Floyd County, Virginia

~Will of William Aldridge~


               In the name of God amen, this 19th day of May one thousand eight hundred and
          eighteen William Aldridge of Montgomery County and state of Virginia being advanced
          in years and weak in body but of sound memory and understanding do see cause to
          make this my last will and testament.  That is to say, I command my soul to Almighty
          God and my body to the grave as for what worldly estate the Lord blessed me with in
          this life, I dispose of the same in the following manner and form, that is to say, it is my
          will that all my Lawful debts, funeral expenses and Doctor charges if any there be, be
          paid and lawfully discharged.  I will and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife, that
          part of my Land whereon I now live, Beginning at Reed's cabin and down that spring
          branch as it runs to the mouth of Leonard's spring branch and then down the road that
          goes to Sowders, to Sowder line end [?],  And the third part of all my Stock household
          furniture beds and bedding [?] plantation tools [?] during her life and after her Decease
          the land to be divided as I shall hereafter direct.  If my wife should marry the Land shall
          be divided between Ezekal and Leonard, the balance of my moveable property and
          stock shall be divided as follows, that is whereas some of my daughters has had some
          part of my property more than the rest before any division is made, they shall have
          equally alike and the balance to be divided equally between four daughters.  My land
          (except my wife's part) I will unto my two Sons to be divided as follows, beginning at
          Sowders line, at the head of the Spring at the cross fence and with that fence as it runs
          to the meadow and to continue the same course in a direct line to the appraisable [?]
          line that to be line between them each to that part he now lives on.  And if my wife
          should marry, she shall retain her part of the moveables and stock, and I do hereby
          nominate my wife and my son in law Andrew Conner to be the executors of this my last
          will and testament.  In witness whereof, I set my hand and seal the day and year above
          William Aldridge
          Signed and acknowledged
          in presence of us
          Benjamin Reed
          John Long
          John Wimmer
               After signing and witnessing my will, I recollect that I was empowered by Peter
          Heep to convey to Andrew Lewis a part of a certain tract of Land and Thomas Lutteral
          another part of the same tract.  It not being done I hereby direct my executor Andrew
          Conner to make the said acres agreeable to the power given to me by said Heep.
          William Aldridge
          John Wimmer
          Jn. Conner
          Leonard Aldridge

          At a Court held for Montgomery County the 7th day of July, 1818.
          This last will and testament of William Aldredge dec'd was presented in court & proven
          by the oath of John Long & Benjamin Reed, two of the witnesses thereto subscribed &
          entered to be recorded and on the motion of Nancy Aldridge the Executrix therein
          named, who took the oath by law prescribed, & gives bond with security conditioned as
          the law directs, certificate is granted her for obtaining probate thereof in due form.
          B. Miller, L.C.

          Contributed by Nancy Booth