Cox Family of Ohio Genealogy


Including the family of Benjamin J COX (1773-1846)

And his probable father or uncle ABNER COX (ca 1744-1826)

It says in the family Bible that Benjamin J COX was born 23 Dec 1773. According to his daughter, Elizabeth Cox EBERLY, he was a native of Virginia. He married Mary HUGHES, a daughter of Thomas HUGHES, Jr, 19 Feb 1795 in Harrison Co VA. In 1796 or 1801 (depending on what sourceyou read) they were recorded as early settlers in Kanawha Co VA which would later become Jackson Co WV.

Benjamin and Mary COX next showed up in Ohio 5 children richer in time for the birth of Elizabeth in 1806 in Greene County near Yellow Springs. A year later they were found in Logan Co. OH where the next four children were born. Benjamin, a one-eyed man, served as a scout in the War of 1812. After the War, the family moved to evacuated Ft. Findlay in Hancock Co. OH by 1816 where Lydia was born. Their only neighbors were friendly Wyandot Indians for the next five years. Part of the family eventually settled in Wood Co. OH for a number of years, there are still Cox descendants of Benjamin Cox in living Northwest Ohio today. Benjamin was a pioneer, hunter, trapper, farmer and innkeeper as he made a life for his family moving from (West) Virginia to northwest Ohio.

He was in Wood County OH in the autumn of 1845 for a court case. According to a Wood County history books, he moved to Indiana "where he died at an advanced age" which according to the family Bible was 8 Jan 1846. I am attempting to fill in a lot of blanks and share information found in the process of searching for the ancestors and descendants of Benjamin J COX. (It is pretty tough finding his ancestors though I hope modern DNA databases may offer some clues, but finding more recently born Coxes in the last 100 years is getting easy with wonderful websites like and rootsweb and to mention several free websites)

Benjamin J COX Family (more here of his family)

If you are interested in the ancestors of Mary Hughes, who married Benjamin Cox in 1795, there is a book published by Heritage Press:

The English Ancestral Family And American Descendants Of William And Deborah Hewes - Joy L. Hughes-Jacoby. This family history begins with Rognwald, Count of Maerc, Normandy, born about 850 AD. This work takes the family right up to the present day, covering 37 generations in 2,346 genealogical entries. A variety of spellings have been documented for the Hewes family, including de la Huese, Hyeys, Hywis, Hisis, Hewis, Hewish, Huish, Hughish, Huese, Hues, Hughs, and Hughes. Many of these, and other, variations are among the names listed in this work. A wealth of information from the 18th and 19th centuries can be gleaned from the pages of this family treasure! 2000, 334 pp. illus., maps, bibl., fullname index, paper, $31.00 #H1659.

Heritage Books, Inc. 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716

phone: 1-800-398-7709 fax: 1-800-276-1760 email:

Heritage online catalog at

Now let's return to our regularly scheduled program........

It is not known who are the parents of Benjamin Cox or where he spent his boyhood, but there is no doubt in my mind that he surely was comfortable in the woods and I would speculate he may have been raised on the frontier.  In recent years DNA testing has confirmed that Benjamin Cox is related to Abner Cox (1744-1825). A relationship has been long suspected based on the proximity of these characters as they moved West from Virginia to Ohio, and as Benjamin reached maturity and was found in his own tax records, separate from the elder Abner.

It may be conclusively proven someday that Abner COX Sr of Virginia is Benjamin's father. Where Abner comes from is yet a mystery as he "appears" full grown in Hampshire county Virginia. He may be an Abner who is found in different years in Maryland and Pennsylvania- no proof yet however.

The following four links consist of COX family information that can be found in the New Jersey area in the earlier 1700s that is very intriguing, not to mention the Isaac, Gabriel and Friend COX families. Here is a bit of information about these other Cox families. This is posted here in case it is helpful to you.
Abner & Joseph Cox- Ben's Brothers? Cousins?
A Table of Abner, Joseph and Benjamin Coxes and others
A Quaker Cox Family of New Jersey
Isaac, Gabriel and Friend Cox

There was another Cox family in Wood County pretty early in the game. There doesn't seem to be any relationship between the two families, George W Cox's father was born in New Jersey long after our Cox family had been into Harrison county VA and beyond. Nevertheless here is some brief info about George and Nancy Jane Young COX family:

1 George W. COX
Birth:    Jan 1816, Harrison Co., Ohio, United States
Death:    23 Jun 1902, North Baltimore, Wood Co., Ohio, United States

 "They lived a few months in Findlay then went to Wood Co., OH. They lived in North Baltimore for 4 yrs, Liberty for 2 yrs, then went to Allen Co., IN for 4 yrs then back to Wood Co., OH."

