Floyd County Cemeteries

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Allison Cemetery - Pulaski County

Alls Family Cemetery - Montgomery

Alls  Family Cemetery - Roanoke County

Altizer Cemetery  - Floyd County

Altizer Cemetery - Montgomery County

Altizer, John Cemetery - Floyd County

Belcher and Conner Families Cemetery - Floyd County

Caldwell Cemetery - City of Radford

Camp Creek Cemetery - Floyd County by Janice Smyth

Camp Creek Cemetery - Floyd County by Dan Reed

Cannaday Cemetery - Floyd County

Cemetery Beside Caldwell - City of Radford

Central Cemetery - Montgomery County

Charlie Reed Cemetery - Floyd County

Cole Family Cemetery

Coles Knob Rd. - Floyd County

Cole Family Cemetery - Flint and Double Springs area - Floyd County

Cole Family Cemetery at Pilot - Floyd County

Correll Family Cemetery - Montgomery County

County Line Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - Floyd County

Cove Road Cemetery - Montgomery County

Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - Carroll County

Cross Roads Cemetery - Floyd County

Cross Roads Cemetery - Floyd County

Den Hill Road Cemetery - Montgomery County

Dudley Cemetery - Montgomery County

Duncan Cemetery - Floyd County

Gillespie Cemetery - Floyd County

Gillespie Stones - Franklin County or Floyd County??

Hall and McNeil Cemetery - Floyd County

Hancock Cemetery - Pulaski County

Harris / McPeak Cemetery - Floyd County

Hawley Cemetery - Floyd County

Hemlock Cemetery - Floyd County

Highland Cemetery - Pulaski County

Hornbarger Cemetery - Montgomery County

Howard Cemetery - Childress - Montgomery County

Howard Cemetery - Riner - Montgomery County

Huffville Cemetery - Floyd County

Hylton - Weeks Cemetery

Iddings Cemetery - Floyd County

Jewell Family Cemetery - Montgomery County

Lawrence Cemetery - Floyd County

Lester Cemetery - Montgomery County

Light Family Cemetery - Floyd County Jan.26,2005

Locust Grove Cemetery - Floyd County

Martin Family Cemetery - Floyd County

Moore Cemetery - Floyd County
(also known as Will Pugh Cemetery)

Moran Cemetery - Floyd CountyDec. 1, 2004

Mountain View Cemetery - Buchanan County

Newburn Cemetery - Pulaski County

Noftsinger, Styne and Pico Cemetery - Botetourt County

O'Bryan Cemetery - Floyd County

Old Montgomery Cemetery - Montgomery County

Old Vest Cemetery - Botetourt County

Pate Cemetery

Pine Creek Cemetery - Floyd County

Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery - Floyd County

Puckett Cemetery - Floyd County

Red Oak Grove Cemetery - Floyd County

Reed Family Cemetery - Floyd County

Rigney Cemetery - Carrol County

Salem Church, Head of the River Cemetery - Floyd County
Feb. 15, 2005

Smith Cemetery - Floyd County

Snowville Cemetery - Pulaski County

Stuart Cemetery - Floyd CountyFeb 8, 2005

Sunset Cemetery - Montgomery County Updated Aug. 2005

Sutphin - Starr Cemetery - Floyd County

Sutphin, Loyd or Payton Cemetery - Floyd County

Thorn Spring Cemetery - Pulaski County

Thrash, Valentine Cemetery - Floyd County

Trail Cemetery - Pulaski County Feb. 4, 2006

Underwood and Radford Near Blue Ridge Parkway

Walters Cemetery - Montgomery County
by Ruth Hale & Glenna G. Garner

Walters Cemetery - Montgomery County
by Rena Worthen & Margarette Tynan

Walton Cemetery - Floyd County

Walton Cemetery - Copper Hill
by L. L. Walton

Weddle - Weeks Cemetery - Floyd County

West View - City of Radford

White Oak Grove Church Cemetery - Floyd County

White Sulpher  Springs Confederate Soldiers Monument
White Sulpher Springs Resort, used as a hospital during the
Civil War, -  Montgomery Co.

