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Hello Dolby Researchers. My name is Christine Walters, a descendant of the Lancaster Co PA Dolby Line. My mother was Essie May Dolby born 1918 Adair OK, the daughter of William C Dolby born 1860 Lancaster PA, the son of Christian Dolby born 1817 Lancaster PA, the son of Isaac Dolby b 1782. Isaac is as far back as I can safely go. The father of Isaac might possibly be Abraham probably from Wales, but he is not giving up any information that can prove it. I've been looking for my Dolby cousins for many years. Now that I've found a few, I thought it would be nice if I could find some more. So if you belong to any part of this line - be sure and drop me a line.

I've attempted record the Births, Marriages, Deaths, Military Activity, Court Activities, Newspaper Articles, Obits and any kind of story related to us. One of the best features of this site will be the Descendants Page. Here is where all the other Dolbys can find you. Your name and lineage will be listed ending with yourself and your own email. You can contact each other direct if anyone sees a connection and then maybe you'll both contact me and tell me about it?

Nothing on this site is carved in stone. We all have to prove, accept or reject anything we see. I'm not going to verify sources, I'm simply putting them here as a guide, or a possibility. If you have any information that you would like to see here - please send it to me..

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Words & Music by Reverend Guy Smith

What a beautiful thought I am thinking,
Concerning a great speckled bird.
Remember her name is recorded,
On the pages of God's Holy Word.

All the other birds flocking 'round her
And she is despised by the squad.
But the great speckled bird in the Bible
Is one with the great Church of God.

All other churches are against her,
They envy her glory and fame.
They hate her because she is chosen
And has not denied Jesus' name.

Desiring to lower her standard,
They watch every move that she makes
They long to find fault with her teachings,
But really they find no mistake.

She is spreading her wings for a journey.
She's going to leave by and by;
When the trumpet shall sound in the morning,
She'll rise and go up in the sky.

In the presence of all her despisers,
With a song never uttered before,
She will rise and be gone in a moment
'Til the great tribulation is o'er.

I am glad I have learned of her meekness.
I am proud that my name is on her book,
For I want to be one never fearing
On the face of my Savior to look.

When He cometh descending from heaven,
On a cloud like He writes in His Word,
I'll be joyfully carried to meet Him
On the wings of that great speckled bird.