There was a write up on George W Cox in the Jan-Feb 1990 Wood County chapter of the OGS newsletter written by Merlyn Allen of PO Box 42 Blythe California.In part, she wrote:

George married Nancy and couple resided in Morrow co where he entered military service 11-4-1861 with OVI01 85th regiment, Camp Buckingam, Iberria, Morrow co OH. It is believed the family resided in Iberria from 1858-1865.

While living in Morrow co in 1861, George joined company I-OVI 65th Reg. He fought in KY, Dalton GA with 2 Missouri regiments, while with Wheeler’s Calvary ws wounded and hospitalized, released and started back to TN, where he tried to keep up on foot; he marched as far as Franklin when he ws able to get on cars; He lost part of his jawbone from cold setting in his jaw.

He was one of the fighting men during Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, He marched with Sherman’s brigade and received Veterans Medal. George and Nancy served their community and farmed. He collected his $8 pension issued in 1887.”

In 1850 the family lived in Tully, Marion county OH.  In 1900 George, widowed born in Jan 1816 Ohio, lived with his widowed daughter Martha Wikle and her daughter and son in law Maud and Albert Rose, and their two children: Vernor and Cloyd.

Spouse:    Nancy Jane YOUNG
Birth:    1826, Guernsey Co., Ohio, United States
Death:    1893
Marriage:    13 Mar 1845, Richland Co., OH

Children:    Marion U (1847-1909) (married Almira Feller who was b in 1850 near Findlay OH) (their children: 
                                Rosie (1871-), Ina (1873-), Eldon (1876-), Clay (Twin) (1880-)
                                Clyde (Twin) (1880-), Blaine, Olive, Infant child.

            Martha Jane (1848-) born in Crawford co. married Sam Wikle in Findlay in 1869
            George (ca1850-)
            Ellen (ca1852-)  married Jack Wall
            Charles (ca1855-)
            Vianna (ca1859-)  married Albert Hessong
There are a number of burials of this family in Weston twp., Wood county, Ohio

There are a number of as yet unrelated Cox families in the old Northwest area and several of them are mentioned in the following links, thanks to other interested researchers. Here are a few of those families, with some information that they have provided about the family, and email links so that you can contact them.

Michael Cox, sr. of Hamburg

Ephraim Cox- 1807 Rowan Co. NC- 1882 IN ???

George Cox of Preble county Ohio 1820-1898

There are a number of as yet unrelated Cox families in the old Northwest area and several of them are mentioned in the following links, thanks to other interested researchers. Here are a few of those families, with some information that they have provided about the family, and email links so that you can contact them.

Michael Cox, sr. of Hamburg

Ephraim Cox- 1807 Rowan Co. NC- 1882 IN ???

George Cox of Preble county Ohio 1820-1898

The following links offer some vital statistics of early Cox people in Ohio. If you can add to this, or would like your email or snail mail address included, so that someone could contact you, please let me know.

Early Cox Settlers of Southwest Ohio

1820 Ohio Census of Cox head of households as well as some other early Coxes in Ohio, as the list grows, with links to intersted reasearchers.

Early Cox Marriages in Ohio , hopefully a listing that will grow, with links to intersted reasearchers.

Cox Taxpayers in 1812 in Ohio , from a book listing Ohio Taxpayers at Elmer's Library.
History and Genealogy Links on the Internet
Newsgroups, EMail List and Cox Heritage Info

Mentions of Coxes in early Ohio Newspapers , includes Coxes and a few other names that seemed of interest at the time.

