Floyd County, Virginia  

Harris/McPeak Cemetery

In an introduction to a booklet published by Phillip Weddle on the history
of The Harris Cemetery, he states;
"The history of Harris Cemetery cannot be separated from the history of
a community known as "The Buffalo."  "Located on the south side of Buffalo Mountain including a corridor along  Buffalo Mountain Road (State Route 758) between the top of Rocky Ridge on the west to Buffalo Branch on the east."
"James A. Harris married Eliza McPeak in 1887 and in the 1890's he bought
the Archelous McPeak homeplace surrounding the cemetery. Without design or
plan it became known as Harris Cemetery around the turn of the century."
"While descendants of Archelous and Katherine Sutphin McPeak considered it
to be their final resting place, Sutphin, Moles, Bolt, Alderman, Spence and
other families looked at it as their cemetery too.."

My notes;
In a deposition from Archelous McPeak, dated June 13, 1892, when Arch McPeak
was in his 90's, he states he was born Oct. 1800, and had lived on this place all his life. He also states his father was William McPeak and was one of the first settlers of this top of the mountain country.
The earliest deed I have found for William McPeak buying land in Montgomery
County was in 1818. But I believe what is known as the Archelous McPeak may
have been originally William McPeak land.
Mary Anne Sutphin
[email protected]

The following pages have been scanned from the book "Cemeteries Floyd (Montgomery) County, VA Burks Fork District "  Compiled by  Phyllis Goad Phillips & Genevieve Cochran Starkey .
Used with the permission of Genevieve Cochran Starkey

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Additions by Mary Anne Sutphin