Miller,  Burnett,  Gibson,  Thomas,  Allen,  Deal,  Charles,  Heaton,  
Berry, Crump,  Cline,  Weaver,  Bowman,  Watson,  Craig
Bates,  Hood,  Mathis,  Evans, Stover,  Garrett, Hightower,  Forrester,
Allen,  Long,   Davis,   Brookshire,  Corbin, Talley McGhee,  Graham

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Our Family Genealogy

Come on in and learn about our family genealogy.  Most of our family lines are centered around the town of Ellijay in Gilmer County, Georgia and the surrounding counties of North Georgia.  Like many other families from this area, they came to Gilmer County after the removal of the Cherokee Indians in search of cheap land and a better life.    

This site was created to honor those generations that have gone before us and with the hope that future generations will come to know a little more about these wonderful people.  So I hope you will enjoy learning about our family heritage and if you happen to be a cousin, drop us a line and let us know.  We love finding new cousins. 

I never realized that many hours spent in libraries and dusty courthouses pouring over old record books would bring me so much pleasure.  I hope you find a small measure of that joy in these pages exploring through our family heritage.

Please note that I have not included any personal information on family members still living and will not give out any information about them.  And as with any Genealogy research, this is an ongoing project.  So check back often for updates.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Are we related?  Drop me a line and let me know.

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