NameDesire Howland
Birthca 1625/1626, Plymouth, MA234,271,286,287
ChristenPlymouth, Plymouth, MA
Death13 Oct 1683, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA234,235,264,270,271,286,288,272,274,275,237,277,283,285,278,287,284
Burialaft 13 Oct 1683, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA289,284
FatherJohn Howland (ca1592-1672)
MotherElizabeth Tilley (<1607-1687)
Birthbef 28 Jan 1620/1621, Benefield, Northamptonshire, England234,235,270,275,237,277,283,278,284
Deathbef 5 Feb 1675/1676, Swansea, Bristol, MA234,235,270,271,275,237,283,285,284
Burial5 Feb 1675/1676, Swansea, Bristol, MA234,235,264,271,283,284
FatherRalph Gorham (1575-ca1643)
MotherMargaret Stephenson (ca1579-)
Marriageca 1643, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA234,235,270,271,286,290,237,291,277,278,284
ChildrenDesire (1644-)
 Temperance (1646-1714)
 Elizabeth (1648-1677)
 James (1650-1707)
 John (1651-)
 Joseph (1653-1726)
 Jabez (1656-)
 Mercy (1658-)
 Lydia (1661-1744)
 Hannah (1663-)
 Shubael (1667-)
Notes for Desire Howland
She was also said to have been born bef. 22 May 1627, at Plymouth and was buried 5 Feb 1675 at Swansea. 276, 291

Desire Howland was named after Desire Minter, who came over on the Mayflower with John and Kathrine Carver and lived in the household of John and Elizabeth Howland in 1623 before going back to England.234

Ref to birth and death dates: FAMILIES OF THE PILGRIMS by John Howland, MAYFLOWER DESC. 1966

Desire was listed with her brother, John, in the Division of Cattle in Plymouth, 22 May 1627 (old style).234

Ref to BIRTH: Mayflower Descendants, 1:150; MD 10:66.
Ref to MARRIAGE-SPOUSE: MD 5:175, 177. NOTE: 1st child born 2 Apr 1644.
Ref to DEATH: MD 4:217; MD 5:72.

She was also listed as being born ca. 1625.234

per Mayflower records birth and death dates per FAMILIES OF THE PILGRIMS by John
Elizabeth P. White born @@ 1625/26 she was listed with her brother, John in the Division of
Cattle in Plymouth, 22 May 1627 (date of her birth?) (see info on estate in above book) born
22 May 1627? or 1625? !BIRTH: Mayflower Descendants, 1:150; MD 10:66. !MARRIAGE-
SPOUSE: MD 5:175, 177. NOTE: 1st child born 2 Apr 1644. !DEATH: MD 4:217; MD 5:72.

"His [John Gorham's] widow, Desire, survived him for more than five years, dying after her father, John Howland, but before her mother, Elizabeth Tilley. Desire was mentioned in her father's will in 1672, but not by her mother in 1686. Desire's husband, Capt. John Gorham, died intestate. On 7 March 1675, Mistress Desire Gorum (sic) and her sons, James Gorum and John Gorum, were named as administrators of the estate. The court appointed 'Mr. Hinckley, Mr. Chipman and Mr. Huckins' to take care of the estate of the youngest children until they came of age. The inventory, amounting to pounds 710-4-3, was taken 29 February 1675 and sworn to 7 March 1675. It included the dwelling house, barn, upland, meadow, tan vats, a bark mill, and two houses and tools 'belonging to the taning'. In the division of Capt. John Gorham's estate, dated Plymouth 7 March 1676/7, widow Desire Gorham received her dower thirds. Son James received 'the dwelling house he now lives in,' with the barn and half of the upland. Son John Gorham received the tan vats, bark mill, tools, stock and the other half of the upland. Son Joseph was given forty acres of land next to Joseph Hallet's land, and some meadow. The rest of the estate was divided into five equal parts among the rest of the children, who were named as Jabez, Mercy, Lydia, Hannah and Shubael Gorum. Shubael was allotted pounds 50 for the costs of his education, in addition to receiving his share of the estate. Three married daughters, Desire, Temperance and Elizabeth, had already received pounds 40 each. If there should be an overplus, the married daughters wer to share equally with the other children, except that James, the eldest son, was to have a double share."234

“His [John Gorham’s] widow Desire, the eldest daughter of John Howland, must have removed to Barnstable immediately, as in the bond of the administrators, dated 9 March, 1675/6, she is called ‘of Barnstable.’ On the seventh of March she and her sons James and John had been appointed administrators and their bond is the only original paper connected with the settlement of Capt. Gorham’s estate of which I have learned. It is preserved in the ‘Scrap Book’ at the Registry of Deeds at Plymouth, and the hald-tone reproduction shows that itis in excellent condition. It bears the autograph signatures of Desire (Howland) Gorham and her sons James and John”. Copy of bond on file. 298