Whitlock - Lester #5 Cemeteryby Kat FulcherSept. 16, 2005

WestView (Smith's) Cemetery - Montgomery County

Wildwood Cemetery - Beckley, West Virginia
This cemetery is posted because some of the people buried here are from Floyd County

Wimmer Cemetery - Floyd County




     We made every attempt to record these cemeteries as we found them. We would clean the stone if need be, then put body powder on the marker then brush it off and read what was there, this is very time consuming. Some markers were very hard to read and so we put what we could not read with ?? marks. One should not rely on the date because sometimes the stone cutter got it wrong or the family did not have the right information. Remember when doing research nothing is written that you might find later was wrong. Everything is a guide unless you have something to back it up.
Charlie Reed Cemetery
    On Jan. 11, 1990 Archie and I visited the cemetery across the road from the Pleasant      Valley Church of the Brethren. This is located on route 750 off Route 8 in Floyd County. This Cemetery is the place where my mother's people are buried. At this time there is no one taking care of the Cemetery. It is covered with creeping vine and groundhog holes.
Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner
    Willie A. Cooper --- Born: July 5, 1896 --- Died March 24, 1922
    Infant child of Charles G. and Ora B. Reed -Born and Died Oct. 7, 1925
    Peter  A. Reed                            Susan C. Reed
    Born: 6-28-1859                    Wife of Peter A. Reed
    Died: 7-6-1907                        Born: 3-15-1853
                                                    Died: 10-11-1928
    Sarah Ann Week - Born: 2-7-1866 ---- Died  6-23-1939
    Elizabeth Reed -Born 4-10-1844 - Died 9-7-1922
    R. C. Weeks --- Born 1902 -Died ---1934
    Mark Reed                              Lucy Reed
    Born--10-14-1814                  Wife of Mark Reed
    Died - 10-17-190?                  Born  3-17-1818
                                                    Died 10-22-188?
    Otey T. Reed                                    Mary A. Reed
    Born - 8-11-1837                              Wife of Otey T. Reed
    Died ---5-11-1904                            Born 2-1-1812
                                                              Died 7-7-1917
    Eliza Reed --- only Dates - 1872--- 1942
    Virgil D. Reed, Son of Manerva S., --Born 9-9-1909 --- Died 3-1-1910
    Henry A. Shelor                                    Martha E. Reed
    Born 9-8-1861                                      Wife of Henry A. Shelor
    Died 12-10-1886                                    Born 4-21-1864
                                                                 Died 12-12-1886
    Savinda Reed Zentmeyer--Born 4-28-1874 --- Died 6-16-1947
    Eld. Noah Reed                                    Nancy Poff Reed
    Born 3-29-1853                                   Wife of Noah Reed
    Died 11-21-1904                                    Born 11-1-1858
                                                                  Died 3-20-1927
    Wyatt Reed                                            S. Elizabeth Reed
    Born 1853                                              Wife of Wyatt Reed
    Died 1918                                              Born 1860
                                                                  Died 1949
    Lemuel Sailor Reed                              Fannie Shelton Reed
    Born 10-20-1874                                  Wife of Lemuel Sailor Reed
    Died 3-28-1940                                    Born 9-8-1879
                                                                  Died 5-7-1940
    Lula Dove Reed - Born  6-24-1881 --- Died 12-1-1905
    Amanda S. Reed, Daughter of Wyatt and S. E. Reed - Born-9-9-1886--
    Died 12-20-1903 - 17 years 3 mos. 26 days
    Delilah Reed, wife of Jesse Reed -Born 5-21-1806 ---Died  9-28-182?
    George L. Carroll                                    Nanie E. Carroll
    Born: 1-5-1879                                        Born: 6-2-1899
    Died: 2-8-1941                                          Died: ?????
                                                                      Wife of George L. Carroll
    Mary Reed, Daughter of Isaac and Susan Reed --- Born 11-27-1812 -
    Died 1-12-1843  (This is Rev. Isaac A. Reed, Sr.'s  Child)
    Adam Reed,  son of Isaac A. and Susan Reed  ---Born 3-31-1848
    Died 9-15-1854  (This is Rev. Isaac A. Reed, Sr.'s  Child)
    George Reed, Son of Isaac and Susan . Reed - Born 1-19-1846---
    Died 2-12-1857 ( This is Rev. Isaac A. Reed, Sr.'s Child)
    Isaac A. Reed , Jr.                                      Susan E. Reed
    Born 5-28-1858                                      Wife of Isaac A. Reed
    Died 1-15-1948                                      Born 8-4-1863
                                                                    Died 1-5-1925
    Jessie W. Reed, Son of I. A., Jr. And Susan E. Reed--Born 9-27-1885
    Died 12-13-1885
    Rev. Isaac Reed, Sr.                              Susanna Reed
    Born 4-12-1820                                  Wife of Isaac Reed
    Died 4-8-1912                                    Born 10-14-1820
                                                                  Died 4-30-1909
    Daniel Reed                                          Mary Jane Reed
    Born  7-19-1855                                  Wife of Daniel Reed
    Died 5-5-1933                                        Born 9-29-1857
                                                                    Died 4-1-1947
    Monroe Fuller Reed is buried here with out a stone--Born 5-21-1877 -
    Died 7-1-1947
Cemetery (No Name)
    Archie Sr. and I visited this old Cemetery in the spring of 1995. It is located on State Road 615 In Montgomery Co. before you go into Floyd, Co. turn off 615 on to state road 726 called Gold Rush Road. It is on the right upon a hill.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner

