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Portrait of Commander Robert Heriot Barclay

Portrait of Captain Barclay - Lord Ury

David D. Barclay
(son of Robert & Mary Hubbard Barclay)

Daniel H. (son of David D. Barclay) & Christina Smith Barclay

Durrett Hubbard Barclay                     Lucretia (Davison) Barclay
(son of Robert & Mary Hubbard Barclay)
(Photo enhancements of original 19th century charcoal drawing)

Headstones of Durrett & Lucretia Barclay
Atteberry Shed Cemetery, Dallas Co., MO
(photos taken by Terry Davison & Nadine Ford  1999)

Middle & Right: Quentin & Gary Rinehart, sons of Willis Byron Rinehart
& Gertrude Laura Barclay (grandsons of John Milton Barclay & great
grandsons of Durrett Hubbard Barclay). Left: Rinehart descendant Jack Bailey.

Quentin John Rinehart & Winnie (Mrs. Jack) Bailey

James Eusibius Barclay
(youngest son of Robert & Mary Hubbard Barclay,
and brother to Durrett, above)

*Left: George Eusibius Barclay (son of Durret & Lucretia Davison Barclay)
Standing: John Milton Barclay (son of  Durret & Lucretia Davison Barclay)
Right: Lucy Ann Barclay Davison (daughter of Robert & Mary Hubbard Barclay)

*John Melton Davison (son of James Hardison & Lucy Barclay Davison)
and sons (l to r): Jesse Lee, Ernest Daniel, Ferry Avis, and Russell Orville
(Photo taken at John Melton's 60th birthday, Sept. 10, 1915 at his farm
in Polk County, Missouri.)

*Jesse Lee (son of James Melton Davison) & Maud Eunis Black Davison
on their wedding day, November 29, 1908.

*James William and Maria Ellen Tarbert Davison Family
(James William was the son of James Hardison & Lucy Barclay Davison)
L to R (back row): Nellie Ethel, George Claude, Dora Mary, Harvey,
Jessie Edna, James Ivan, Maley Mabel, John Frank, & Nancy Edith.
(front row): Alvin, James William, Maria Ellen & Charles William.

*Lucy Bell Davison (granddaughter of James Hardison & Lucy Barclay Davison) &
Delilah "Lolly" Davison Conn (daughter of  James Hardison & Lucy Barclay Davison).
Photo taken circa 1910 in Polk County, Missouri.

*Photos contributed by Terry D. Davison

Family of James Barclay
                      Standing left to right;
                      Edith, Annabella, ,Frank, Charles, James, Maggie, and Christine
               Sitting left to right;
                      Alice and her daughter Margaret, John ( Joch ), Maryanne,
Annabella Smith with her daughter Lilian
                      (Photo taken in Brechin about 1918)

                      Edith Smith Barclay at the age of one year.
                      ( My mother )

                      James Barclay family & Edith Smith Barclay photos
provided by Robin Morgenroth

The Robert Barkley Historical Association's
 3rd annual reunion was held in the home of
 W.H.Barkley on July 25,1928.

Group photo of the descendants of James Barclay & Virginia Foster
taken 1910-1916 at the home of James & Virginia, near Woodville, TX,
beneath the tree where the Alabama Indians camped on hunting trips and visits with
James Barclay and Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas.
(photo contribute by Sandra Hargrave)

The family of Walter & Laura Pool Barclay circa 1908
Father (center, seated): Walter Barclay, son of Walter b. 1831,
grandson of Robert b. 1805, g grandson of Walter b. 1774, &
gg grandson of Robert & Leah Barclay of Rown Co., NC
     Mother (seated at left of Walter): Laura Pool Barclay
Children: Mrytie, Mary, Clyde, Cass, Eula, Buck, Josh, Robert,
George, Ora, & Louise. Not shown: Feagin (not born at time of photo)
and children who died as infants: Clare, Riley & Lora (twin of Ora)
See also Marriage Certificate and Bible Records
(photo contributed by Teddy Barclay Pope)

Photo of:
Vice President Alben W. Barkley
Bihop Barclay
Mrs. Hansbrough Barclay
Howell Barclay
James Walter Barclay
John Henry Kirby Barclay
Lee B. Barclay
L.H. Barclay
Napoleon Barclay
Dr. R.L. Barclay
Dr. Watt Barclay
Dr. W.W. Anderson
Judge William B. Oakley
Russell Ray Elgin
Lindel L. Davison

William Huey & wife, Mary Jane Barclay Huey

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