NameElizabeth Hinckley271
Birthbef 20 Sep 1617, England492,279,265,270
Christen20 Sep 1617, Harrietsham, Kent, England270
Death14 Feb 1691/2, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA279,270,452
FatherThomas Hinckley (<1562->1634)
MotherAnn (->1634)
Birthca 1613444
DeathOct 1695, Sandwich, MA296,279,270,452
OccupationTavern Keeper279
FatherEdward Sturgis (ca1600-)
MotherSusan (ca1600-)
ChildrenEdward (1642-1678)
 Hannah (ca1654-)
 Sarah (ca1656-<1738)
Notes for Elizabeth Hinckley
“A list of all such persons as imbarqued themselves in the good shipp called the Hercules of Sandwich of the burthen of 200 tonnes or thereabouts whereof next under God John Witherley was master and therein transported from this town & port of Sandwich to the plantacon called New England in America together with a breif note of the certificates from the ministers where they have dwelt of their converacon and Conformity to the orders and discipline of the Church, and that they had taken the oath of Allegeance and Supremacy according to an orer of the Lds of his Mats Most Noble privie counsell of the last of December 1634 . . . Saml Hinckley of Tenterden & Sara his Wief & Susan Sara Mary children and Elzab a kinswoman”.498

“MIGRATION: 1635 on the Hercules (on 15 March 1634/5, ‘Sam[ue]l Hinckley of Tenterden & Sarah his wife, Susan, Sara, Mary children and El[i]zab[eth] a kinswoman’ were enrolled at Sandwich for passage to New England on the Hercules [NEHGR 75:219]). “499

“The original list [of passengers of the Hercules] gives the surname of Samuel Hinckley’s children as ‘Hinckley,’ the spelling which he always used; but for ‘Elzab a kinswoman’ the reading should be ‘Eliz: Hincle a kinswo,’ the surname of this girl, who was a niece of Samuel Hinckley, being spelled as her father Stephen Hincle or Hinckle of Milton by Sittingbourne, do. Kent, spelled it, omitting the y and reverting to the earlier form of the name”.500

“The name of his [Edward Sturgis] first wife was Elizabeth, who seems to have been Elizabeth Hinckley, baptized at Harrietsham, County Kent, England, 20 Sept 1617, the daughter of Thomas and Anna Hinckley and niece of Samuel Hinckley who came to New England in the Spring of 1635 with his wife and four children, settled first at Scituate and late in 1639 moved to Barnstable, the adjoining Town to Yarmouth (New England Register, Vol. 65, pages 317, 319). I have it on the highest authority from one who has actually seen the ship’s list that Elizabeth, a niece of Samuel Hinckley, came out with him and his family. She was in his household at Scituate, and I believe continued in it there, and at Barnstable for 5 years until the spring of 1640, when she met Edward Sturgis and married him. That this marriage took place is supported by the fact that among the children of Edward and Elizabeth we find the first name Samuel, the name of Elizabeth Hinckley’s uncle and foster father, her own father having died in 1634 in England, a son Thomas named for Elizabeth’s own father, a daughter Hannah (same as Anna) named for Elizabeth’s own mother, and Sarah, named for Elizabeth’s foster mother, the wife of Samuel Hinckley. Moreover, Governor Thomas Hinckley, first cousin of Elizabeth was selected, as will appear later, to act in the settlement of the estates of the two sons of Edward Sturgis.”265

“Edward Sturgis, Yarmouth Pioneer, married Elizabeth ___, probably the Elizabeth Hinkley who was baptized in Harrietsham, county of Kent, England, Sept 20 1617, daughter of Thomas and Anna Hinckley. Edward Sturgis’ first wife died Feb. 14 1691/2. One writer says she died in 1679”.279

She is also said to have died in 1679. 265

She is also said to have been the daughter of Stephen Hinckley & ?. Stephen was said to be the son of Robert Henckle and Katherine Leese. “He always spelled his name as above. Stephen was born Feb. 15, 1578/9, probably at Harrietsham, England, died 1629/30. Robert Henckle was said to be the son of John Hinckley & Johane. Robert was buried March 27. 1606. Will made in 1605, at Harrietsham, England. Katherine Lesse was a widow, who married Robert as his second wife Feb. 10, 1574/5. She was buried before 1605, not mentioned in the will of her husband. Perhaps she was the widow of Thomas Leese, of Thawley, who d. in 1574. John Hinckley was said to be the son of John Henkle. John’s will was made 1577, buried June 25, 1577 at Harrietsham, England. Wife Johane died 1563/4, buried Jan. 23, 1563/4. 270