In case you have had enough of Coxes, here are some other surnames and placees within my family
Dad's Side Ahnentafel Chart Cox, Jones, Deselms, Faries, Underwood, Lewis, Sams, Hughes, Wright, Law, Lewis. Places include Ohio, Wales, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Mom's Side Ahnentafel Chart Boyd, Calvin, Carus, Smith, Stuart, Bullard, Pelton, Bell, Canrin, Weaver, Patton, Garrison, Bentley, Nicholls and Caldwell. Places include Ohio, Michigan, Canada, New York, New England, Ireland, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

History and Genealogy Links


These are links to some sites that could keep you exploring for awhile. There are also a few old maps including a link that enables you to make your own map. I hope this will provide a lot of information from many sources. (It won't beat a trip to a library or Family History Center, but as my daddy says, it will keep you out of the pool hall. Have fun!

American History Primary Resources

Archiving Early America

The Bill of Rights (the transcription, National Archives site)

Center of Military History

Constitution of the United States of America (the transcription, National Archives site)

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Declaration of Independance (the transcription, National Archives site)

Eighteenth Century Resources

FINDAGRAVE- find and/or share the burial places of your ancestors.

GenForum- a great place to post and view surname queries

Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants (West Virginia)

Hancock County, Ohio Genweb site

The Granddaddy of all Map Links

Library of Virginia Digital Collections

Local History & Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress

Michigan Genealogy On Line

Newspapers- Search and Read Old Newspapers On Line

Ohio Counties on Genweb

Ohio County Formation Map

Pennsylvania Genealogy

Scotch-Irish in Augusta Co VA

Toledo Ohio- old photos database

US GenWeb Project

West Virginia Counties-GenWeb Selection Table

WDC GenWeb Project-Linking Old (West) Virginia families

Other Cox Families and Cox Links

Here are some links to other Cox families and Cox info that is available to you on line. Let your cousins know if you find your family on these pages!

Nicholas Cox and Benjamin Cox whose family was found from Delaware to New Jersey for in 1700s and 1800s- Jeff Cox's website.

Abraham Cox of MD about 1751 to Washington Co PA to Berkely Co WVA to OH, IA, IL and out west.

Phillip and Isaac Cox in 1600s NJ to (W)Virginia 1700-1800s. Paul includes Cox cemetery on Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio. (This is Paul's genealogy page. If you know how to contact him, PLEASE let me know.

Michael Cox, Sr. 1700 likely born before 1740 in Hamburg Germany, and who certainly died 1815, Fayette Co. Pennsylvania.

And another Cox Connection that will lead you to more.

Or last but not least see all the Cox links at rootweb.

All additions, corrections, subtractions are welcome. There is more info about some of these families, if you are interested. Or just drop a note and say hi! This site changes from time to time. There is no end to additions or corrections. 

Email Barbara Cox

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Other notes: Lois, who is a descendant of Abner (bca 1744) Cox sr through Abner's son Abner jr., has found mention of an Abner Cox in Oldtown MD on a Tax list for 1783. So that has widened the search that has been centered on old Virginia, to about twenty miles to the north. Have looked through some filmed records of 1784-6 and not found the first mention of Cox. In a film of 1781-1784, there may be a mention of a Michael Co(?y?) on page 312, regarding land. I can't make anything helpful from it, but that is the closest thing to a Cox that I have found in that place/time. Since Allegany county MD was formed from Washington co in 1789 it might be worth a little look see there... Unfortunately there are no Allegany co MD returns for the 1790 census. This is old news but maybe one of you will follow up on it and come up with something new.... I hope you will let me know.... maybe it would encourage me to dig a little further....

Spring, 2006. A new possibility in the form of DNA testing has presented itself. It never occurred to me until recently to have my Dad take the test for the Cox line, but of course! Now if we could find someone who is a descendant of Abner Cox sr's son's Abner Cox Jr or Joseph Cox, and there is some kind of match, OR NOT, we would have learned something. In fact if there is any Cox match OR NOT it could give us some clues of possible areas to research OR NOT. A main link to an interesting website, regardless of your surname is If you are looking specifically for the link to the Cox DNA group the link is DNA Study

September 2007- Time has passed. We lost Dad last summer, the last Cox of his generation among my Grandpa Cox's three children and their spouses.  He would be the first to tell you that he lived a good GOOD life. A year later though I cannot help but think of him and miss him quite often. To say that he was a soldier from World War II with the character of duty and responsibility that people of his generation wore, does not address the greater loss of him as a father to me and my sibs, and a person of great curiosity and interest in so many things. In this year there has still not been a DNA match offering a closer clue, although about 50 more Cox men have taken the DNA swab, someday though, I will make more headway on our COX branch of the family. This year I have been working on the Underwood branch of the family. Jane Underwood married Joseph COX in Wood County Ohio in 1838. I have come to understand that although the Underwood facts that I had previously found are correct, that my notion of the possible relationships was probably wrong. Untangling that web is my present line of search and I will update that portion of these pages as time permits.

