Floyd County, Virginia  

Jist ole clyde

In Memory of Clyde "jist ole Clyde" Maxey, it is proposed that we of the Floyd County Genealogical List make a presentation of monies, or appropriate items we would acquire with those monies, to the Floyd County Historical Society for the new museum.
If you would like to join in this commemorative effort please send a donation, in whatever amount you choose, to:

Carolyn H. Bruce, Treasurer
Clyde Maxey Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 64007
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4007

Please include your email address and we will notify you when your gift is received, and a list of those who have participated will be presented to Clyde's family and the museum.

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005

We thank everyone who donated so generously to the Clyde Maxey Memorial Fund.  As of today, $400.00 has been sent to the Floyd County Historical Society from The Floyd County, Virginia Researchers.  Those who wish to donate but have not yet done so can send a check directly to the FCHS and note that it is for Clyde's Fund
The address is:
Jean Schaeffer, President
The Floyd County Historical Society, Inc.
P. O. Box 292
Floyd, VA 24091


Thursday, February 3, 2005
Floyd County Historical Society Newsletter

Our Historical Society has recently become the beneficiary of a generous donation ($400)  in memory of Clyde Maxey.  He was a member of an Internet group called the Floyd County, Virginia (Mailing List) Researchers – an excellent web site and mailing list to which some of our Historical Society members belong.  Funds from this donation will be used for some specific need as we go forward  with development of the Ridgemont -Williams Museum in the Town of Floyd. This donation from The Floyd County, Virginia Researchers has been given “in honor of ‘jist ol’ Clyde’ who was a friend, a kinsman, and a generous soul.  All of us who benefited from his knowledge, his helpfulness, and his humor will miss him.”

                                       Jean Schaeffer, President
                                        Floyd County Historical Society