Barling History

Before about 1450 it is difficult to distinguish inherited fixed surnames, from names derived from placenames. Therefore with few exceptions it is very difficult to tell who is related, if at all, to whom.

In the 1400's the name BARLING was associated with villages around Egerton, Ulcombe and East Sutton, these form a small cluster around the Manor of Barling in Egerton, Kent.

There are a number early references to the name BARLING including the Kent Lay Subsidy of 1334/5 and from an inquest at Cantebury before the Archbishops of York and Cantebury, John Prisot and Robert Danvers on 22 September 1450

It is not yet clear how many distinct family groups exist that bear the surname BARLING. Somewhat arbitrarily, based on GEDCOM files supplied by Peter Lowe, information on BARLING families has been divided into 8 groups. These are:

Barling - Egerton Branch : These are the descendants of the Barling family who owned Barling Manor in Egerton, Kent. A major Family Group moved from there to Lynsted, Kent.

(UPDATED 23 February 2000)

Barling - Brookland Branch : This branch is descended from Walter Barling (d. 1670) whose descendants lived in Brookland, Kent. Walter is from the Egerton Branch.

(UPDATED 22 February 2000)

Barling - Ulcombe Branch : This branch originates in the 1500s in Ulcombe, Kent. A major Family Group moved to Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

(UPDATED 25 February 2000)

Barling - Romsey Branch : This large branch can be traced back to John Barling (d. 1731) of Whiteparish, Wilts. The family is associated with Romsey and Downton, Hampshire and were non-conformists, in particularly Baptists. One major Family Group emigrated to the USA and founded Barling, Arkansas. Other Family Groups emigrated to Australia.

Joseph Barling and Elizabeth Bennett who arrived in Sydney in 1856. Josephs' brother James Barling and Edith Louisa Cole arrived in Meleborne in 1850. George Barling and Eliza Myles (Miles) who settled in Hobart, Tasmania in March 1842. They later moved to Geelong in 1849

(UPDATED 28 February 2000)

Barling - Warehorne Branch : This very large branch is the descendants of John Barling (d. 1761) who lived in Warehorne, Kent. Major Family Groups emigrated to the USA and Australia.

James Barling and Sarah Gibbs arrived in New South Wales (James in 1825 and Sarah in 1830 - convict). James brother Richard Barling and Mary Brizley Dray settled in the Moruya district of south east New South Wales in 1838. George Edward Barling who married Sarah Elizabeth Carter, settled in Victoria.

(UPDATED 28 February 2000)

Barling - Kingston Branch : This is a small branch going back to William Barling (d. 1842) of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. His son's family lived in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and descendants emigrated to the US. Very likely belongs to Ulcombe branch.

(UPDATED 23 February 2000)

Barling - Other Trees : Here are other branches and fragments of trees of Barlings. Many will no doubt prove to belong to the Branches above, and some are duplicates of those in these Branches. Additionally, there are several discrete families, mainly living in the US, but of non-English European origin, who took on the name BARLING after immigration.

(UPDATED 23 February 2000)

Barlin of Hambledon : It is quite an extensive tree, with mainly Australian descendants. The line is probably extinct in England. The curious thing is that the family started as BARLAND, then was BARLING and more recently is BARLIN. The family was centred around Hambledon in Hampshire.

(UPDATED 18 June 1999)

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Notes on trees:

Other than names, detailed data about possibly living people has been withheld. There are several abbreviations, the most frequent are:
RD = Registration District referring to English Civil Registration Records.
Numbers like 120Z, 320D, and 450M refer to an index of Civil Registration events.
P/C = photocopy.

The info regarding the Barling family has been researched by many people from many sources. My main input has been to webify this info.

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