    David Beckel Himer---11-8-1845 ---4-1-1919
    Leah Ann Beckel Himer Mother R. J. Sutphin
    W. R. Argabright ---- 6-3-1834 --- 2-13-1916
    Belfbad Mosby Gray, Jr. ---11-22-1917 ----3-6-1918
    S. Elizabeth Gray --- 4-11-1840 ----1-2-1902
    Jackson Moore ---- 5-22-1836 ---5-8-1866
    John Wesley Stuart ----8-23-1892 ----1-30-1904
    W. W. Stuart ---6-18-1855 ---8-28-1900
    Mary E. Moore Stuart ---9-7-1860 -5-18-1932
    Annie Moore Walton --- 6-27-1891 -2-11-1970
    There were more graves without markers. There were many groundhog holes and rock
    lillies. It looked like it had not had any care for years, although there was a metal fence
    around it.

                                                            Kirby Cemetery
    Archie Sr. and I visited this cemetery 3-21-1995. It is located on State Road 706 to 705    the northern end of the Road. The old Kirby Cemetery over looks Little River in Floyd
County, VA.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner

    Jehu Kirby ---- 1781--- 12-10-1864
    Mary Kirby ------ 1784 ---- 1868
    Ruben Kirby ---- 8-23-1814----- 1866
    Joseph A. Kirby ---- 8-29-1812 ---11-?-1886
    Sarah G. Kirby ----3-3-1800 -----1880.
    Margaret Kirby ----- 10-9-1806 ----- 1866

    Jehu Kirby bought this land, 648 acres for $1,100.00. It is still a working farm but no family lives on the farm. Mr Kirby had a huge logging operation on this farm. Information provided to us by the present owner and Archie W. Sumner, Archie H. Sr. Father.

                                 Mannon Cemetery
    On Feb. 20, 1990 Archie and I visited a Cemetery on the property of R. C. Graham. It is
    located on Route 735 in Floyd County. It is a family Cemetery with only Three Graves.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner
    James F. Mannon                        Polly Ann Mannon
    Dec. 4, 1867                                March 22, 1880
    May 23, 1984                              Oct. 19, 1966
    Georgia D. Mannon
    Daughter of James F. and Polly Ann Mannon
    July 16, 1919
    Feb. 22, 1936

                                 Cemetery (Name Unknown)

    This Cemetery is located in Floyd County, VA. It is located on State Route 719 North Just pass Little River on the left. This is a large cemetery in an open pasture field. There was not much left of it. There were several soap stones. Some of these soap stones were even with the ground. Several concrete stones were missing. These are the stones we were able to find and read. Archie and I were there in March 1995.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner

    Wife of E. B. Hensley---10-23-1870 ----- 1-13-19??
    Floyd Akers ---Died 1862 age 12 years
    Elizabeth Akers ---- June 1882
    Sallie Weeks wife of Robert Weeks --- 9-12-1825 ----7-23-1890
    Robert L. Weeks ----- 8-20-1830 ---- 5-17-1906
    Sarah  Turman  ----- 1840 --- ?-2-? ------Age 41 years
    Jud George Turman  ---- 6-30-1839 ---- 48 years
    Samuel W. Slusher  ------- 10-24-1875- or 8-23-1876 ---- age 23
    Barbara Whitlock ----- 1829 ------ 12-12-1888 --- age 59
                                      No Name

    Archie and I visited this old cemetery in the spring of 1995. It is across the road on a hill
    from the New Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren on state road 730 in Floyd County, Va.  There is not much left of this old cemetery, it is sad to see what a condition some cemeteries are in. This is what we found left of cemetery that we could read.
    Archie Sr., and Phyllis M. Sumner
    Cordila Jones  --- 5-3-1857 ---9-26-1864
    Rosa Bell Jones --- 7-12-1855 --- 7-15-1858
    Gordon? M. ? --- 1823 -Jan 8, ????  (This was near the Jones graves.)
    J J ???
    C J?????
    Lawrence Graham  ---- 2-22-1804 ---- May 27, 1902 - Age--98 Years 3 months 5 days
    Mary S. Earls, Wife of H. H. Earls Died -- 1-5-1885 in her 35th year.
    Caroline M. Simmons -2-19-1832 --- 7-19-1908
    Earls ? Amus -Co. 1 ??????? Simmons ---
    VA. Inf.
    Rosaltha Adilla Simmons ---6-24-1855 - 12-19-1929
    George C. Earls - Died  10-11-1884 -Age 14 Years
    Lewis H. Jones -Departed this life April the 20th 1855 age 2 years and 14 days
    Mary,  wife of Lawrence Graham - Born 4-4-1815 ---Died 1-19-1897  Age 81 yrs.
    9 months and 15 days.
    23 soap stones and unreadable stone markers.


