Chandler Family Page

Mary Jensen Chandler and Everett Chandler
Joseph Henry Wymer
Gertrude Wymer at four months with her mother Effa Mingle Wymer
Gertrude Wymer
Nell Mingle Anderson on bike, Nancy Cora Emmons Mingle, Effa Mingle Wymer
George Mingle
Nancy Cora Emmons Mingle
Left to Right Will Chandler, Alice May Ward Kelly, Bertha Chandler Hunter, Alta Chandler Bailey, Frank Chandler, Edith Chandler, Belle Boner Chandler, Ruben Kelly, Ruby May Kelly Standing
Soprhronia Jane Chandler
Nell Mingle Anderson
Mary Jensen Chandler and Louise Jensen Niemeier
James Chandler helped organize this Bapist Church in Lowell, Iowa.
This is the unveiling of the marker that stood at the site of the Long Creek Baptist Church, now Danville Baptist. Long Creek was the first Baptist Church in Iowa. The new church adopted the articles of faith brought from KY to IA by Hepsiba Philpott Mathis, Jemima Mathis Dobson Chandler, and Hepzibah Mathis Manly.
Elihu Chandler helped lay out Jefferson St. in Burlington. From there, he moved to Danville and helped start the first settlement. He was a member of the Long Creek Church from July 1838 - Sept 1884
James Chandler
Frank Chandler
Glen Chandler
Don Chandler
Judge A.J. Mathis Mayor of Des Moines, Iowa 1908-1910
William Jensen
Nancy Booth Emmons and daughter Nancy Cora Emmons