Many of our ancestors were called to serve their fellow man in some capacity. Some were called to serve in the defense of our nation, others in defense of what they believed. Some sacrificed with their life, others their fortunes. Some were called to public office and serve their countrymen, while others were called by God to save their fellowman. The common thread among them all was their willingness to serve and sacrifce. Below are our direct line ancestors who answered the call to service. This page is a tribute to them.

ADAMS, ROBERT.  Captain of the militia in Goochland County, Virginia during Revolutionary War. Served as Justice of the Peace in Goochland County, Virginia afterward. (BARNARD SIDE)

BARNARD, CHARLES L.   Private in the military during the Civil War. (BARNARD SIDE)

BARNARD, PAUL L.    Secretary to United States Congressman Brooks Hayes in Washington, D.C..(BARNARD SIDE)

BARNARD, ROBERT EDGAR    Secretary to United States Congressman Hiram Casey Young in Washington, D.C. Hiram Casey Young was a Lt Col in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and a 5 term United States Congressman from Tennessee. and was Robert Edgar Barnard's uncle. Robert Edgar Barnard was also served for many years as Constible of Shelby County, Tennessee. (BARNARD SIDE)

BARNARD, SHUBEL P.   Early Baptist Minister in Virginia during the early 1800's.(BARNARD SIDE)

DALTON, ROBERT SR.   On 10 Oct 1777 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, he signed the Oath of Allegiance to national Independence and renouncing loyalty to King George III . The following Daltons signed the oath of allegiance: David Jr, John, Robert, Robert Jr., Samuel, Solomon, Thomas, Timothy,William, James, John, Joseph & Randolph. (BARNARD SIDE)

DODSON, CHARLES IV   Provided meat to the Continental Army of Virginia during the Revolutionary War. (POGUE SIDE)

DODSON, LOTT   CAPTAIN, Fought in Indian Wars of Georgia during early 1800's. (POGUE SIDE)

DUGGER, ALEXANDER  Fought in the Virginia Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. (HARDISON SIDE)

ELLIOTT, LABOURN.    Labourn left north central Arkansas during the Civil War and moved north to fight with the Union. After the war he returned to Arkansas. (ELLIOTT SIDE)

EVANS, WILLIAM.   1776 enlisted under Captain John Salter where he marched through North and South Carolina to Georgia where he served most of his term to include the Seige of Augusta. Next he joined the Georgia Militia in Colonel Carrs Regiment under Captain Dooley. Wm Evans is listed in Georgia and the Virginia Revolutionary WarSoldiers File # S.31.670. (POGUE SIDE)

FULGHAM, ANTHONY   In the mid 1600's was appointed Captain of the Militia, Isle of Wight, Virginia for the King of England. (POGUE SIDE)

FULGHAM, JOHN   1692 appointed commander of the Unity, Royal British Navy. 1703 appointed commander of the Pendennis, Royal British Navy. (POGUE SIDE)

FULGHAM, EDMOND B.   Worked as a Teamster during the Civil War. The teamsters were ones that would deliver supplies by wagon to the soldiers under cover. Served as PVT CSA - 51ST ARKANSAS MILITIA, CO "H" (POGUE SIDE)

GOOCH, GIDEON   May 1778 signed the Oath of Allegiance to national Independence and renouncing loyalty to King George III . (POGUE SIDE)

HALL, WILLIAM PENN.   Baptist circuit preacher in West Arkansas pastoring as many as 3 churches at one time in the 1890's. Once church he pastored for a length of time was Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church, Mansfield, Sebastian County, Arkansas. (HALL SIDE)

KEY, JOHN SR..  Ensign in the Eighth Virginia Navy during the American Revolution. John, Tandy and Joshua (KEY)were all magistrates of Albemarle County and/or Spottsylvania County, Virginia. Sheriff of that county in 1795. (BARNARD SIDE)

HARDISON, GEORGE WASHINGTON   28 Nov 1862 Private in Company G, 24th Tennessee Infantry. Duck River Rifles. Wounded in battle of Nashville 1864. (HARDISON SIDE)

HARDISON, JACK EDWARD   LT COL, Fought in World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. (HARDISON SIDE)

