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Welcome to the home page of Brian Stevens who lives in Dallas Texas. I was born and raised in New Orleans (pronounced N'Awlins or N'Yawlyns) Louisiana with a rich heritage of Cajun background and having grown up in the Metairie area (pronounced Me-tar-e). As a graduate of Louisiana State University (LSU) in Industrial Engineering I took a job in Dallas Texas with only the satisfaction of finding that original Cajun cooking likes my mothers in a city that is over five hundred miles from home.

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Crawfish in Dallas and on Newspaper?




This is my first web page and I am looking forward to an ever growing interest from the world of web surfers offering such future topics as Cajun history (even with a name like Stevens I am Cajun), information on the the STEVENS surname from Southern Louisiana, work related topics and much more.

Photos from the gang in Dallas are now available at my Yahoo photo page located at my Yahoo photo page.

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