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Christofel BENKER (c. 1680-?) descendants (first 3 generations)  

Johannes Jacob BANKERT (1746-1825) descendants  

Johannes BANKERT (1749-<1789) descendants   
Peter BANKARD (?-<1810) 

Christopher BANKERT (c. 1755-?) descendants  

Jacob H. BANKARD (1848-1883) descendants  


Kitzmiller Line 

Miracle Line 

Bankert, Lohr, Yingling, etc. 

Arrival in America

On August 23, 1728, Captain John Coultas' ship Mortonhouse reached Philadelphia after a long voyage from the Dutch port of Rotterdam that included a stop at the port of Deal on the southeast coast of England near the entrance to the English Channel. Among the 205 men, women, and children on board was Christofel Bankert, his wife, Anna Eva (Shriver [? According to family tradition]), four of their five daughters (Maria Salome, Juliana, Anna Margaretha, and Margaretha Elenora), and one surviving son, Johann Jacob, who was born in 1717. Another daughter, Anna Maria, came to America later, in 1752.  
Christofel and his family were from Wachenheim, a small town in the Rheinland- Palatinate. Born around 1680, in 1695 Christofel was considered a "servant" and "day laborer," later a "tenant" on the farm of Dr. Emrich of Spire in Wachenheim. He owned a house that was burned down in time of war. In 1718 he was a tenant on the farm of Baron von Sax, a successor of Dr. Emrich. 

Old Town Wall

95 Banhof

Lang Alley

Rear of Dr. Emrich's structure

The above pictures of Wachenheim were taken by Van Sauter during a trip to Germany in 2004.  One of the residents pointed out the stretch of town wall that serves as the back wall of the Dr. Emrich building, that was probably a residence. The building itself fronted on what was later known as Banhof Street, No. 95. Christofel's property that burned was on what was known as Lang Alley, which is about a block up from the Emrich site. Lang Alley runs perpendicular to Banhof Street. What was 95 Banhof has been plastered over and new windows installed, making it look quite modern. The back of the house, however, is quite medieval. The house next to Dr. Emrich's bears a sign indicating it was built in the 1600s. 

Settlement in America

After the family’s arrival in Philadelphia, all records concerning Christofel disappear. His family, including his daughters and sons-in-law, moved to southcentral Pennsylvania, settling on “Digges’ Choice” in the region between Hanover and York. Christofel’s wife, Anna Eva, shows up as a sponsor for her grandchildren in baptismal records in that area. 
By the late 1730s and mid 1740s, Johann Jacob appears in records relating to land in Digges Choice. In 1751 he set his sights south, purchasing acreage in what is now the Union Mills area of northcentral Maryland. His will divided his property between his four oldest sons and oldest daughter. Portions of his property – his “plantation,” including his mill property – were put up for sale in the late 1790’s, leading to a long court battle between the purchasers, Andrew and David Shriver, and Johann Jacob’s children. 

Johann Jacob Bankert’s Family

Johann Jacob Bankert married Esther Sell in 1742. They had 14 children, 7 sons and 7 daughters. Six of each survived to adulthood and are mentioned in Johann Jacob’s will. 
After Johann Jacob Bankert’s death in 1789, and the finalization of the sale of his property in 1797, most of his children and their descendants remained in the Frederick/Carroll County and Baltimore, Maryland and York/Adams County, Pennsylvania region.  

Johann Jacob's middle son, Christopher, sold his inheritance in 1803/1804, and apparently moved out to Ohio with his children, primarily to Butler, Warren, and Montgomery Counties.  They settled near, and often intermarried with, a number of other Maryland and Pennsylvania families, such as Butt, Barkelow, Bachman, Selby, Catrow, Keister, Kercher, Kemp, Gebhart, Dotterer, Long, Lucas, Deardoff [or Deardorff], Morningstar, Erb, Nail, Rohrer, Selby, Sell, Stull, and Yingling, some of the same families they had intermarried with in the East.  Click here for more information on the Ohio Bankers.

