White Sulpher  Springs Confederate Soldiers Monument

The Monument is all that's left of the White Sulpher Springs Resort that was used as a hospital during the
Civil War here in Montgomery Co.


Coming from Roanoke on old Route 11- 460 west , at the foot of Christiansburg Mountain, turn right on state Rt.641 The Den Hill Rd.  Watching your odometer , travel  2.5 miles (winding road).  You will pass by a number of houses, through a small tunnel. In a small turn to the right there are a set of wooden steps leading down the bank , easy to see (they are visible on one of the pictures).

    If you are coming from the Blacksburg , Christiansburg area, I think the easiest way, is to turn off  Rt 460  at University Motors,  the Jennelle Road, travel down to the intersection of  Rts. 723/641.  There is a store there at the crossroads.  Travel 641 (Den Hill Rd.) 7 tenths of a mile to the next intersection (641/603).  Go straight through the Intersection.  Take 641, 1 mi.4 tenths to said set of steps.  You can see the Marker from the road, but its just a stones throw to it , the grass was not high - Sat 5-21-05.
I don't know who mows around the area, but I have been there before and the grass hasn't been objectionable .If any one has any questions , drop me a line or I'm in the book.

Its a nice drive as well!
Wayne Haley
[email protected]