Richard and Frances (nee Creigton) Woolman

Richard and Frances Woolman

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Richard Woolman born 4th Dec 1818 to Edward Woolman and Charlotte (née Hart) in Stonton Wyville, Leicestershire


Frances Creaton or Craythorne

m. 17th November 1840

Had a child

John Woolman

4th December 1846


Had Rowland Craythorne Woolman

b. 1844 m. Elizabeth d. 1890

Had Robert Woolman (1850)

Had another girl.

Died in Kibworth or Kegworth

John was born at 9 Peel Street, Leicester, but by the time he was 4 his father completed the 1851 census at 77 Northampton St. In 1868/9 John and his wife Sarah Ann had houses in succession at 1, Yard, Humberstone Gate and 40 Church Gate. The Burgess/voters list show his continuing association with 40 Church Gate until 1872 when he was a beer retailer. Maybe he might also have met the licensee of the pub in the Market Place in Derby (who in 1861 was one Francis Bamkin(42) born in Whitwick). John died at the age of 30 (1876) when he was living at 23 Canning place. His will bequeathed his property "The Welcome Inn" to provide for his "Dear Wife Sarah Ann" and for his childrens "support, education and advancement in the World". His will also provided for his fathers upkeep by the parish of Kegworth. On Sarahs death or re-marriage (and she did re-marry), his property and its income was to pass to his children at the age of majority and be used for their upkeep until that time. John actually died in Kegworth and he was buried in Freehold grave No.B109 on the 4th December 1877.

Ref.Clare P.A.Bamkin


This is the last Will and Testament of me John Woolman of Leicester in the county of Leicester, Innkeeper and I appoint my Brother Rowland Crathorne Woolman and my brother- in- law Alfred Manger Trustees and executors of this my will. I bequeath unto my dear wife Sarah Ann Woolman all my household furniture, Stock- in- Trade, monies, security for monies and all and singular my personal estate which I shall die possessed of (Subject to the payment thereout of my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and the payment of any mortgage or other charges on my real estate and to the payment to the said Rowland Crathorne Woolman of one third of the amount which shall from time to time be paid by him to the parish authorities for the support of my father) for her own use and benefit absolutely. I devise unto the said Rowland Crathorne Woolman and Alfred Manger their heirs and asigns all my lands temements hereditaments and real estates of which I shall die seized upon trust that they my said Trustees or the survivor of them or their heirs executors or administrators do and shall make sale of my said real estate together or in parcels and either by public auction or public contract with power to make my stipulations as to title or evidence of title or otherwise as they shall see fit and to buy in or rescind any Contract for Sale and afterwards to resell the same by either the modes aforesaid and to give receipts to purchasers which receipts I declare shall fully exonerate and discharge the person or persons paying the money thereby expressed to be received from all obligations as to the application misapplication or nonapplication thereof and after payment of the expenses of and incidental to such Sale or Sales I direct my Trustees to stand possessed of the proceeds Upon trust to invest the same in their own names or name on real or parliamentary Securities or on Security of the Bonds or Debentures of some Public Company or Corporation in England with full power to vary and transpose such securities for other of a like nature when and so often as they shall see fit and to receive the interests dividend and annual income arising therefrom and pay the same as and when received unto the said Wife Sarah Ann during the term of her natural life if she shall so long continue my widow for the support of herself and the support education and advancement in the World of my Children during minority and on the Death or marriage again of my said wife whichever event shall first happen I direct my Trustees to stand possessed of my trust estate upon trust and to pay and divide the same unto equally between all my Children who shall be of or live to reach the age of twenty one years or the issue of any child of mine that shall then be dead but leaving lawful issue such issue nevertheless taking amongst them only the share or respective shares which such child of mine would have been entitled to take if living I empower my Trustees during the Widowhood of my said Wife to delay to sale of my said messuage and premises known as the "Wellcome Inn" for such time as my said Wife in her discretion during Widowhood shall see fit and I declare and direct that my said Wife shall be at liberty to occupy my said Messuage during the Widowhood or for such shorter period as she shall see fit without payment of any rent. She nevertheless paying the expenses of keeping the said premises in good tenantable repair and insuring the Buildings againsy loss by fire to the satisfaction of the said Trustees and in case my said Wife shall occupy my said messuage I empower my trustees at their discretion to allow her during her widowhood and such occupation to pay off and discharge any mortgage on my real Estate that may be owing to me at the time of my decease to any building Society by the monthly payments prescribed by the Indenture of Mortgage and the rules and regulations of such Building Society I empower my trustees and Executors to deliver over all or any part of my personal estate to my said Wife although she may not have paid the mortgage debts owing on my real state.......

John Woolman "X" his mark

Witnesses:Rowland Craythorne Woolman and Alfred Manger

Will proved 20 December 1877

Note:A messuage is a dwelling house (often with outbuildings).

Note: Originally a Will and a testament were two separate documents where a will dealt with real estate (realty) where a testament dealt with portable possesions (personalty). However they have been combined as one document for sometime.



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