Man has believed in the Unseen; through faith
Has said that is it greatest and most real;
In measure infinite, his spirit saith,
Excells what senses physical reveal.

He, trembling, glowing, born in ecstacies
Of awe unspeakable away, doth fall
In adoration on his bended knees
In presence of the Unseen All in All.

Immeasurable hopes on him descend
As he, through prayer, from heaven implores a boon;
And bright anticipations without end,
Give light of rarer radiance than the moon.

Imaginations grand, whose splendors far
surpass the sunset glories of the day,
Or fairer than the rosy dawnings are,
Around him hover as he kneels to pray.

'Tis thus, because man's nature makes it so;
Compels expression of his inward soul
In spontaneity of overflow,
In homage to the Unseen in the Whole.

Man does not walk upon the earth alone;
But on sky floors, attaining greater heights;
When he quits sensual earth, a world his own,
His soul's creation, gives him new delights.


J. M. RichardsonŠ

My heartfelt to Gary Beatty for sharing this poem!