NameRalph Gorham
Birth1575, Benefield, Northampton, England441,442,270,275
Christen28 Jan 1621, Northamptonshire, England443
Deathca 1643235,442,270,237
FatherJames Gorham (ca1550-<1575)
MotherAgnes Barrington (ca1551-1576)
Birthca 1579, Benefield, Northampton, England441
Marriage22 May 1610, Oundle, Northants, England442,270
ChildrenRalph (1619-)
 John (<1620-<1675)
Notes for Ralph Gorham
"A Ralph Gorham was granted land in Plymouth 2 Oct 1637 for a house and garden. On 5 March 1637/8, he complained against Frances Strague. A year later, 'Ralph Gorham the older' was presented for breaking the peace. On 1 Sept 1640 he complained against Ralph Smith and on 2 March 1640/1 Smith complained against Ralph Gorham. On 5 April 1640 he sued Tristram Clark and John Crab for debt. He then disappeared from Plymouth records.234

He was said to be "of Duxbury".441.

He came to New England before 1637.235, 237

“Ralph, father of John, the ancestor of the Cape Gorhams, was, with his family, as early as 1637, in Plymouth, where land was granted him.” 293

“He was at Plymouth in New England 2 Oct 1637, probably settled in Duxbury that year.”442

“Ralph Gorham came to America before Oct. 2, 1637, when he was granted land in Plymouth Colony. His name appeared in Court Records June 4, 1639. Probably settled in Duxbury in 1637. (See Bishop’s Transcripts at Petersborough).”270

“The Gorhams of New England are supposed to have emigrated from Benefield, in the reign of Charles I. - The following entry is from Benefield register: ‘John Gorram son of Ralph Gorram, baptised Jan. 28, 1620’ [1621]; the name of Ralph is not found in any subsequent register, though there are many entries of this family down to 1671. It was probably this Ralph Gorham who had a grant of land in New Plymouth, 1637; John Gorham (his son?) died there 1675, whose fifth descendant, John Gorham, Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge, Massachusets, died in 1829.” 294

“The Northamptonshire branch of this family, descended from Sir Hugh de Gorham, has not been traced lower than 1338; it seems to have fallen into obscurity soon after the alienation of the manor of Churchfield by his eldest son William. A trace of the family name, as connected with their property in that neighbourhood, remains in Benefield, where ‘Gorham’s Meadow’ still keeps its antient designation (1837). The name reappears with considerable frquency in the parochial Registers of Benefield (from 1609) and of Glapthorne (from 1583), villages immediately adjoining Churchfield, and of King’s Cliff, in the same neighbourhood (from 1592). “ 294

“The Gorhams are found, also, in the neighbouring parts of Huntingdonshire, about the same period; at Upton, in 1592; at Hamerton, in 1595; at Bythorne, in 1621; at Haddon, in 1638; at Ripton Abbot’s, in 1675; and at Horborne, in 1683. (Wills in the ARchdeacon’s Office, Huntingdon.) There is good reason to conclude that they were all of the same stock. No evidence upon this point can be obtained from the registers of those parshes, all of which are of comparatively modern date; with the exception of those of Ripton Abbot’s, which commence in 1549.” 294

“Goram, Gorum, [Gorham.]
The first inhabitant of the name found in New England, is Ralph Gorram, Duxbury, 1637. From that invaluable work, Savage’s Gleanings, &c., we trace his European descent on this wise: - Ralph gorram, b. 1575, was son of James Gorram of Benefield, b. 1550, m. to Agnes Bernington, 1572, and d. 1576. ‘This family was descended from the De Gorrams of La Tanniere, near Gorram, in Maine, on the borders of Brittay, where William, son of Ralph de Gorram, built a castle in 1128. A branch came over to England with the Conqueror.” 314

“Gorham, Gorum, or Goram, Ralph, Duxbury 1637, prob. came, with s. John, and prob. Ralph, from Benefield, near Oundle, a. six or seven ms. dist. Northamptonsh. But no more is heard of him, so that we may suppose he went home.” 277

“Ralph, son of James and agnes (Bernington) Gorham, was born in 1575, probably at Benefield, England, and died about the year 1643, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Ralph Gorham married in England, and came with his family to America in the ship ‘Philip’ about the year 1635. Of his family but little is know, the only recorded child being jOhn, whose sketch follows. It is probable that there was a son Ralph, born in England, as the records of Plymouth Colony indicate that there were two persons of that name in Plymouth in 1639. At the time of Ralph Gorham’s death he left no widow and an only son JOhn, who inherited his father’s estate. No other Gorhams are known to have been in the colony during the seventeenth century, after the death of Ralph, besides John and his descendants.” 283

“Ralph Gorham.
I can find no entry of this name but I have found the following entry of this name but I have found the following entry which may be of interest to you.
Christeninges 1575
‘Audulphus Gorham baptizaata erat xxx die Septembyr eodem Anno.’
The writing in these early registers is very ornate and sometimes difficult to read. So far as I can make out, ‘Augulphus’ is the correct reading of the entry. [I am of the opinion that this should have been transcribed ‘Radulphus’, a form of Ralph. Jacobus, a form of Jacob, is a diminutive of James.] 292
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