February 2008- Time passes and  glory be! a descendant of Abner Cox, sr's son Joseph's son Joseph Cox has taken the DNA swab and at last we find something very similar. These results have both been posted on the site where these two results keep each other company waiting for that elusive forefather from some previous lost generation's matching DNA to show up and give us some direction.

May 2009. This last year, I've made it over to Elmer's Library in Madison FL a number of times. I spend the most time sorting through the Underwood families who have been in Trumbull, Mahoning, Richland, and Wood counties Ohio, (to mention a few. Also still trying to find the origins of the Garrison family that was in Portage county Ohio pretty early in the game- those names include, Joseph, Benjamin, Charity, Iliff, Lydia, Lidia, Garrison, in case that rings a bell.

May 2010 I wish I had mention I went over to Elmer's Library in Madison FL with my 3c1r Judy Hanna Green because she was such a favorite person and that made that frequent trip such a favorite outing for both of us. She was a Cox cousin relative through Joseph Cox's son, Noah.  Some of you who may occassionally drop into this site corresponded with Judy and remember our emails back and forth as we shared info about the Coxes, or Wickham or Stockings or Stickneys or McCrearys. You will remember her wit.  There is probably a link to her somewhere on this site that I should locate and delete, because it is my sad duty to let you know that Judy passed away late in January 2010 this year after being ill since the autumn of 2009. 

By  2011- Elmer's Library has merged with Huxford Library in Homerville, GA and this means that Georgia library previously the center for GA Wiregrass now happens to contain one of the best Ohio libraries in the south, thanks to the lifetime collection and efforts of Elmer Spear.  

July 2011- Judy's family has donated many wonderful county news letters to our local (Jacksonville FL) East Stake Family History Center on Ft. Caroline Rd. If you have Ohio roots, and particularly Williams, Wood, Defiance, Tuscarawas, Civil War, roots in Ohio there is a lot of material for you to look through.

I have located some descendants of Wesley (the Civil War) and Leah Cox at last in the process of hunting down folks for this reunion. Unfortunately these people have already passed on. Since the Cox Reunion is next week, my hunt temporarily ends but I shall pick it up again soon. We don't intend to wait fifty years before the next one so, so if we miss you this year, so hopeful to see you on the next go-round.

I am still looking for (or maybe hoping or waiting for since I'm not sure where to look) the puzzle pieces of my own families listed above. I love to hear from anyone who happens to contact me through this page and hope that it does you some good.

August 2011 - The Cox Reunion of 2011 is on the books. What a wonderful get-together thanks to Jim Cox and his family. What a pleasure to meet people that I have corresponded with for many years, such as Vicky, and to spend time doing favorite Cox things like eating, talking and laughing.... We were locating and renewing family connections up to the a few days before the reunion and continue to do so.  The date has been set for next year on Sunday July 29, 2012 again at Jim Cox's farm in Risingsun. Please circle the date on your calendar, share this information with interested cousins, and plan to enjoy a pleasant day in Northwest Ohio next August making and renewing family ties.

August 2012- Back in Florida from a wonderful trip to Ohio and the Second Cox Reunion of the 21st century. This took place Sunday July 29, 2012 at Jim Cox's farm in Risingsun Ohio. What a joy to see some new faces this year as well as the wonderful faces that we have met or spoken to before. Jon brought an article from an old book to see if make a connection to that Cox line (don't know yet), Vicky and Maxine brought a copy of the Findlay Couriers Bicentennial celebration and there is a headlined article "First Settler- Benjamin Cox. Karen brought the thermos that we can remember our Grandpa Cox took fishing. There was an article that Ruth found this year that mentioned Benjamin Cox's nickname "Watermelon" which we had never heard before.  Don, who may have won the prize as the oldest Cox reunion attendee brought a picture that was taken in Washington DC as part of the Honor Fleet trip of WWII vets to our nation's capital. Thank you, Don. And a Big Thank You to Jim and his family for being such wonderful hosts to this horde.

