"When I Go Out" by J. M. Richardson




When I go out and shut the door,

May no one slam it after me;

Though I may turn this way no more

When I take on Eternity;

Make what rude jest of me you may;

While living let the laughter roar;

But when I leave, just smile and say,

He has gone out and shut the door.


Don't sniffle o'er my lifeless clay,

For I will not be lying there;

Tears when I'm dead may last a day,

And then evaporate in the air,

May I take with me just one smile

Heart-warm from memory's store,

That may the lonesome way beguile,

When I go out and shut the door.


When I go out and shut the door,

Say what you please behind my back;

I'll not be coming this way more,

To squabble over eathly clack;

Say if you will that I was queer,

And had some faults and habits too;

And you may say while living here,

I loved the world, including you.


And when I lay my burdens down,

Don't pick them up 'till I am gone;

For whether I be king or clown,

All will be equal at the dawn;

I trust that when it comes the day,

That smiling, I have paid my score;

When starting on my cheerful way,

I'll not go out and slam the door.


This poem was written by J. M. Richardson for his eulogy


My heartfelt to Gary Beatty for sharing this poem!