“In the sailing list, Elizabeth Hinckley’s record is ‘Eliz. Hinckle, a kinswoman’ along with Samuel Hinckley, his wife and children, Susan, Sarah and Mary. There is no proof that she m. Edward Sturgis, but it is probable that she did. She was 12 yrs. old and an orphan at the death of her father. Her father, Stephen Hinckley was probably a brother of Samuel and Thomas of Harrietsham and came with Samuel’s family and settled in Scituate in 1635, moved to Barnstable in 1639. She was 1st. cousin to Gov. Thomas Hinckley, last governor of Plymouth Colony. He was appointed to settle the estates of two sons of Edward Sturgis.”270

“Several of the other early families in Scituate all came from one villege in Kent, Tenterden, and emigrated to New England on the same ship, the Hercules of Sandwich in 1635. Tenterden’s former major, Nathaniel Tilden, and his wife, Lidia, were accompanied by their seven children (Joseph, Stephen, Marie, Sara, Judeth, and Lidia) and by their servants, Thomas Lapham, George Sutton, Edward Ford, Edward Jenkins, Sara Couchman, Marie Perien, and James Bennet; Samuel Hinckley and his wife, Sara, were accompanied by their children, Susan, Sara, and Mary, and by Elizabeth Hinckley (‘a kinswoman’); John Lewis and his wife, Sara, brought their daughter Sara.” 501

“Lothrop’s church records combined with the town records and Plymouth court records name the following one hundred seventy-one people who lived in Scituate between 1633 and 1639, the first period of the town’s settlement. . . Samuel Hinkley, Samuel Hinkley, Jr. [two infants of this name], George - ‘dwelling with Goodman Hinkley,’ Sarah Hinkley (Samuel’s wife), Elizabeth Hinkley . . . Bernard Lombard, Mary Lombard, Bernard Lombard’s wife, Barnabas Lothrop, John Lothrop, Thomas Lothrop, John Lothrop’s wife, a daughter of John Lothrop [infant, sic], . . George Willerd . . . Thirty-one of the children listed here were baptized by Lothrop in Scituate.” 501

In Records of Sandwich, Kent.
Year Books C and D, 1608-42
1634, March 4 [or a little later].
In the ship ‘Hercules’ of Sandwich, John Witherley, master. . .
Hinckley, Saml., of Tenterden & Sara his wief.
Children: Susan, Sara, Mary, & Elizab a kinswoman.” 502

“About 1641 (or perhaps a little earlier) ‘I Elizebeth Sturges do affirm that when I lived with my master Cumines I was sent to Captain Patrick’s to help his wife and having business in the cellar he came down presently after me and took me about the middle and would kiss me and put his hand into my bosom at which I was much amazed at his carriage to me being but young yet striving with him he left me go . . . 2ly Sometime after I living at home with my father I went into the lot to gather sucking stalks and he [Patrick] came suddenly upon me and asked me whether I spake those things that I had spake for any hurt to him or not. I said no I aimed not to hurt him nor any other and the things being past I intended to speak no more of them. Then he offered to kiss me. I refusing he said unless I would kiss him he would not believe but that I would speak of it again. 3ly Sometime after I being married upon some occasion coming into the Bay to my father’s I going to Watertown to the lecture he [Patrick] overtook me on the way and spake to me to call in as I went back to see his wife which I did and suddenly he come in and desired me to go into the next room to speak with me about our plantation and when I was there he come to kiss me . . but with much ado I got away and presently made my father and all the house acquainted with it and durst not go out into the way that night for fear’ (endorsed by John Winthrop ‘Sturgis his wife against Capt. Patrick’ [WP 4:30-1]. Patrick soon wrote a letter to Winthrop denying the charges [WP 4:301-3].” 419
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