-ROM includes the journals of Rev. John Ballantine of Massachusetts. He was born in Boston, October 30, 1716 and graduated from Harvard College in 1735. Ordained June 17, 1741, he became the third minister of Westfield, Massachusetts. He died on February 12, 1776.

The author wanted to make available records that were in Rev. Ballantine's journals that may not be recorded at any other location. In the 37 years of his journal, thousands of births, deaths, marriages and community happenings are recorded. The journal also includes unique accounts of events like the French and Indian War, The Boston Tea Party and the Stamp Act, which gives the reader an insight into what the average person thought about the events of the day. Through the unique set-up of this CD you can examine the original page of the journal and the transcription by the author. It's a must have for the historian.

This ELECTRONIC IMAGE CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 2002. 2702 pp. $33.50 #2109.