                                      No Name
    On February 20, 1990, Archie Sr. and I Visited a Cemetery on the Kevin Mitchell's property.  The Cemetery is fenced in a pasture field that can be seen from Route 750 in Floyd Co.  You can also see the Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren from the Cemetery.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner
    Edward Lavern Reed
    Sept 22, 1924
    July 31,1987
    Larrayna E. Reed
    Daughter of Richard and Virginia E. Reed
    July 17, 1911
    Dec. 18, 1911
    Infant son of E. M. and V. E.  Reed
    April 13, 1896
    April 16, 1896
    Araquilla Lester Mederith
    May 11, 1896
    March 21, 1948
    Harrison D. Reed                          Sarah F. Reed
    Feb. 4, 1841                                    Wife of Harrison D. Reed
    July 26, 1900                                  Born 1865
                                                            Nov. 17, 1921  Age 86 years

    Infant son of J. E. and Lillie M. Pugh  Born and  Died  April 17, 1911

                                      No Name
    On Jan. 11, 1990, Archie Sr. and I visited a Cemetery on a hilltop, overlooking Route 750 and 740 in Floyd County VA.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner
    Ruth Ann Duncan
    Dec. 9, 1948
    Jan. 22, 1989
    H. Chymer Akers                    Lena Altizer Akers
    Feb. 27, 1888                          April 9, 1896
    Dec. 19, 1966                            March  13, 1984
    Horace Julian Akers  --Son of Lena and Chymer Akers  -- July 8, 1925 --- Dec. 24, 1932
    Dr. Roley Tasville Akers
    Nov. 12, 1858
    June 16, 1941
    Lucy Reed Akers
    March 21, 1865
    Dec. 16, 1945
    Miller C. Akers
    Aug. 30, 1890
    March 14, 1942
                                      No Name
    On Jan. 31, 1990, Archie Sr. and I visited a Cemetery off Route 8 going south and turn left on to Route 810 for a half-mile. The cemetery was on the left of the road. The Cemetery is a  disgrace. It is mostly destroyed.
    Archie Sr. and Phyllis Sumner
    J. A. Whitlock                    Permelia R. Whitlock
    Born 3-5-1858                    Wife of J. A. Whitlock
    Died  12-19-1928             Born  1-3-1861
                                                Died  10-24-1915
    Joseph Albert Whitlock                        Jennie Lester Whitlock
    Born 1858                                            Wife of Joseph Albert Whitlock
    Died 1928                                              Born  1861
                                                                  Died 1915
                Stone Erected 1949

    Minnie Fulcher  --- Born 10-10-1874  ---- Died  2-24-1880
    Lyda May Eller ---- Born  11-24-1889 ---- Died -1-7-1891
    Nancy Eller--wife of George Eller  Born--7-11-1824 --- Died 4-5-1904
    Lucrerin E. Lester --- Born 1-5-1840 -Died  11-9-1853 --13 years 9 months and 8 days
    William Lester  --- Born 6-18-1818----Died  3-1-1890
    Infant son of Tas and Icie Reed ---  Born  1-19-1919
    Big Stone Base (no headstone0

