Gillespie Cemetery
Submitted by
Bernard "Bernie" Radford
[email protected]

My Aunt Ruth Hale was a proliferate genealogist.  She documented many cemeteries for Rootsweb.  Since I live in Mayland, she did much to help me trace my Radford Ancestors who lived in Franklin and Floyd Counties.  Probably while trying to locate the old Radford Cemetery, which is suppose to be not very far from the present Radford Cemetery  on Rt 888, in Dec 1988 she discovered an old Gillespie Cemetery.  She siad the Gillespie Cemetery was also on Rt 888 in Floyd County Virginia.
Tthis is what she said, "Completely overgrown  It seems to have been a large old cemetery.  Many graves are unmarked."

Radford, Joshua   70 yrs old  Died Feb 14, 1864
In memory of  Mary F. Radford  Born July the 27, dide Dec the 17, 1891.
Radford, Polly   Age 87 yrs   no dates

Underwood, Joseph  Died Apr 9, 1840  73 yrs.

Gillespie, Mildred E.  Oct 6 1854 - May 26 1901
Gillespie, James O.   Oct 6 1834 - May 12, 1909
Glaspie, Celia            Died Apr 27, 1908 74 yrs.

"I may go back and try to read more inscriptions some day; it got a little too cold and windy today."

Mildred and Celia Underwood were Joshua's daughters.  Mary and Polly were also in the family.  Hopefuly this data is useful.  Hopefully some energetic person will attempt to complete what Aunt Ruth, now deceased, began years ago.