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Index of Other Barber and Barbour Families

Outlines of about 178 Barber/Barbour Families NOT related to Thomas Barber of Windsor are to be found here. They are from U.S. and Canada. Many are listed by states. You may have to check more than one state to find a family. Click to open.


Canada Barber Families (16 non-related family outlines)
Connecticut Barber Families (6 family outlines)
Illinois and Indiana Barbers (4 family outlines)
Maine Barbers (5 family outlines)
Massachusetts Barbers (5 family outlines)
Maryland Barbers.wps (5 family outlines)
North Carolina Barbers, Part A, (13 family outlines)
North Carolina Barbers, Part B (3 family outlines)
New Hampshire Barbers,(3 family outlines)
New Jersey Barbers (7 family outlines)
New York Barbers. (13 family outlines)
Ohio Barber Families. (14 family outlines)
Pennsylvania Barbers, (18 family outlines)
Quebec Barbers to VT and NY (6 family outlines)
South Carolina Barber Families (3 family outlines)
Vermont Barber Families (4 family outlines)
Virginia Barber Families (12 family outlines)
Washington Co NY Barbers (6 family outlines)
George Barber Family of MA
George Barber Family of Utah
George, Plyer, Absalom and Olin Barber Families of Augusta Co VA and Johnston Co NC
Hugh Horden Barber Family of Kansas and Wisconsin
James Barber Family of VA, NC, and GA
James B Barber Family, England to Washington
John Barber Family of Dorchester MA
John Mason Barber Family of Chautauqua Co NY
John and Joseph Barber Family of VA, IL, AR
Joseph Barber Family of VA and TX
Landers Barber Family of MD and Bath Co KY
Levi Barber Family of NC and KY
James, John, William and Wilford Barber of NY, OH, WI
Melancton and Hiram Barber of NY and MO
Moses Barber Family of RI, Part A
Moses Barber Family of RI, Part B
Moses Barber Family of RI, Part C
Moses Barber Family of RI, Part D
Nathaniel Barber Family of Choctaw Co AL and TX
Richard Barber Family of England and Iowa
Robert and Matthew Barber Family of MA
Samuel Barber Family of Mahaska Co IA, and Samuel Barber Family, American Indians, MT
Thomas Barber Family of RI, NY and PA
Thomas Barber (b 1830) Family of VA, TN and AR
Thomas Barber Family of England and Utah
William Barber Family of RI to NY
Family of William Barber, SC to MS
Family of William James Barber, Texas