Floyd County, Virginia  

Weddle - Weeks Cemetery
(Partial List)

From "Cemeteries, Floyd County Virginia, Burks Fork District," Volume 2.
Compiled by Phyllis Goad Phillips and Genevieve Cochran Starkey
Page 17
Identifications by Mrs. Essie Spence Goad, 1981.
1.4 miles east of U.S. 221 on 758 on hill across from Roy Weddle's home.  Some markers read only:  Luther  Delilah  Harvey  Infant  Allison  Margaret McPeak.  Other markers read:  Hasten Slusher 1908  George Slusher 1908  Elena Slusher 1942.  A Madison N C funeral home marker on fence reads:  Mozelle M. Chandler 1918  1987

Submitted by Mary Anne Sutphin
[email protected]

Weeks, William A. 1831-1901, s/o Elijah and Sarah Thomas Weeks.

Weeks, Nancy 1834-1897, d/o William Tyler and Nancy Mabry Sutphin, w/o
William A. Weeks.

Turman, Richard M. 1873-1928, s/o William Gabriel and Sarah Francis Sutphin

Turman, Victoria S. 1872-1960, d/o Tempie Sutphin, w/o Richard M. Turman

Turman, Marvin, 1907-1923, s/o R.M and Victoria Sutphin Turman

Turman, Arnold D. 1912-1965, s/o R.M. and Victoria Sutphin Turman

Weeks, Willie E. 1892-1963, s/o George and Sarah Weeks

Weeks, Emma Gay. 1896-1985, d/o R.M. and Victoria Sutphin Turman, w/o Willie
E. Weeks

Weddle, Lemon W. 1898-

Weddle, Rosa Ila, 1898-1963, d/o R.M. and Victoria Sutphin Turman

Weeks, Andrew 1860-1919, s/o William A. and Nancy Sutphin Weeks

Weeks, Sarah E. 1862-1939, d/o Elisha and Rhoda Jenkins, w/o Andrew Weeks

Weddle, Fred 1904-1937, s/o Joseph and Flora Weddle

Weddle, Gertie May 1905- d/o Henry and Mahala McPeak Spence, w/o Fred Weddle

McPeak, Margie no dates.
Margaret E. Weeks McPeak,  b. 10 March 1856-d. before 1886
(note from Mary Anne - Margaret Weeks McPeak, is first wife of Leroy McPeak and d/o Willaim A. and  Nancy Sutphin Weeks.)

Note from Mary Anne - I suspect the graves with only names, Luther, Delilah and Harvey P. may be  McPeak Children.