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The Bamkin family are believed to be all related. Some of the earliest references are to Bamkin's living in Rothley a small village north of Leicester in the UK. It is known that Bempkins are descended from a Bamkin. The relationship to Bampkin and Bankin is of great interest. More research on John Bamkin descendants is available. Including people in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US.

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Married Elizabeth

Had Thomas Bamkin m. Lydia Taberah

Had John Bamkin m. Mary Griffin

Had Samuel Bamkin m. Ann Wil(l)son

Had Elizabeth Bamkin (born 1754 in Rothley, Leicestershire)

Had William Bamkin born 1756

Had James BAMKIN m. Mary Barger

Had Elizabeth BAMKIN born 1761 in Rothley

They had 34 grandchildren. Descendants lived in Pembrokeshire, Leicester, Gloucester, Dursley, Preston, Salisbury, Gainsborough, Nottingham, Devon, Australia, America. There are people called Bankin in Essex and Kent who may be John's ancestors - see Bankin in the search engine.


Last updated Jan 2004 - includes Burns, does not include all recent work on BANKIN

Other names we are interested in include Barger, Baynes of Ulverston, Borwick of Egton cum Newland, Bott, Chester, Clist, Craythorne, Duggan, Ettery of Monkton Farley, Freebury of Wales, Good, Goodman / Gamble, Griffin, Halford, Hart of Burton Overy, Hewitt, Hibbert, Hill, Hollidge, Kirk, Laycock, Morris, Preston in Quarndon?, Robinson, Rolleston, Simpson, Bigland Walker of Ambleside, Whimsett of Teynham, Woolman of Stonton Wyville



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