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 Barboursville Civil War Days

Barboursville Civil War Days

Barboursville, West Virginia

July 13th, 14th, 15th, 2007

Battle of Barboursville

July 14th, 1861

As many as 600 Confederates, including a party of Jenkins Border Rangers led by Capt. James Ferguson; the Sandy Rangers led by Capt James Corn and a local Militia made up of men from Cabell, Wayne and Lincoln counties, under the leadership of Colonel J. J. Mansfield merged under the command of Capt. Ferguson to defend Barboursville. The Confederates for the most part were raw recruits with muzzle loading rifles, shotguns, blunderbuses. The bulk of men present that day were untrained and had no intention of engaging in warfare other than defending their homes.

On July 14th the well trained Union troops of the 2nd Kentucky commanded by Colonel William Woodruff advanced into Barboursville. Coming from all directions the trained Union Forces continued despite being fired upon, to scamper up the hill. Francis B. Gunter's account of the Battle states that the federals "fixed bayonets to their guns and began a wild charge up the hill. Since bayonets were a new commodity to the surprised Confederates, they thought the federals were shooting knives at them." The over confident Confederates soon dispersed. Fortification Hill belonged to the Union and the Courthouse was used as a hospital.

This is an open invitation to all Union and Confederate Units, Sutlers and Civilians to join us.

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