"The inventory of Desire's estate was dated 3 August 1683, more than two months before her death, 13 October 1683. On 5 March 1683/4, the Assistants of Plymouth Colony, Gov. Hinckley, Major Bradford, Deputy Gov. Mr. Freeman, Mr. Lothrop and Mr. Thacher, 'with the mutual consent of the children then appearing,' named as James, John and Joseph Gorham, and with the consent of the sons-in-law, agreed that the eldest son James would receive a double share, according to custom and the rest of the children, namely John, Joseph, Jabez, Shubael, Desire, Temperance, Elizabeth, deceased, Mercy, Lydia and Hannah, should have an equal portion. As Elizabeth had died, they agreed that her children, not named, 'should have an equal part that did belong to their mother.' "234

“Mrs Desire Gorham Relict of Cap John Gorham Senr Late of Barnstable Deceasd Departed this Life ye 13 Day of Octor 1683 [see Mayflower Descendant, IV: 217].” 272

“According to the probate records her inventory was taken 3 August, 1683, more than two months earlier [than above town record], and it is evident that one of these entries is incorrect. The probate record was copied from the original inventory and the town record was copied, in 1736, from the original volume now lost [Mayflower Descendant, II: 212.] “317

“[Plym. Col. Wils, IV: II: 63]
An Inventory of the estate of Desire Gorum taken the 3 of August 1683 and exhibited to the Court of his Matie: held att Plymouth the sixt Day of March 1683/84 on the oathes of James Gorum and John Gorum as followeth [Inventory on file].” 317

[Court Orders, VI:II:2, under date of 5 March, 1683/4.]
In reference unto the settlement of the Estate of Desire Gorum of Yarmouth Deceased amonge the Children; It was agreed and Determined by Govr hinckley Major Bradford deputy Govr: Mr ffreeman mr Laythorp & mr Thacher Asistants alsoe with the mutuall Consent of the Children then appeering viz: James Gorum John Gorum Joseph Gorum; with the Consent likewise of the sonnes in Law as followeth;
That James Gorum have a Dubble portion of thw whole estate Debts being first paayed out and all the rest of the Children both sonnes and Daughters to have a equall portion; of the aforsaid estate that is John Joseph Jabez: and Shuball; Desire Temperance Elizabeth Deseased, Marsy Lidia and hannah, as Elizabeth Deceased wee doe agree and Consent that her Children shall have an equall prte that Did belong to theire Mother as to Shuball the youngest son wheras there was fifty pound in Mony Given to his Mother to bestow upon him in Learning, wherof wee find upon account a great prte of it bestowed on him, yet wee Doe Consent and agree that hee shall have forty pound in silver mony mad up to him when hee Cometh to age out of the aforsaid estate besides his equall prte; and alsoe five pounds of his equall prte, which, to be in silver money; which makes his 40 li to be 45 pounds in mony; “317

“Desire Howland was born in Plymouth about 1625, married to John Gorham about 1643 and moved to Barnstable after 1652. Gorham owned a grist mill and tannery there. He was a captain in the militia during King Philip’s War and died in 1676 as a result of war wounds. Five of the Gorham children were born in Barnstable—Jabez, Mercy, Lydia, Hannah and Shubael.”318

“Desire, b. bef. May 22, 1627, Plymouth; d. Oct. 13, 1683, Barnstable; m. John Gorham c. 1643, i. Feb. 5, 1675, Swansea, R.I.” 285

Full text of his [her father, John Howland’s] will and inventory to be entered.
“The Last Will and Testament of mr John howland of Plymouth Late deceased, exhibited tot he Court held att Plymouth the fift Day of March Anno Dom 1672 on the oathes of mr Samuell ffuller and mr William Crow as followth . . .
Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland athe use and benifitt of my now Dwelling house in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, with the outhousing lands, That is uplands uplands and meddow lands and all appurtenances adn privilidges threunto belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands houseing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her naturall life to Injoy make use of ad Improve for her benifitt and Comfort. . . .
Item I giue and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum twenty shillings
Item I giue and bequeath to my Daugher hope Chipman twenty shillings . . .
Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters be payed by my exeequitrix in such species as shee thinketh meet;
Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed, my whole estate: viz: lands houses goods Chattles; or any thingeelse that belongeth or apperaineth unto mee, undisposed of be it either in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlbery or any other place whatsoever; I Doe freely and absolutely give and bequeath it all to my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whome I Doe by these prsents, make ordaine and Constitue to be the sole exequitrix of this my Las will and Testament ot see the same truely and faithfully prfrmed according to the tenour theror; In witness wherof I the said John howland senir have heerunto sett my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672 . . . “ 287

“Desire Howland. born, circa 1625(?) in Plymouth, Massachusetts, she died, 13 October 1683, n Barnstable, Massachusetts. She married, John Gorham, circa 1643 (?) in Plymouth. Their first child was born in 1644 in Barnstable.” 287

Photo of memorial taken by Barbara Fleming August, 1997 on file:
“In memory of
The children of John and
Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland
Pilgrims of the Mayflower
Lieutenant John Howland
Captain Joseph Howland
Lieutenant Jabez Howland
Ensign Isaac Howland
Desire (Howland) Gorham
Hope (Howland) Chipman
Elizabeth (Howland) (Hicks) Dickenson
Lydia (Howland) Brown
Hannah (Howland) Bosworth
Ruth (Howland) Cushman” 260
On the back of the memorial it states
“Erected by
The Pilgrim John Howland Society
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