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21 October 1839 - ??

Thomas L Dolby was born about 31 October 1839 in Westchester PA according to the Pension Papers. I'm not sure who he belongs to but it appears his mothers maiden name might have been Osborn? He married Julia Ann Davis 8 September 1869 in Downington, Chester Co PA. I had a thought that he might be the son of Thomas Dolby & Rachel Mechlin from Chester/Clarion PA.

Department of the Interior
Thomas (C) DOLBY 1019694 Washington DC 22 Jul 1892
Wife: Julia A Davis
Married 8 Sep 1869 Downington, Chester PA
Marriage Certificate in his possession. No Previous Marriages.
Four Living Children:
William Thomas Dolby 25 Jul 1872
Eva Dolby 12 Nov 1875
Elizabeth Dolby 19 Aug 1879
Ethel May Dolby 21 Sep 1886
Signed Thomas C DOLBY West Phil. PA

State of PA County of Philadelphia 11 Oct 1901
In the matter of Claim of Julia Dolby for 1/2 Pension of Thomas L Dolby No. 921247.
On the 11th day of October before the subscriber a Notary Public of PA, Personally appeared the said claimant Julia A Dolby, who being duly sworn according to law, desposes and says that on the 26th day of ? 1900, said Thomas Dolby was before Magistrate henry R Shatten charged by myself and daughter Ethel with assault and battery and was held under force to keep the peace and was discharged first upon his promise to leave the home of claimant and to clear his assaults and harsh treatment. Since that time he has not contributed anything whatever to my support or to the fupport of his family and I have supported my family since Oct 26 1901 entirely on my own. Signed Julia A Dolby.. Notary Joseph W Thomason
Declaration for Pension Act of Feb 6 1907
1 Nov 1909 appeared before me Thomas L Dolby declares that he is 70 years of age and a resident of Co E ??? County ??? Sate ???. Enrolled at Westchester PA under the name of Thomas O Dolby on the 6 day of Sep 1861 as a Private in Co F 49th Reg. Pref. Vol Inf transfered from Co F to Co C Jan 11 1863 in the Civil War and was honorably discharged at Harrisburg PA on or about 6 Sep 1864. Served as a private in Co C 8th Reg. of US Vet. Vol from March 7 1865 to August 8 1865 under name of Thomas L Dolby. Height 5"9" complexion Light eyes blue and hair Dark and that his occupation Farmer. Born Oct 31 1839 at Westchester PA. Penvion # 921247 ... PO Box is Co E - unreadable.
Signed clearly Thomas L DOLBY..
Declaration for Pension act of May 11 1912
State of VA County of Elizabeth City.
15 May 1912. Thomas L DOLBY age 72 a resident of Natl Soldiers Home in County of Elizabeth City State of VA and that he is the identical person wo was enrolled at WestChester PA under the name of Thomas L Dolby on April 1861 as Pvt in Co F 49th PA Vol Inf, that he served in the Civil War and was honorably discharged at Harrisburg PA 1864 Co F 22nd Reg PA Vol Inf. with 3 monts service. Not employed . Personal Description 5'8 1/2" , Light complexion, blue eyes, hair light and that his occupation was Laborer. Born 31 Oct 1839 at Westchester PA.. Certificate No 921247.. Signed Thomas L DOLBY Natl Soldiers Home Elizabeth City VA
Department of the Interior # 921247
Thomas L Dolby 30 Oct 1914 United Soldiers Home VA Birth: Last of Oct
Born At: Westchester PA
Enlist: Apr 1864 Westchester PA
Live before Enlistment: Westchester PA
Occupation at enlistment - Well Digger
Discharged: 1864 At Harodsburg?
Where Discharged: Susbury
Lived since Discharge: Philadelphia and Westchester
Present Occupation: Soldiers Home
Blue Eyes - Light Hair. Scar on cheek
Signed Thomas L DOLBY
Department of the Interior
Thomas L Dolby 921247 26 Mar 1915
Birth: 31 Oct 1839 Westchester PA
Served: Co F 2nd Reg PA Vol. Inf and Co C 49th Reg Pa Vol
Wifes Name: Julia A Davis
Married About 1868 Methodist Ministers Home Downington PA
Married only Once No Separation
Chilren: Annie, William, Eva, Elizabeth, Ethel, 3 unknown
Signature clearly THOMAS L DOLBY
United States of America County of PHL. 25 Jul 1917 Julia A Dolby, who being duly sworn, according to law, did depose and say, that she is the widow of Thomas O DOLBY, (whos mother's name was OSBORNE) that she resided on DeKalb St, PHL from 1898 to 1900, that she lived on Lancaster Ave 1900 to 1901, that in the spring of 1901 she moved to Manayunk Philadelphia living with her son William Dolby on Delmar St, in the fall of 1901 she returned to West PHL and lived there until Apr 1907, when she then returned to Roxborough Philadelphia and lived with her son until 1916 ( 10 years 7 Months), that she now lives in West Manayunk, Montgomery County, and that neither she or her husband ever applied or was granted a divorce one from the other, that she lived with her husbnd thomas O Dolby from the date of her marriage 1869 until 1889, that there were born to them 8 children four of whom are now deceased. From this time until 1900 we separated and joined each other on 3 different occasions. In 1900 her husband took up his residence at Hampton Roads, VA ( Soldiers Home)...
Signed Julia A Dolby Jul 25 1917
Notary William J Kelly
United States of America County of PHL
William T DOLBY Is the son of Thomas O DOLBY and Julia A DOLBY, that hie is 45 years old having been born July 25 1872, that his mother and father had always lived together until 1889 and that they were separated going together again on 3 different occasions until 1900 which time his father moved to the Soldier's Home Hampton Roads, VA, that his mother nor his father have ever applied or wer granted a divorce one from the other that he now resides 269 Delmar St, Roxborough PA, that he makes this affidavit of his personal knowledge.
Signed William L DOLBY ..
Notary Wm J Kelly 25 Jul 1917
Wed. Sep 1 1917
Dear Sirs,
Could you kindly inform me as to the present where abouts of Thomas O Dolby, late of Co ? 49th PA Inf who was discharged from ? TN March 21 of this year. I am an older daughter and wish to know his where abouts as he is very old and will think you very much for the troublt. I remain Respectfully.. Mrs Eva Koehler.. Looks like Fair Hill Sta.. W PHL PA


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