Cemeteries by Mary Frances Conner Williams
    XHowery - Cannaday Cemetery
    Floyd County, Virginia
    Sisson Cemetery
    This Floyd County Cemetery was established near Simpsons, circa 1865 by members of the Ludlow B. and
    Catherine Grisso Sisson family. A large number of the first burials in the cemetery were marked with flat fieldstones
    showing no identification. Commercial markers were used in the later years and some of the native stones were
    replaced with the modern cut stones. From Simpsons, Va. On road 653 Shawsville Pike, turn left on Diamond Knob
    Road and travel about one mile. Turn left on School House Lane (Washington School used to be in this vicinity.)
    You will be on a very narrow road and will come up on a "No Trespassing" sign. Stop a little beyond this sign and
    the Cemetery will be up the hill on your left. You will have to back out till you find a place to turn around. Words in
    Parentheses have been added for clarification.
    Some of the unidentified burials that are known to be:
    Ludlow B(ranham) Sisson, b Feb. 3, 1797 in Rockbridge Co., d March 12, 1886 (son of Stanley Sisson and
    Catrin/Catherine Kirkwood. Stanley was born in Orange County, Va.)
    Catherine Grisso Sisson, b 1796, d after 1870 ( wife of Ludlow, daughter of Mathais Grisso, an immigrant from Italy,
    who married Elizabeth Greenlee of Lancaster, Pa.)
    John H Sisson, b. April 25, 1818, d 1891 ( son of Ludlow & Catherine)
    Hannah Wilson Sisson, b 1817 d 1895, ( wife of John H Sisson)
    David Sloan Sisson, b November 25, 1833, d November 23, 1915 ( son of Ludlow & Catherine, his grave was marked
    with a Confederate marker in 1996 after it was identified by his grandson, Raymond T Sisson. David was the
    husband of Sarah Magdalene Coon Sisson, b. Jan. 2, 1841 d Feb. 18, 1937. She was buried in Wheatland Cemetery
    in Botetourt County, Va. Due to inclement weather at the time of her death.)
    Edna Ann Coon b abt. 1843  d. bef 1929
    Thomas Sisson b 1873 d 1889 (s/o David & Magdalene)
    The Following are Marked Graves with commercial stones:
    James Madison Sisson, born October 4, 1831 , died November 23, 1900 (s/o Ludlow & Catherine; a Civil War
    Veteran, his marker was replaced with a Confederate marker in 1995)
    Eliza(beth) J(ane) Coon Sisson, b. March 7, 1834, d. September 13, 1884 (w/o James)
    (Nancy) Catherine Coon, b. Nov. 7, 1837, d. Dec. 5, 1897
    Luemma Hester Sisson b. April 15, 1886 d. Feb. 22, 1884 (d/o James & Eliza)
    Ballard Madison Sisson, b. April 15, 1886, d. October 21, 1895 (s/o James & Eliza and twin to Luemma)
    Andrew William Boone b. September 3, 1830 (in Franklin County), d. September 4, 1886 (in Floyd Co. s/o Jacob
    Boone & Rachel Kessler of Franklin County.)
    Margaret Clementine (Mason) Boone, b. Jan. 25, 1851, (in Roanoke County) d. August 17, 1894 (in Floyd County,
    2nd wife of Andrew, daughter of Samuel Mason and Lydia Garst, half sister to the above four Coon sisters.)
    George C(lifton) McNeil, b. Jan. 12, 1892, d. May 17, 1894 (s/o James Ireson McNeil & Margaret Clementine Mason
    Boone - 2nd marriage for both)
    Eliza Jane, Magdaline, Edna Ann and Catherine Coon were daughters of Samuel Coon & Lydia Garst.
    This List recorded by Sebert L Sisson who was instrumental in getting this old cemetery fenced along with much
    of the tree felling and brush cutting. Clyde Sisson and one of his sons from Shawsville do the Maintenance.
    Additional information provided by Mary Frances Conner Williams, May, 2000, great-granddaughter of Andrew &
    Clementine Boone.
    Submitted by Mary Williams.
    XCANNADAY Family Cemetery, Floyd County, Virginia
    From Floyd, Virginia travel north (towards Roanoke) on Route 221 for approximately 11 miles and turn right on
    Route 664, River Ridge Road, SE. Travel about 1 ½ miles until you see a white two - story house on the right with
    numbers 1012 on mailbox. The cemetery is across the road on a hill to your left.
    John A(ndrew) Cannaday, born September 13, 1844, died April 13, 1933
    Susan M (Thurman) Cannaday, born August 20, 1842, died June 13, 1917
    (w/o John A.)
    A(ndrew) Luther Cannaday, born May 7, 1874, died June 5, 1956 (s/o
    John & Susan)
    Nora D(ell Aldridge) Cannaday, born September 13, 1876, died Feb. 17, 1924
    (w/o Luther )
    Bernice A(llen) Cannaday, born Dec. 4, 1901, died August 31, 1927 (s/o Luther & Nora)
    Clydie (F. Brammer) Cannaday Sutphin, born December 28, 1903, died March 20, 1958