HATCHETT, ABRAHAM   Pvt in Revolutionary War. DAR Tombstone (ELLIOTT SIDE)

MARRS, HENRY MUNDAY.  Furnished supplies to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. (BARNARD SIDE)

MERONEY, PHILIP D.    Captain of 1st Maryland Battalion or "the Flying Camp" in Revolutionary War.
11 Sep 1777 Fought at Brandywine.
19 Oct 1781 Fought in White Plains and Yorktown, Va. He was present at the surrender of Marquis Charles Cornwallis, the Commander of the British forces at Yorktown, VA.
In her application for her husbands military pension, Martha Massey Meroney, wife of Philip Meroney stated "That her husband had never been a pensioner-and WOULD NOT APPLY FOR IT -STATING THAT "HE HAD FOUGHT FOR LIBERTY AND NOT FOR PAY". (BARNARD SIDE)

POE, RICHARD HAMPTON (CPT)   Capt. R.H. Poe (Quartermaster, Glenn's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry during Civil War.) Was allowed to resign his commission in 1863 and return to White County, Arkansas because he ran the only Grist Mill in that county.(ELLIOTT SIDE)

POGUE, AZARIAH    In the spring of 1832 Azaria (Azariah) entered the military at Hamilton, Harris County, Georgia where he served in a company commanded by a Captain Dotson in the "Indian Wars" of Georgia. (POGUE SIDE)

PRIDDY, RICHARD   Jul 1776 enlisted in Virginia Militia under Captain John Fleming. Served with the 1st Regiment, Virginia Militia and fought at the battle of Monmouth & taking of Stoney Point in the Revolutionary War. Promoted to Quarter Master Sergeant. (POGUE SIDE)

PRIDDY, ROBERT   Mid 1600's served as Captain in the English Navy who was commissioned to destroy a group of Spanish pirate ships. He was quite successful, and upon his return to England, the Crown gave him a grant of land in New Kent County, Virginia, and authorized him to establish a colony. He subsequently migrated to Virginia with a group of friends and established the colony. (POGUE SIDE)

SPENCE, GREAVES   Drummer boy during the French and Indian War in 1755. His brother, James was also a drummer boy in his uncle's Unit. (SPENCE SIDE)

STONE, LEVI  Enlisted as a Private in the 23rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA, 6 Mar 1862 at Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Participated in the battle at Corinth and surrendered at Port Hudson, LA in 1863. After parole, participated in the Missouri Raids. (HALL SIDE)

STONE, NICHOLAS CLARK IV  Fought in the War of 1812 in the 2nd Regiment (Cookes)West Tennessee Militia. Wounded at Battle of New Orleans. His wife, Celia, later applied for and received a pension for his service. (HALL SIDE)

STOUT, ABEL.  Private in the Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia during Revolutionary War..D.A.R. nos. 117156 and 117015. (BARNARD SIDE)

TERRY, THOMAS P.  Served as Preacher at the Double Springs Baptist Church, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi around 1851-1853 (POGUE SIDE).

TUNSTALL, RICHARD.  1742-1757 served as Captain - Colonel in the Virginia Colony Militia. (BARNARD SIDE)

TUNSTALL, THOMAS.  Seargent Major in the 14th Virginia Regiment during Revolutionary War.(BARNARD SIDE)

WITCHER, DANIEL  Captain - Colonel in the American Revolution. Signed the Oath of Allegience in Pittsylvania County, Virginia to national Independence and renouncing loyalty to King George III and then headed up a list of signees in 1777 to fight under his command. Fought at Stono Ferry, South Carolina in 1779 and the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina in 1781.
March 1777 commanded a campaign against marauding Indians in Virginia. Fall 1780 commanded a company of militia under General Nathaniel Greene at Millsboro, North Carolina.(BARNARD SIDE)

YOUNG, TANDY KEY  Tandy served as a private in the 18th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, Company C alongside Charles Barnard. (BARNARD SIDE)

YOUNG, MERLIN   Sheriff of Madison County, TN in early 1800's. (BARNARD SIDE)

YOUNG, WILLIAM   Sergeant in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War under Colonel Logan. (BARNARD SIDE)