LARKIN J. ROTEN [ROTTEN], Co. B, 24th Texas Cavalry


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Larkin J. Roten was born in about 1838 in Edgefield District, South Carolina, the son of Thomas Roten and Lavicia Permenter. The name is often spelled as Rotten. Larkin moved to Texas with his mother and siblings in the 1850s, following the death of his father in Saluda County, South Carolina, in 1844. The family settled in the Walker County area.

In the census of 1860, Larkin was a single man working as an overseer for T. J. Permenter in Leon County, possibly an uncle. On March 29, 1862, Larkin was enrolled in the Second Texas Lancers, (later to become Company B, 24th Texas Cavalry) by John E. George in Danville, Montgomery County. The value of his horse was $75.00 and his equipment was valued at $20.00. He gave his age as twenty-three.

One of Larkin’s brothers also enlisted in Company B, under Captain S. D. Wooldridge, W. W. Roten. His brother, David E. Roten, was a member of Captain Wooldridge’s Danville Mounted Riflemen.

Larkin reported for muster at the training camp, Camp Carter near Hempstead, on April 28, 1862. The Brigade gathered at Crockett and began riding toward Arkansas at the beginning of May. Quite a few of the men of Carter's Brigade became sick with measles in June, while they were camped near Vernon, Texas. There were said to be sick soldiers and their nurses in every home in the small community.

Two men died on June 20th probably at the village in Smith County called Vernon or Mt. Vernon, near a post office named Seven Leagues. One was Larkin Roten. He was presumably a victim of measles, as were many men of his regiment. The muster roll of August 30 recorded his death date.

These were the first deaths in Captain Wooldridge's company of soldiers.

Larkin was probably buried in the church yard of a local church, or in the private burial grounds of the family that cared for him.

This biographical information was compiled from the book, Roten and Related Southern Families by Patrick R. Roten, and from the Compiled Service Records housed in the National Archives, copies provided by Patrick R. Roten

For further information and records of all Confederate soldiers of Montgomery County, Texas, as well as histories of the regiments they served in, see Montgomery County, Texas, CSA by Frank M. Johnson. The book may be purchased by visiting Frank's website at or by contacting Frank at [email protected]

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