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Welcome to our Reuben Barrett of South Carolina Family website. I would like this to be THE site for new and old researchers alike to come to research Reuben Barrett facts. Any contributions will be greatly appriciated as this is quite a big project for one person to handle.


If you would like to submit information to this website, please send your sources along with your file. If you do not want your sources published then that is fine, we won't put them on the website, but we need to see them in order to confirm your files.

I am finding that I am having to go back and change so many files that have mis-information. The researchers of the website would like for this website to be as helpful as possible and sending someone in the wrong direction does not make this website very creditable. The sources will be reviewed by the leading researcher from that sibling line and then approved for the website.

Please send copies only, DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL FILES OR PICTURES as all files and information sent to Barrett Branches becomes the property of Barrett Branches site and will not be sent back. However, if they appear on this site your name will be attached to anything that you send and you will be given credit for your work and your donation...Thank you for understanding..Janet

If you would like to subscribe to the Reuben Barrett Rootsweb list and join the other almost 70 (and growing everyday) Reuben Barrett descendants from all 12 childrens lines, click on the link at the bottom of the page

All 12 of Reuben Barrett's children are listed with lots of research data on this website, any descendants from any of the sibling lines are welcome to donate anything they feel would be a help to other researchers. Of course your name will be on any information that you donate. Please help me make this a website that our family can be proud of.

Please be patient with me during this reconstruction, and check back often. I am continualy adding data to the website. Everytime I work on a sibling page I will put a notice on the marquee on that page so you will know when it is updated. I hope you enjoy your stay and you find something useful and encouraging in your research.

Table below are the 12 children of Reuben and Hannah Barrett, you may get to links for them thru the Reuben page or thru the links below. I hope to add to the pages daily so check back often:

Reuben Barrett and Hannah ? Barrett

Joseph Barrett

Mary Barrett Jackson

John Barrett

David Barrett

Margaret Barrett Prince

Reuben Barrett Jr.

Nancy Barrett Sellers

Hannah Barrett Toles

Arthur Barrett

William Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett Hutchins

Prudence Barrett Ward

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Mississippi Research Files

Other South Carolina Barrett Family Files

The table below contains research sites I have made for researchers who have been researching for a long time. There are also links to these pages throughout the website, but I wanted to consoladate their research so you would know who to contact for specific information.If you would like a researchers page of your own please contact me so we can discuss it and see what works best for you and your research.

Ann Lila Research on Arthur Barrett

Karen Hett Research

Forsaken Roots

Reta Burchfield

Gerry Dickens Research

**Dan Barrett's Barrett Registry



**-This is for all Barrett Surnames, so if you are a first time visitor and not sure who you connect with, I recommend registering with Dan, he may already have your connection.

The REUBEN BARRETT QUERY FORUM below is for leaving posts if you have any questions for other researchers.

Barrett's in the Military

Barrett Books List

False Statements being Published and Circulated over the Years about Reuben Barrett Family

Reuben Barrett Descendant List

2003 Reunion Photos


Bible Transcriptions Are Here


Click on the image above to take you to the page. If you would like to donate to this section please send me an e-mail. Note: The picture on the link is the actual photo copy of the Bible pages of Hugh Hayes Barrett, son of William Robert Barrett,son of John Whitten Barrett.


Nancy Barrett Barton

Arthur Barrett

?John Barrett?

Reuben Barrett Misc

Links Page

Various Pictures

Tyger Baptist Church Transcriptions

Barrett DNA Project

Reuben Barrett Descendants Cemetery Records

South Carolina Cemeteries

Mississippi Cemeteries

Texas Cemeteries

Georgia Cemeteries

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