by Jim Gillaspie

I could not wait for time to pass,
Upon that ship of gray,
For I was young and had a lass,
So many miles away.
'twas Oh so far away!

We sailed upon the deep calm seas,
We rode the stormy waves,
At times I thought that she would sink,
And take us to our graves,
Our cold and lonely graves.

But with the dawn would come new light,
And glorious painted sky,
My eyes did drink of that delight,
And made my soul draw nigh,
It made my soul draw nigh.

The men would come and they would go,
Upon that floating home,
My Captain drew his last breath there,
And sailed on alone,
He sailed on alone.

Then came the time to bid farewell,
And leave the ship behind,
A last salute, a hurried look,
No sorrow came to mind,
It never crossed my mind.

Now years have passed, and I did ask,
What happened to "my ship?"
The sad reply could not deny,
She made her final trip.
The Aggie's final trip.

I could not wait for time to pass,
The thought now makes me weep,
For there is now a part of me,
Four-hundred fathoms deep,
She rests within the deep.

Dedicated to the USS Agerholm DD-826