Family Bible

Goodykoontz Family Bible



George Goodykoontz and Mary Beaver was married the 4th day of Sep. 1800
Moseby LeSueur and Catharine Goodykoontz was married the 16th day of Feb. 1819
James LeSueur and Rebecca Goodykoontz was married the 16th of March 1826
David Goodykoontz and Ruth Harter was married on the 18th day of Nov. 1830


George Goodykoontz was born on 23rd of April 1773
Mary Beaver was born on 16th of July 1784
The first daughter was born the 19th of Sept. 1801 (Catharine)
The second daughter was born the 5th day of May 1803  (Rebecca)
Our first son David was born the 8th day of Dec. 1805
Our second son ?? was born  the 26th day of Sept.1807  (Archibald)
Our third son Isaac was born the 30th of Sept. 1809
Our 4th son George was born the 30th day of Jan. 1812
Our 5th son Alfred was born the 3rd of Nov. 1813
Our 3rd daughter Rachel was born 14th of Oct. 1815
Our 4th daughter Nancy was born 27th of July 1817
Our 5th daughter Adaline was born 24th of Dec. 1820
Our 6th son Washington was born the 22nd of Feb. 1822
Our 6th daughter Polly was born the 13th of March 1824

Moseby LeSueur was born the 2nd of October 1795
The first son was born the 16th May 1821  (Martel LeSueur)
The 2nd Sons was born the 3rd day of April 1823
George and James (twins) LeSueur
Elizabeth was born the 26th of April 1825        (LeSueur)

Henry M. Goodykoontz was born, 26th of January 1832—the first son D.G.

Arabella Baber was born Oct. 27, 1836
John W. Baber was born April 5th 1840
Clementine Baber was born July 15th 1842


Our 3rd Daughter Rachel died the 17th day of June 1818
George Goodykoontz died Sept. 13th 1824
Moseby LeSueur died August the 28th 1824
George LeSueur died the 12th day of Aug. 1824
John A Kinney was born April the 2nd of Oct. 1801
Mary Goodykoontz died the 22nd of June 1828

The Goodykoontz Family Bible was in the possession of the late Arabella
"Mae" Hall LeSueur, wife of Harvey Crockett LeSueur and was xeroxed by
Virginia Phillips LeSueur Carter Smith before her death in 1995. The bible
was given to Sandra LeSueur Woodall who lives in Midlothian, VA and also to
share with her children who spent lots of time at the LeSueur family farm
in Bristol, VA.

*Research notes personally written by our  late first cousin,  Virginia
LeSueur Smith were

Moseby LeSueur and Catharine Goodykoontz were the paternal  grandparents of
Harvey "Crockett" LeSueur

Nancy Goodykoontz, 4th daughter, was the maternal Grandmother of Mae Hall

Arabella Baber was the Mother of Mae Hall LeSueur
"Interestingly, Moseby's brother, James Washington LeSueur, married Rebecca
Goodykoontz, a sister of Catharine and Nancy."

"William A. Hall's parents were Jonathan Cody Hall (died about 1888) and
Pauline Adams.  Jonathan's second wife was Adaline Goodykoontz, a sister of
Catharine and Nancy.  I believe then that Grandmother Mae Hall LeSueur was
raised largely by her step-grandmother, Adaline Goodykoontz LeSueur,  who
was also her great aunt (her Grandmother Nancy's sister).  Mae's Mother,
Arabella, died when Mae was only 9."

"Nancy G. Baber and John W. Baber went to live in Andersontown, IN, near
Willis.  The Babers died within three weeks of each other due to high
fever.  Nancy's brother, Washington and sister, Adaline went to IN to bring
the children back to VA and reared them."