Akers Family Genealogy



Earl B. Akers, Sr.

Feb. 26, 1937 - Sep. 6, 2002



                Greetings to all cousins and those researching the AKERS Lineage. This website is the work of our father, Earl B. Akers, Sr. His

                passion to learn about his heritage, drove him to spend countless hours researching the AKERS family line. He made many friends

                and corresponded with numerous "long lost" cousins over the years. Despite serious health problems, dad continued his research

                faithfully, and willingly helped anyone who was interested in his information. Though this site is no longer maintained, please use it

                as a tool in your research and stay as long as you desire. It is our pleasure that you are visiting, and we hope that the information

                you find will be helpful to you in completing your family tree.


                Kay Lynn, Teresa, Melanie and Earl, Jr.


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