    (w/o Bernice, she was from Franklin County, Va)
    John Elwood Cannaday, born September 13, 1903, died May 30, 1938 (s/o Luther & Nora)
    Mary Susan Cannaday, born April 12, 1906, died April 11, 1919 (d/o Luther & Nora)
    Thomas L(uther) Cannaday, born 1908, died 1955 (s/o Luther & Nora)
    Elsie V(irginia Goins) Cannaday, born 1912, died 1995 (w/o Thomas)
    Bonnie A (nnie Laurie) Cannaday Smith, born February 13, 1911, died September 3, 1943 (d/o Luther & Nora, she
    married John Smith)
    Charlie T(hurman) Cannaday, born 1912, died 1925 (s/o Luther & Nora)
    Stanford A(ldridge) Cannaday, born October 21, 1914, died May 22, 1997
    S Sgt U S Army WWII (s/o Luther & Nora)
    Manila S(hank) Cannaday, born August 18, 1917  (living) w/o Stanford)
    Inf. Daughter of Stanford A & Manila S Cannaday, b/d December 3, 1955
    Roy Allen Cannaday, s/o Clydie F. and Bernice A Cannaday b. January 20, 1922, d. August 6, 1944
    Harry Brammer Cannaday, Sr. b. May 15, 1924, d. January 8, 1988 (s/o Bernice A & Clydie F Cannaday)
    Marie Dobbins Cannaday, born Aug. 6, 1923, died October 28, 1995 (w/o Harry) married December 26, 1942
    Brenda Beck Cannaday, b. February 28, 1946 (still living - d/o Harry & Marie Cannaday)
    Hazel Cannaday Helms, born September 10, 1926, died June 21, 1956 (d/o Bernice A & Clydie F Cannaday)
    Norman Odell Sutphin, born December 19, 1934, died February 13, 1956
    (s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charlie & Clydie B Sutphin)
    I have added the words in Brackets. All other words appear on the tombstones.
    Parents of John A Cannaday was; Andrew Bailey Cannaday and his wife Mary "Polly" Huff. Bailey lived in
    Franklin County until old and died at his daughter's home in Floyd County.
    Parents of Nora Dell Aldridge were John Taylor Aldridge and Mary Adeline Walters (Nora was my great aunt)
    Clydie F Brammer was married (1) to Bernice Allen Cannaday and (2) to Charlie Sutphin
    Luther and Nora Cannaday had two other children (buried elsewhere):
    Marvin Carson Cannaday 1898 - 1982 (?)
    Laodus Alpha Cannaday Lawrence 1900 - 1937 (?)
    Nora and most of her children died of cancer. Many of the grandchildren have also died from this disease.
    Submitted by: Mary Frances Conner Williams, P O B 1367, Pulaski, Va. 24301-1367
    XBoone Cemetery
    On Route 11 in Shawsville, going towards Roanoke, turn right on Boner's Run Road (road # 609) for about 3 miles.
    This road then veers to the left and the name changes to Boone Road. Travel about .6 mile until you see a steep
    path up the hill on the left. The cemetery is at the top of the hill. For clarification, I have added the words in
    parentheses, all others appear on tombstones.
    William Showalter, born Mar. 14, 1832, died December 15, 1913
    Mary E(lizabeth Blackwell) w/o Wm. Showalter, born May 16, 1832, died Feb. 21, 1908
    Stephen E(dward) Boone, November 12, 1854 - April 9, 1934
    (Sarah) Frances Showalter, wife of Stephen E Boone, July 10, 1863 - April 1, 1942
    Mary R(ollin) Boone , April 4, 1889 - May 29, 1890 (infant daughter of Stephen and Frances)
    Robert T(homas Shelborne) Boone, August 22, 1862 - Feb. 3, 1945
    Nellie A(ugusta Showalter) w/o R. T. Boone, born May 31, 1873, died November 17, 1906
    Kent b(inford) Boone, June 22, 1899 - November 10, 1969
    (s/o Robert T & Nellie Showalter Boone)
    Quentin Alva Boone, August 8, 1928 - March 2, 1996
    (s/o Kent B Boone & Rose Viennie Carden)
    (Rose is buried in the Congregational Holiness Cemetery near Shawsville, Va.)
    James Charles Boone, January 1, 1957 - November 12, 1996
    (son of Quentin Boone & Shirley Ann Collins)
    Stephen and Robert Boone were sons of Andrew William Boone and Lucy Ann Crook/Fralin. Andrew and Lucy
    had 4 other children. They were born in Franklin County but moved to Floyd County after their mother, Lucy, died.
    Andrew remarried to Margaret Clementine Mason, d/o Samuel Mason and Lydia Garst, and they had 8 children.
    Recorded by Mary Frances Conner Williams, May, 2000
    Diamond Knob Road near Simpsons, Virginia; Floyd County
    From Simpsons, Virginia on road 653 Shawsville Pike, turn left on Diamond Knob Road and travel about 1.3 miles. This is a gravel road. The
    cemetery is in a field about two hundred yards to the left off the road. This is a beautiful well-maintained cemetery. All information in parentheses will
    show relationships.

