Early Families



Property #2

"This was probably the first home built in Barrs Mills and possibly built by FREDERICK WALTER as he was the owner in 1875. Frederick WALTER (1839-1920) married Leah C. TETERS (1849-1875) and they had four children:

Curtis A. WALTER (1868-1946) married Lilly E. MAYBAUGH (1869-1939).
Nora B. WALTER (1873-1907) married William U. G. ALLISON (1866-1907).
Thomas WALTER married Cassie KOHR.
Louis WALTER spent most of his life in Indiana.

The daughter, Nora B. married to William U. G. ALLISON lived with her husband on this farm their entire lives and raised four childern:

Walter ALLISON born in 1890 married Antone BROUCE.
Florence ALLISON born in 1893 married Joseph ADAMS.
Fred W. ALLISON born 1897 married Besie LANZER born 1898.
Harold ALLISON born 1901 married Helen ALLESHOUSE..."

Property #16

"FRANK WALTERS owned this farm of 76 1/2 acres in 1875 and sometime later sold it to Josiah STOUGH. Josiah STOUGH (1840-1922) was married to Artlissa WALTER (1845-1896).

They had five children:

Elmer STOUGH (1872-1943) married to Emma K. WINKLEPLECK (1862-1936).
Alice STOUGH (1873-1944) married to John ROWE.
Lizzie STOUGH (1882-1924) married to Homer SHONK (1882-1955).
George STOUGH (1889-1944) married to Jessie ? born 1899.
Emma STOUGH married to Edward MACHAN..."

Property #17

"LEAH STOUGH TETERS(1807-1866) was living on this property in 1875. Her husband was Daniel TETERS..." "This is a small ten acre farm at the north end of the village.

As near as can be determined the children of Leah and Daniel TETERS were:

Josiah TETERS (1843-1929) first married to Amanda WINKLEPLECK (1848-1869) second marriage to Mary A. STROME (1847-1912).
John TETERS (1845-1861).
Leah TETERS (1849-1875) married Frederick WALTER (1839-1920).
Mary E. TETERS (1850-1922) married Theodore FISHER (1850-1906).
Maria TETERS (1852-1929) married Samuel BAKER (1853-1936)..."

Property #18

"In 1875 JOSIAH STOUGH owned the 42 acres on which this property is located. Barbara SCHINDLER a former housekeeper for Frederick WALTER lived in this house many years. William SHUMAKER lived there awhile then the Albert HARPER family lived there from 1922 to 1927..."

Property #21

"GEORGE WASHINGTON WALLICK purchased a parcel of land in 1891 and probably built a home on it soon after. G. Washington WALLICK (1858-1932) was married to Magdalena ALLISON (1861-1941) and they had twelve children:

Jonas WALLICK (1878-1954) first married Pearl RICHARDSON (1893-1905) second marriage to Agnes GORDON (1886-1973)
Clara WALLICK (1883-1955) married Edward STEFFEE (1880-1953)
Smiley WALLICK (1886-1968) married Lillie WEISS (1888-1973)
George WALLICK (1888-1960) married Elizabeth BARVER (1885-1974)
Lulu WALLICK (1890-1972) married Clarence BENSON (1888-1949)
Wellington WALLICK (1892-1965) married Anna BAIR (1889-1952)
Ida Ruth WALLICK (1894-1969) married Alvin WILHELM
Bryan WALLICK (1896-1974) married Erdine SCHWARTZ born 1900
Eliza Jane WALLICK (1898-1983) married John WEBER (1897-1975)
LINNIE M. WALLICK born 1900 married Eugene QUILLAN
Lafayette WALLICK (1903-1944)..."

Property #24

"In 1872 JOSIAH TETERS purchased 10.38 acres of land from David BARR and the 1875 county map shows a home on it so Josiah probably was the person that built it. Josiah TETERS (1843-1929) first married to Amanda WINKLEPLECK (1848-1869) and after she passed away, he married Mary A. STROME (1847-1912).

There was one child to the first marriage:

Curtis TETERS (1869-1869)

and the following children to the second marriage:

Mandilla TETERS (1872-1949) married Robert S. ALLISON (1870-1959)
Elizabeth TETERS (1874-1945) married Washington ALLISON (1870-1957)
Benjamin F. TETERS (1875-1899) married Henrietta SHOWALTER
Walter M. TETERS (1878-1911)
Homer TETERS..."

Property #26

"This was known as the CAPTAIN WALTER farm. No one knows the correct first name of Mr. Walter but it is known he is buried in the Walter Cemetery located on his farm. The only body there that could be about his abe is JOHH WALTER (1809-1874) whose was wife Susanna (1811-1863). There was a John WALTER (1776-1846) married to a Mary SHOWALTER born in 1783 who came to Tuscarawas County from Pennsylvania in 1815. Four of their eight children were: John, Barbara married to George RICHARDSON, Reuben and Polly..." "Reuben had a 228 acre farm nearby and was the father of eight children, three of them dying at an early age and buried in the WALTER cemetery...." "Reuben WALTER (1817-1887) married Mary WADE (1822-1889) on April 9, 1840. Their children were: Amanda, Ouradi, Charles who died at an early age, Franklin, Albert, Harvey, George and Artlissa who was married to Josiah STOUGH of property #16..."

...Frederick WALTER bought the farm of Captain John WALTER and moved into the house in the fall of 1875...

"Frederick WALTER (1839-1920) married Leah C. TETERS (1849-1875) and their four children were:
Curtis A. WALTER (1868-1946) married Lilly MABACH (1869-1939)
Nora B. WALTER (1873-1907) married William U.G. ALLISON (1866-1907)
Thomas WALTER married Cassie KOHR
Louis WALTER made his home in Indiana..."

Property #31

"It is possible that DANIEL ALLISON was the owner of this farm at the time of his marriage in 1858. Daniel ALLISON (1834-1917) married Ouardi RICHARDSON (1834-1892). Daniel was a son of William ALLISON and the home farm was right next to his. Daniel and Ouardi had four children:
George ALLISON (1860-1867)
Cora ALLISON who married a Mr. JOHNSON
Robert S. ALLISON (1870-1959) who married Mandilla TETERS (1872-1949). Robert worked on the farm in the daytime and operated a barbershop in the rear of the general store at Barrs Mills in the evenings. After he married and left the farm he spent the rest of his life as a barber in Dundee, Ohio..."

Property #33

"This was the original ALLISON homestead where WILLIAM and MARTHA MAGDALENE KELLER ALLISON settled when they moved to Sugarcreek Township from Lawrence Township in 1831. They had a son WILLIAM who after his marriage settled on the home farm of 199 acres where he spent the rest of his life. William ALLISON (1824-1920) married February 11, 1851 to Eliza BAIR (1826-1914) and their children were:
Jonas ALLISON (1851-1930) married Emma ROSENBERRY...
Mary E. ALLISON (1857-1920) married Albert FROELICH
Elizabeth Jane ALLISON (1860-1937) married Webster BARR...
Magdalene ALLISON (1861-1941) married Washington WALLICK...
Clara ALLISON (1864-1942) married Elmer REECE...
William U.G. ALLISON (1866-1907) married Nora B. WALTER
Albert ALLISON (1867-1936) married Mary E. BRADY...
Washingon ALLISON (1870-1957) married Elizabeth TETERS..."

Property #34

..."In 1904 Frederick WALTER sold it to his son Curtis A. WALTER who owned if for many years and had it as a rental property..."

~ from A History of Barrs Mills, Ohio and Vicinity, by Doyle and Mary Shonk.