August 2013- Attendance was down for the Third Cox Reunion which was again held on 4 August, 2013 at the Jim Cox farm in Risingsun Ohio. The Thomas Cox line was represented by Maxine and Sue, and Vicky and John Stozich. The John Cox line was represented as Bert Hockley brought, for the first time his parents Albert and ZoeAnn.  The descendants of Manson Cox attended widely with several generations of the descendants of Clarence and Irene Cox which include Jim and his, who worked so hard to prepare for the influx that did not happen this year, due to a variety of reasons including illness in the family of Clarence's brother Carl, and pending plans for a Ohio trip for a memorial in another branch in the near future.  There were babies born this year, families who moved from state to state, and there was the passing of Paul Cox in Lucas county, Ohio. We offer up prayers for all of this family, for their well being and hope that the good Lord will manage to bring more of us together next year on August 3rd at Riverbend Recreation Area in Findlay, Ohio.

In this past year, via email and Facebook, we have made contact with John McCullough, a descendant of Abner jr's son Samuel. We have reconnected with Todd Bolen, a descendant of Abner Jr's son John, My hope is that we will continue to relocate lost branches of our family. This is happening as more information becomes available on and and information is more easily shared on facebook. I would encourage everyone of us (including me) to write down some a story or stories and memories that we have of our older generations, so that we can share and save these.

June 2014- Great news! We have made connection with a new branch of the family and that is Earl and Donna Galentine who are descendants of John and Deborah Cox Galentine through their son Joseph, who moved to Arkansas after he recovered from his experience in Andersonville Prison in the Civil War.
Besides that plans are in the works for the annual Cox Reunion on August 3, 2014 in Hancock county, Ohio. Please check out the links at the top of this page, if you haven't done so.
Finally, there is a 76 page booklet about our pioneer Cox family in the pioneer era of 1750-1850 that was printed this June. Cost of it is $18 which includes mailing.

August 2014- (There are a few of those books left in case you wish to order a copy. They are also in libraries in Elkhart county, Wood, and Hancock county Ohio and the Ripley, WV library if you live near those locations.

On the way back to Florida from the reunion, I was able to find and take a few pictures in the Warth Pioneer Cemetery, on the Great Bend in Lebanon twp., Meigs county, Ohio and visited the (mostly) unmarked (and presently overgrown) burial grounds of the oldsters of that area, which is said to include Abner and Mary Cox. One of the few existing memorials is for George Warth, the brother of John, Priscilla Cox Warth's brother in law, whose father- George the elder is also said to be buried there. I have added the few pictures to the findagrave site and Todd Bolen, an Abner Cox descendant, has added the rest of the known burials recently. Click here for a link to the cemetery on findagrave in case you would like to learn some more about it.

Also, click here for a link to an old Meigs county ebook which you can read online that has more information about the Warth family and look particularly at old pages 112-115 for more info about the cemetery.

One of my favorite entries of Naomi DeSelms:

 Mon. November 11, 1918
Well this has been one great day.
Peace was declared
and the whistle and bells began at 2-30 A.M.
and has kept up a continual celebration till 9-30.

Happy Veterans Day to all You and Yours who have served to defend our nation and Constitution.

31 January 2016. Have finished uploading those diaries of Naomi Deselms Cox and made a jumping off page to each of them. This project has been pretty steady since July. What a trip! I've lived more in those years than the present these last seven months. but for now, onward.... bjc.

18 July 2016. What a pleasant get-to-gether we had at the Riverbend Park in Hancock county in July, 2016, just over a week ago. There were fifteen of us in attendance on that lovely day. I am thankful for every single person who was there, despite the various challenges that each of us face.

18 February 2019  The genealogy freepages of rootsweb (purchased by Ancestry) were unavailable for MANY months due to security concerns. Now that they are operational again, if you are reading this paragraph,, it means that the pages have been successfully updated and uploaded to reflect my changed email address and other changes. I have not yet checked all of the many many links; when you find them can shoot an email by clicking here.

If you are one of our Cox relatives, there is a facebook group for the descendants of old Abner Cox, we would love to hear from you. Occasionally there are reunions and we have the opportunity to meet up in person.

Click here to send an email if you found this page and have any questions, corrections or would like to share some information. Would love to hear from you.