    David Link b Mar 11, 1818 d Feb 19, 1900 (s/o Henry Link 1790 - 1864) (md. Adeline Smith; parents of David Wesley Link)
    Adeline (Smith) Link b October 12, 1822 d September 26, 1883 ( w/o David link, d/o Jabez Smith & Elizabeth Light) ( Jabez s/o Humphrey Smith
    1760 - 1845) (Elizabeth d/o James Light, Sr. of New York)
    Malinda E Link b July 31, 1848, d. December 19, 1870 (of typhoid fever, d/o David Link & Adeline Smith.)
    C(ryus) Milton Link b Oct. 29, 1850, d. Nov. 20, 1904 ( s/o David Link & Adeline Smith; married Susan Winfrey)
    John Lemons Link Feb 22, 1852  June 12, 1932 (middle name may be Lemon, tombstone shows Lemons)
    (s/o David Link & Adeline Smith; md. Sarah Elizabeth Willis)
    Sarah Elizabeth ("Sallie B" Willis) Link Mar. 10, 1872 Nov 14, 1939 ( d/o Robert L Willis & Sarah Catherine Helms)
    David Wilton Link (single) May 8, 1897  Oct. 14, 1980 (s/o John Lemon Link & Sarah Elizabeth Willis)
    W (illiam) H Link (stone almost unreadable and broken) Sept. 5, 1859, Feb. 2, 1862 (In a list by the late Paul McNeil, he noted the Floyd County
    Register of Births shows he was born Sept. 29, 1859, died Feb. 15, 1863)
    (s/o David Link & Adeline Smith)
    D(avid) W(esley) Link March 28, 1864, August 5, 1943 (s/o David Link & Adeline Smith; md. Lucy Mary Conner, Dec. 15, 1885)
    Lucy M(ary Conner) Link May 18, 1867, Mar. 22, 1938 (d/o Nathan Conner & Elizabeth Light)
    W(illiam) Nathan Conner Feb. 2, 1837, Oct. 9, 1911 (md. Elizabeth Light Dec. 22, 1859) (s/o Jacob P. Conner & Addena Furrow)
    Elizabeth (Light) Conner Nov. 6, 1841, Sept. 3, 1910 (d/o John L Light & Mary " Polly" Conner)
    Pearlie M Conner died Feb. 16, 1885 5yrs 8mos 3days Daughter of J(ohn) H(aden) & J (Isabell Link) E Conner
    (J carved on the stone instead of I for Isabell, she is the d/o David Link & Adeline Smith)
    Ada (Akers), wife of Coy Link (his 1st wife) b Sept. 23, 1891, d. Nov. 5, 1918 (d/o Ballard P Akers & Emma Poff)
    (Coy burried in Restvale Cemetery beside his second wife, Essie Bell)
    (Coy was the son of David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner)
    William Shelton Link Inf. s/o Alvin & Minnie (Turner) Link; April 29, 1941, May 6, 1941 (Alvin is the s/o Coy Link & Ada Akers) (Minnie Turner
    Link d. June 25, 1999 in Roanoke, Va. at age 89.)
    Violet L(ink) Forbes b January 12, 1916  _______
    (d/o Coy Link; md. April 27, 1940 Lawrie E "Jack" Forbes)
    Lawrie E(ldridge) Forbes "Jack" August 31, 1919, May 22, 1988 U S Army WWII
    Ballard P Akers  April 16, 1861, Sept. 25, 1939 (h/o Emma J Poff Akers)
    Emma J(ane Poff) Akers w/o B.P. Akers May 7, 1856, June 25, 1929 (d/o Samuel Poff & Matilda DeWeese)
    Guy Link April 18, 1891, April 5, 1972 (s/o David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner; md. Allie Akers)
    Allie Akers Link Feb. 6, 1895, April 4, 1975 (d/o Ballard P Akers & Emma Poff)
    Leo Van Link  Aug. 10, 1914, Mar 4, 1915 d/o Guy & Allie Link)
    Geneva (Fern) Link Beierlin  Dec. 21, 1931, Feb. 11, 1991 (d/o Guy Link & Allie Akers; md. Harry G Beierlein, Sr.)
    Harry G Beierlein, Sr. Jan. 12, 1919, October 7, 1984 Capt. U S A F WWII
    Dock E Link Feb. 10, 1894,  Feb. 11, 1933 ( of injuries from an automobile accident) (s/o David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner, m. Alpha Boone)
    Alpha (May) Boone Link w/o Dock Link Oct. 18, 1897  June 20, 1986 (d/o Charles Emmett Boone & Mary Odessa Aldridge) ( Charles E. s/o
    Andrew William Boone & Margaret Clementine Mason) (Mary Odessa d/o John Taylor Aldridge & Mary Adeline Walters)
