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Henderson F. Malone was the son of Nancy Baker Reding by her marriage to Andrew J. Malone in Tennessee. Henderson was born in about 1838 in Fayette Co., Tenn., and moved with his mother and step-father, John L. Conn, to Texas prior to 1850. He was listed as age thirteen in the 1850 census, in the Conn household in Montgomery County. His brothers, also in the home, were William F. Malone and Thomas M. Malone.

Henderson and his brothers were my first half-cousins four times removed, on the Reding line, since his mother was half-sister to my ancestor, Iredell Reding.

In 1860, he was living with the J. M. Mitchell family in Montgomery County and was listed as age twenty-one, born in Tennessee.

On August 2,1861, Henderson joined Captain Robert Micajah Powell's company D, Fifth Regiment Texas Infantry, which was otherwise known as the Waverly Confederates, and which became part of Hood's Brigade. He signed up in Harrisburg, and marched to Virginia with the company.

By October, he was sick in the hospital in Richmond, Virginia. He was discharged on December 5th on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability, because of his illness.

Captain R. M. Powell

On March 29,1862, Henderson joined Co. B 24th Regiment Texas Cavalry under Captain S. D. Wooldridge and was elected Corporal. He was enlisted in Danville, Montgomery County, by John E. George. His enlistment record shows that he was twenty-four years of age and that he lived fifty miles from the place of rendezvous, which was Camp Carter at Hempstead.

Henderson reported to Camp Carter at Hempstead with his equipment and horse on April 28, 1862. He made the march with the other soldiers as far as Louisiana.

However, the August 31st muster roll has a notation that he was discharged on July 13, 1862. No explanation was given for his discharge. In July, the regiment was at Sheveport, Louisiana. Many soldiers were sick and were being cared for by the ladies of Shreveport, who had established a hospital for them. It is likely that Henderson was sick with measles or one of the other camp diseases and was too ill to continue.

Back at home, in 1863, H. F. Malone rendered his taxables for the year. They included a hundred dollars of taxable property and one poll.

Apparently recovered, Henderson joined Mann's Cavalry Regiment in 1864. It was formed in July by combining Mann's, Bradford's, and Capt. R. S. Poole's commands.

Unfortunately, he became ill again, as indicated by his service records, which show that he was left behind, sick, in Grimes County in October. A further notation on his muster roll of December, 1864, states: Received leave of absence from 10 Dec. to 30 Dec. 1864.

Last, Henderson joined the Consolidated 24th and 25th Cavalry Regiment of the Trans-Mississippi, which was formed of remnants of those two cavalry regiments, men who, for whatever reason, had made it back home to Texas and were fit to serve.

The March 1865 muster roll carries a notation that he was absent without leave, and probably meant that he had not returned from a furlough. Doubtless, he was sick again. This is the last record we have of him.

Henderson F. Malone's name is not on the 1866 tax list, and he was not enumerated in any subsequent census. It is likely he died prior to 1870. His death date and burial place are unknown. He may be buried in the Danville Shepard Hill Cemetery, where many of his relatives are buried.

I have compiled the above sketch from my Reding family records, from census and from the compiled service records of the 24th Cavalry.

For further information and records of all Confederate soldiers of Montgomery County, Texas, as well as histories of the regiments they served in, see Montgomery County, Texas, CSA by Frank M. Johnson. The book may be purchased by visiting Frank's website at frankmjohnson.net or by contacting Frank at [email protected]

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