Inquisitions and Post Mortems of Devon

Inquisitions and Post Mortems of Devon; 13th to 16th Centuries

Court of Chancery


de BATH, Walter. 4 Edward I. [1275/6]

Abstract. Chancery Inq. p.m. Edw. I File 13 (2).

M. 1

   Writ of certiorari, on the complaint of Isabel de Fortibus, countess of Albermarle, that the escheator had taken into the King’s hands lands held by Walter de Bathon’ her tenant in Estraddon, asserting that the wardship pertains to the King by reason of the barony of Valletorta, whereof Peter Corbet and Henry de la Pomeroy are heirs, and bound to answer to the King. Dated at Winchester 26 Jan. 4 Edward I. [1275/6]

M. 2  Devon.

   Inquisition taken Wednesday after St. Gregory, 4 Edw. I [Winchester 18 March 1275/6] before John Wyger, sheriff and escheator; by the oath of Richard de Speckecote, Philip Pruet, William de Stapeldon’, Walter de Breynton’, John de Kildrington’, John Pace, Ralph de Lappeflod, Geoffrey de Radeweye, Stephen Stoyl, William Baghel, William de Maummilond & William de Grneweye: Who say that Walter de Bath held lands in Estraddon (im)mediately of Isabel de Fortibus, countess of Albermarle, and immediately of Ralph son of Ranulf; held of the lords of Plimpton castle by 1 knight’s fee; he held of the barony of Valletorte. Peter Corbet and Henry de la Pomeray are not in the King’s homage of the said barony.

   Alexander de Okeston’ and Joan his wife were jointly enfeoffed of 40s of land in Hurberton by Roger de Valletorta. Hawis’ who was wife of Reginald de Valletorta, the younger, holds 16s of land there, in dower.

   The heirs of William son of Durand hold 4 marks worth of land of the gift of Reginald de Valletorta in Waysseburn’.

   Alexander de Okeston and Joan his wife was jointly enfeoffed by Roger de Valletorta of one-third of the manor of Brixham, worth yearly £10: - and of £10 of land in Brideford, with the advowson.

   The said Roger had 21s. rent of assize in Hurberton’, which the King now has by the death of the said Roger: 331/2 knight’s fees belong to the barony, which the King has by the death of the said Roger and Alexander; whereof Joan who was wife of Alexander is dowered of 11 fees by the death of Ralph de Valletorta her first husband; and the said Hawis is dowered of 6 1/2 fees by the death of the said Reginald.

M. 3

   Ralph de Binelegh (1), sometime clerk of said Roger, holds 3 ferlings of land, with the whole meadow of Huberton’, by enfeoffment of the said Roger; worth yearly £2.10s. Isabel who was wife of Warin de Boddeton’ holds £5 worth of land of the master of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, granted to her by Roger de Vautort.

   The abbot of Buffestre holds 40s. of land in Holne Abbatis by gift of Ralph de Valletorta.

   Agnes Bauceyn holds 2 parts of the manor of Brixham for a term of years, which Ralph aforesaid leased to Stephen Bauceyn and the said Agnes his wife; worth yearly £20.

   Roger de Pridias holds £6 of land in Ho in the manor of Brixham, given to Geoffrey de Pridias his father by the said Ralph de Valletorta.

   Guy de Nonant holds the manor of Cliston of the gift of Reginald de Valletorta, worth [yearly] £20. He holds £10 of land in Clauton’ of the gift of the same. Walter de bath held £10 of land there by enfeoffment of Ralph de Valletorta. The prior of Frithelestok’ holds 2 marks of rent there, and the homage, &c. of Guy de Nonant for the manor, of the gift of Richard de Brendesworth, who had that rent of the gift of Alexander e Okeston,’ and he of the gift of Roger de Valletorta.

   Master Richard de Clifford holds £20 of land in Cherleton of the gift of Thomas Pipard which Reginald de Valletorta gave to Thomas Corbet with Isabel his sister in free marriage, and the said Thomas gave to William Pipard, father of the said Thomas Pipard, with Katherine his daughter in free marriage.

   Hawis who was wife of Reginald de Valletorta, jun., holds 40s. land in Brideford in dower.

   The said fees with 2 dowers are worth yearly 20s. saving wardships and relief when then happen.

   Peter Corbet and Henry de la Pomeray are next heirs of the said barony, and are of full age.

   Walter de Bath held £10 land in Clauton of the gift of Guy Nonant at a yearly rent of £1.6s. 8d.:- £3 of land in Fernhull, held of Joan who was wife of Ralph de Valletorta, who has it in dower; by 1 1/4 of a knight’s fee:- 20s. land in La More held of the heirs of Richard Bauceyn by 1/4 fee: - 30s. land in Suthcote, held of William de Stoddon’; rent 20s.: - 5 marks of land in Shepwaysse, one moiety held of Thomas de Moute Sorelli, rent 1 mark, and the other moiety held of Mathew de Forneaus by 1/2 a fee;- the moiety of a mill in Blaketoriton, worth yearly 13s. 4d. rendering 3s. 6d. yearly to William la Zusche by the hand of

                                                      (1) This entry occurs on m.2 and again on m.3 with slight differences.

   Richard de Uppecote:- £3 land in Bratton’ held of Joel de Buketon, ‘ rent 1d. £4 land in Cornwode, with the advowson, held of Reginald de Ferrars by 1d. service: - £10 land in Estraddon, held of Ralph son of Ranulf by 1 fee: - 50s. land in Pauntesford, held of Mauger son of Henry son of Henry, by 1/4 fee:- 6 marks rent of assize in Hineton, held of Joel de Buketon’ in free marriage with Isabel mother of the said Walter:- 1 mark of land in La Sege, held of Roger de la Sege by rent of 1(1)lb. of wax:- and 20s. land in Speliacumb’, held of Hugh de Corteney in free socage.

   Augustine, son and heir, aged 5.


Transcribed: Michael Bath, Jan. 2002.


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