William Barwise 1798-1887

William Barwise

William Barwise (1798 1887) built Edderside Hall. His wife, Fanny Bluck, came from Stanton Lacey in Shropshire. The couple lived in the hall until about 1845 when they left the area. Little is known of their subsequent life but they both died in Liverpool.

Benjamin Barwise 1838-1902

Benjamin Barwise

Although born in Dublin, Benjamin was raised in Whitehaven, the son of John Barwise, a merchant seaman. He received his ship master certificate of competency in 1864, although he spent most of his time as first or second mate. In 1879 he married Jane Kerr in Liverpool, the widow of his best friend Edward Edgar, a ship's captain killed at sea in a shipwreck.

John Barwise of Hotham 1823-1909

John Barwise

Born in Ireby, Cumberland, little is known about his parents James Barwise and Sarah Young. He arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 1852. Described in 1886 as a farmer, digger, and justice of the peace. By 1905 he had served on Hotham council over 20 years, and was mayor several times.