Charles Cole, Sr.
Charles Cole, Jr.
David Cole
Milton W. Cole
Adolphus Cole
Margaret Cole


William Roberts
Jonathan Roberts
Arad F. Roberts


George Warren, Sr George Warren, Jr.
Basil Warren
William Warren
Spencer W. Warren

Barb's Family Tree

I am researching the Charles Cole Sr. Family of Grayson County, Virginia, the Jonathan Roberts Family of Grayson County, Virginia, the Parks Family of Grayson County, Virginia and the Warren Family of Washington County, Virginia. These are all my Maternal Families. I am still trying to find information on my Paternal Line.

There are lots of connecting families from Grayson County, Virginia and other areas, including Albert, Anderson, Arnold, Bedsaul, Bedwell, Bonham, Brewer, Butt, Byrd, Calton, Carrico, Cawood, Chitwood, Clark, Cornett, Cox, Davis, Delp, Graybeal, Grubb, Hackler, Haga, Hall, Hash, Johnson, Jones, Long, Martin, Miller, Morgan, Osborne, Parks, Perkins, Pool, Price, Pyle, Ross, Sheridan, Shuler, Smith, Stoneman, Sutherland, Taylor, Testerman, White, Williams, Wright, I am not personally researching all the side families, but have collected info on them from various sources on the internet.

You can find the information on these side families at my World Connect pages.

My Sources

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