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I would like to thank Gene Schnierle for all the photos on this page. Gene is a resident of Illinois and a Civil War buff who is a graduate of the University of Mississippi. He says, "I actually grew up in Southern Illinois, but am a graduate of The University of Mississippi. My main interest is in Company A of the 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Most of them were students at the University, and suffered 100% casualties with Pickett at Gettysburg."

Gene has taken photos of the markers of the Montgomery County soldiers in Company B who were buried in Camp Butler Cemetery.

The photos of the markers for our soldiers have been placed on their biographical pages.
They are: M. L. Elam, C. B. Estell, J. R. Baugass, G. J. Nichols, M. J. Milburn, I. J. Burgess, G. J. Quick, and W. B. Brake.

Gene very kindly drove to Camp Butler to take photos of the graves of our soldiers of Company B, 24th Regiment Texas Cavalry (Dis.), as well as photos of the gates, the markers, and panoramic views of the cemetery.

Gene took this photo in September, 2004.

These photos were taken by Gene on his trip to Camp Butler in the winter of 2004-2005.

Here are stones of three members of other companies of the 24th Regiment.
They are J. W. Woodall of Company H--- J. H. McDonald of Company C--- and J. S. Morris of Company A.

J. O. Gregory of Company E.

C. M. Stephens, Company F 25th Texas Cavalry, J. T. Corbett, Co. F 24th Texas Cavalry, James Simons, Co. F 25th Texas Cavalry, Charles O. Berry, Co. E 24th Texas Cavalry, and L. E. Middleton, 7th Mississippi Cavalry.

F. E. Vickers, Co. C;
J. Fuller, Co. G

J. G. C. Buckner, Co. G.; Ellzey Morse, Co. E.

C. A. Bridges, Co. A; E. A. Dean, Co. G

An unknown Confederate Soldier in the Camp Butler Cemetery

Shown on Camp Butler Cemetery Records as M. L. Elam, whose name is engraved on Stone #774

"When I visit here, I often think that most of those graves have probably never been visited by family, and many are forgotten. Sometimes I feel a real kinship just by being there."--Gene Schnierle, August 30, 2004


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