    Wesley E(dward) Link January 6, 1914,  January 17, 1914 (twin s/o  Dock & Alpha Link)
    Charlie E(verett) Link January 6, 1914,  January 18, 1914 (twin s/o Dock & Alpha Link)
    Mary Adeline Link Infant d/o Dock & Alpha Link  October 23, 1917, November 17, 1017
    Hubert Link May 1, 1895, October 20, 1986 U S Army WWI (s.o David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner; Md. Flora Shank, Sept. 14, 1919)
    Flora J (Shank) Link March 13, 1901, May 13, 1992 (d/o John W Shank & Sarah Dickerson)
    Infant son of Hubert & Flora Link  b/d June 14, 1921
    Infant daughter of Hubert & Flora Link Sept. 2, 1926, Sept. 3, 1926
    Infant d/o Nelson L & Irene (Link) Janney Feb. 16, 1942 (Irene d/o Hubert Link & Flora Shank)
    Cola Link March 20, 1897, March 16, 1898 (child of David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner)
    Henry Link Feb. 28, 1903, Nov. 18, 1980 (s/o David Wesley Link & Lucy Conner; md. Mamie Vest)
    Mamie V(est) Link April 18, 1905, August 13, 1998 (d/o Jessie David Vest & Etta Vest)
    Henry Clay Link September 10, 1937, July 16, 1997 U S Navy (s/o Henry Link & Mamie Vest; Md. Shelby Jean Aldridge, July 28, 1956)
    Shelby Jean (Aldridge) Link  December 7, 1937 ______ (d/o Henry Aldridge & Iris Fay Poff)
    Waskey Burrel Link November 1, 1930  September 11, 1931 (s/o Henry Link & Mamie Vest)
    Job Smith Link August 29, 1861, July 7, 1930 (s/o David Link & Adeline Smith; md. Liona Jane Conner)
    Thaddaeus D Link September 27, 1889, December 22, 1936 (s/o Job Smith Link & Liona Jane Conner; md. Nora Phillips)
    Samuel J(ackson) Light Born November 1, 1828, Died June 22, 1888 (s/o Samuel Light & Sarah "Sally" ?; md. Salina E Link)
    Salina E(lizabeth Link) Light Wife of Samuel J Light Born June 2, 1841, Died March 6, 1915 (d/o David Link & Adeline Smith)
    Scipio Light June 15, 1864, January 16, 1934 (s/o Samuel J Light & Salina E Link)
    Aurora Light Daughter of S(amuel) J. & Salina E Light Born October 31, 1866, Died November 28, 1876
    William L Light 6-14-1874  1-12-1885 Died age 10y 6m 28d (of diphtheria) (s/o John Ballard Light & Rebecca Ann Link, md. 1873 by Andrew W
    Boone) ( Rebecca d/o David Link & Adeline Smith) (John Balladr Light s/o John L Light & Mary "Polly" Conner)
    Frederick J Light 4-26-1878  2-24-1885 Died 6y 9m 28d (s/o John Ballard Light & Rebecca Ann Link)
    John G Light 11-29-1884, 1-18-1885 died 1m 19d (s/o John Ballard Light & Rebecca Ann Link)
    William B Hunt Son of J(ames) A. & M(artha) A(deline) Hunt born May 28, 1896 September 3, 1916 (grandson of Mary F Link, d/o David Link &
    Adeline Smith. Mary F. Md. To James T Clower in 1871 by Andrew W Boone)
    Martha A. (Clower) wife of J(ames) A. Hunt Born July 21, 1873, Died Jan. 26, 1906 (d/o Mary F Link & James T Clower)(Stone broken, only bits
    readable; from notes from Paul McNeil)
    David D(aniel"Danny") Link May 26, 1944 _______( md. (2) Laura Hurley) (s/o Joseph "Joe" Link & Rheba Light) (Joe, s/o David Wesley Link &
    Lucy Conner)
    Laura D(arlene Hurley) Link December 25, 1948, June 17, 2000 (d/o Milton Hurley & Everleen Hopkins Angle)
    Bobby Keen Walters December 1, 1934 ________ "Just Waiting" (s/o Delbert Walters & Maleta Link)
    Visited Cemetery on September 30, 2000
    By Mary Frances Conner Williams (d/o Oliver Noel Conner & Hazel Boone and granddaughter of Charles E & Mary Odessa Aldridge Boone)
    Additional information and corrections by David Shank (s/o Tonsa Shank and Evelyn Light, great-grandson of Samuel Jackson Light)

Cemetery Photos at Floyd County, Va.



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