Floyd County, Virginia

~Will of Blackburn Akers~

copied from  Floyd Co., Virginia Court House
Will Book C - Page 439

I Blackburn Akers of the County of Floyd and State of Virginia do hereby
make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to
say first I desire that a sufficient portion of the perishable part of my
estate be immediately sold after my decease and out of the monies arising
therefore are my just debts to be paid and after all my just debts are
paid , the remainder of the perishable part of my property and the
plantation on which I now live I give the same to Elizabeth Akers my wife
_ _ _ her natural life and for the benefit of my children as long as they
continue to live with their mother on the place. hereafter named my son
George Akers - my son Marlow Akers my son James Akers my daughter
Elizabeth Akers my daughter Martha Akers my daughter Dorothy Akers and
after the deceased of Elizabeth Akers my wife I desire that the
plantation and all the rest of my presence property be immediately sold
and the money____ there from to be equally divided among my eight
children, George Akers, Marlow Akers, James Akers, Elizabeth Akers,
Martha Akers, Dorothy Akers, Mary Bartley and Julian Shelor. I give the
same to my children - above names and their heirs forever and if any of
my above named children should decease without an heir I desire that
their part of my Estate shall go back to the other children above named,
And lastly I do constitute and appoint my wife Elizabeth Akers and my son
George Akers and my son Martue Akers Executer of this my last will and
testament hereby revoking all other or former wills or testament by me
heretofore name in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
offered my life this 6 day of April 1848.

   Blackburn Akers

William Becket
Catharine Becket
James M. Becket
Filed and executed
22 December 1859

Contributed by Barbara Stanley