Floyd County, Virginia

Camp Creek Cemetery.

This is an exact transcription of what I found at the Roanoke City Library.  It was photocopied microfilm records labeled “VA Historical Inventory” and had call number R975.5712.  I copied it about 15 years ago.

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Camp Creek Cemetery.

On Route #615, about 6.5 miles northeast of the town of Floyd, Virginia, at Camp Creek, on what is known as the old Christiansburg Road.  The Cemetery is on top of a hill on the left hand side of the road.

3.  DATE:
1887, date of oldest grave.

This is on record in Floyd County Clerk’s Office as Bouman Burying Ground.  The land (3/4 of an acre) formerly belonged to Asa Bouman and wife.  Jan 17, 1910 he sold it to Samuel Bouman, A.T. Neff and Geo. W.
Epperly, Trustees, and recorded in Deed Book 36, page 538 in Clerk’s Office.

The cemetery covers about one acre of ground.  It is not all fenced in.  The grounds are not kept up, it is covered with tall grass, briars, etc. Some few of the older graves do not have stones.

Joan Crawford is one of our greatest movie actresses.  Joan Crawford’s great-grandfather and great grandmother are buried in this cemetery.  In fact, at one time they lived close by. Joan Crawford’s real name is Lucille Le Suear.  Her great-grandfather was Martell LeSuear and Catherine LeSuear his wife are buried there.  Martell LeSuear’s son, Bert LeSuear was Joan Crawford’s grandfather.  About forty five or fifty years ago Bert LeSuear moved to Crawford, Nebraska.  He had two children, one son and one daughter.  His son is Joan Crawford’s father.

Inscriptions from tombstones in Camp Creek Cemetery.
1    In memory of
      Martell LeSuear
      May 16, 1821
      Nov. 28, 1904
      Aged 88 years - 6 mos. and 12d.
      Asleep in Jesus.
                                                                                                              [page] #2.

2.  In Memory of
    Catherine LeSuear
    Was born Sept. 19, 1801, dept. this
     life, Aug. 27, 1887.
    Age 85 years, 11 months, and 8 days.

3. Casper S. Sumpter                                                4. Jasper E. Sumpter
        Born                                                                          Born
Feb. 15, 1899                                                          Feb. 15, 1899
        Died                                                                          Died
Mar. 10, 1899                                                          Feb. 9, 1900
At rest.                                                                     At rest.
                                   (These were twins)

5. Liona Hungate Richardson
Dec. 11, 1836
Sept. 9, 1887

6. Father                7. Mother
Ballard P.               His wife
Nov. 25, 1855       Louisa J. Richardson
Feb. 10, 1910        June 20, 1858
                              Jan 7, 1927

7.   ART:

8.  Informants:  G. Ramsey Hungate.
Hampton Hungate

Deed Book 30  page 358    Floyd County Court Records.  Index to Real Estate Conveyances A-G, Grantor, page 109 Floyd County Court Records.

Tombstone Inscriptions
Visit by worker

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my notes:
I visited this cemetery in October 1995, it was fairly grown up with briars and in the shadows of large hardwood trees.  It was not in the best of shape in regards to tombstones.

When I was there, I wrote down the LeSueur tombstones included here but also there were Lesters buried here:

    Millard H.                      Fannie L.
July 24, 1884              Dec. 23, 1887
July 25, 1959              July 18, 1973

I do not have any pictures of this cemetery but am planning on going back.  I am determined to find as many old, abandoned cemeteries as possible and record who is buried there.  I went visiting a few weeks ago  to the old Linza Lester cemetery and was told that there was a Boyd cemetery nearby but it was bulldozed over and the tombstones removed (not know where) many years ago...this most likely was those of Newberry T. Boyd, on of my hard-to-trace ancestors.

There may be others.  I will add to this if I find out more.

Dan Reed
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