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"In Memory of

Adam Barner

A Pioneer Settler in

Cumberland, now Perry County, Pennsylvania


A Soldier in the Revolutionary War"

Adam was born in and migrated from Switzerland and located in Berks County, PA..  The exact point of debarkation, his ship of passage and his port of  entry are still unknown to present day researchers.  About 1767 he settled on a farm on which Barner's (St. John's) Church is now located near Liverpool, Perry County, PA.

    Adam married the widow of John Bunn.  They had two sons.  One son, Henry Barner, located in Sugar Valley, Clinton County, PA and married Susanna Bunce.  His other son, George Barner, married Maria Dups and remained in the vicinity of Barner's Church where most of his descendants have resided unto this day.

Descendants of Henry are commonly referred to within the family as being part of the Sugar Valley clan.

    George Barner, a son of Henry Barner, returned to the Liverpool, PA vicinity about 1820.  He married Lydia Lehr, and many of his descendants also reside in the vicinity of Barner's Church.

    Descendants of the eldest George are commonly referred to as being part of the Liverpool clan.

The Family has a long and lasting tradition of Family Reunions dating back to 1921 which are held at the St John's (Barner's) Lutheran Church near Liverpool, PA.

The 83nd annual reunion will be held Saturday, June 17, 2006. 10:00 am till .......

Descendants and friends, mark your calendars!

2005 Family Newsletter
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