Tuesday 16 Sept., 1947

    0100 Liberty expires for CPO's.
    0430 Call duty cook.
    0500 Fantail watch sweep down all heads and washrooms.
    0515 Call duty MAA and reveille PO's.
    0530 Reveille.
    0545 Clamp down weather decks; muster PAL's and restricted men; muster fire party.
    0600 Breakfast.
    0619 Sunrise, turn out anchor lights.
    0700 Muster at quarters.
    0715 Turn to, clear all living compartments. Pay day. Commence field day.
    0730 Sick call.
    1000 U.S. Mail trip to Post Office.
    1030 Inspection of living compartments by Executive Officer.
    1045 Inspection of mess cooks by CPHM.
    1115 Knock off work; pipe sweepers; inspection of steward's mates by OOD.
    1130 Dinner.
    1200 Report 1200 to Commanding Officer. Muster PAL's and restricted men.
    1245 Turn to, continue ship's work, continue field day.
    1415 Knock off work; pipe sweepers; Libery card PO's draw liberty cards.
    1430 Liberty commences, sections II and III. All hands shift into uniform of the day, undress whites without jumpers.
    1500 U.S. Mail trip to Post Office.
    1645 Clear all mess decks.
    1700 Supper.
    1800 Muster PAL's and restricted men.
    1835 Sunset, turn on anchor lights.
    1855 Call away 2000 reports.
    1945 Movies.
    2000 Report 2000.
    After movies - Muster PAL's and restricted men to clean up movie area.
    2200 Lights out in all living compartments.
    2300 Liberty expires for non-rated men.
    2315 Lights out in crew's mess hall.
    2400 Liberty expires for rated men.
    1.All request chits must be turned into the ship's office prior to 1000 daily. Late chits will not be honored.
    2.Men not desiring to reenlist will be discharged two months prior to the expiration of enlistment.
    3.Personnel will not sit on the depth charge racks at any time, including movies.
    4.OOD will check all sweep downs to see that they have been properly carried out.
    5.All hands are reminded that the laundry assessment must be paid to-day whether or not you go through the pay line.
    No paint will be issued to-day. It is Field day.

Executive Officer

-Contributed by Joe Southers