The Family Name

he family name has gone through a number of variations, right from the very beginning. The Mortonhouse passenger list has it as "Bencker," although some of the transcriptions of that list render it "Benker" or "Benders."  

Johann Jacob's surname was rendered "Banker" in his 1783 will and on a 1794 map of Maryland showing the location of his mill, "Benker" on his headstone at St. Mary's Cemetery in Silver Run, MD, and "Bankert" in many of the legal documents surrounding the sale of his estate.   

Christopher, Johann Jacob’s son, is listed as “Bankard” in the 1790 and 1800 federal censuses of Frederick County, Maryland, and “Bankerd” in the legal documents of the sale of his inherited estate in 1803. The family that moved to Ohio was noted “Bankard” at first, but it was quickly changed to Banker in further documentation.  

Variants of the name that are current in the Pennsylvania-Maryland region include Banker, Bankert, Bankart, Bankard, Bankerd, and Bangert.  In Ohio it is currently almost always Banker. 

Who We Are

We are descendants of various parts of the Banker/Bankert/Bankard line. We welcome any additional information, photographs, etc., that will help us in our research.  Please contact us with any questions or further information: 
Roberta Banker Stein:[email protected]
Jan A. Bankert: [email protected]
Brian McDermott: [email protected]
Miriam Russell Banker: [email protected] 

We also have a new e-mail address for the Bankert Family Roundtable:  [email protected]

Family Reunions


The first Bankert/Banker/Bankard (and other variations) family reunion was held on August 25-26, 2001, close to the date of the 273rd Anniversary of Johann Jacob Bankert’s arrival in America. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!  We  held part of the reunion – a picnic on August 25 -- in Union Mills, Maryland, at the Lions Club park right next to the property that Johann Jacob owned. To find out more about the first reunion, and see pictures of the gathering, click here 


Our 2nd annual reunion was held on August 24 & 25, 2002, at St. Mary's United Church of Christ in Silver Run, Maryland, and it was even better than the first one!!  Activities began at 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 24, with a meet-and-greet followed by a wonderful catered dinner and the telling of the story of the sale of Johann Jacob Bankert's mill property.  Sunday morning included attendance at the UCC church service for those who wished to attend, followed by the cemetery tour, led by Jan Bankert.  A catered lunch was served at noon, followed by an opportunity to share pictures and documents relating to the family.  Something new was added this year -- an "artifact table," filled with family bibles, photographs, and other memorabilia from the various Bankert/Banker lines.  Maybe next year we'll need two tables!  To see pictures of the 2nd Annual Reunion, click HERE

The 3rd annual Bankert/Banker/Bankard Family History Reunion was held at St. Mary's United Charuch of Christ in Silver Run, Maryland, on August 23 & 24, 2003. The turn-out was unbelievable, with lots of new family groups attending. Activities began at 6:00 PM on Saturday, with a meet-and-greet followed by a catered dinner and a talk focusing on "The Second Generation" by Gary Stein and Jan Bankert.  Sunday morning  included attendance at the UCC church service, followed again by the cemetery walk.  The Sunday afternoon activities included a family history workshop for children led by Roberta (Banker) Stein, and the opportunity to share pictures and documents relating to the family.  For photographs of the 3rd Annual Reunion, click HERE.

PIONEER CHRONICLES -- Family Newsletter Available!! 
One of the decisions coming out of the 2001 reunion was to start a family newsletter to provide research notes, historical sketches and stories, more photographs as we uncover them, and to keep the family informed of what is going on.  We have completed the first year of our Bankert/Banker/Bankard family (and related lines) newsletter.  We call it Pioneer Chronicles.  To view an image of the first page of past issues of the newsletter, click here. We plan on issuing the newsletter quarterly.  At the reunions in 2001, 2002, and 2003, we developed a mailing list for the newsletter.  If you were unable to attend the reunions and would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please e-mail us at [email protected]. If you have any family stories, recipes, photos, etc. that you would like to share, contact Roberta and Gary Stein at [email protected] or call 540-434-3763.  
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