Mr. Dennis Walsh has generously contributed extracts from the Calendar of Ormond Deeds, dealing with the de Bathe families in Co. Kilkenny of the 13th and 14th centuries. These are available upon request. Mr. Walsh has a Co. Kilkenny genealogical site at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~irlkik

Received the Inquisition & Post Mortem of Walter de Bathon’, d. 1275, which is now available upon request. The information it contains has necessitated some revisions in the Medieval Connections and The Account of the Origins for this individual and his family.


AS OF February 2002

A chart outlining the Irish De Bathe family ancestry, compiled from available sources, is now available.

Leonard and Robyn Bath of Australia have added their pedigree to the site.


AS OF March 2002

We have found substantial indications that Bathe Manor/House/Barton was cultivated and settled during the pre-Norman era. Therefore, it was not part of the enforestation of Devon in the 12th century and could have been the source for the de Bathe/Bathonia surname during that period.

The Harvard Law Library has in its English deeds collection a document signed by Sir Henry de Bathe/Bathonia, Circa1236. We are trying to obtain a copy.

Jo Anne Chellew Gaddy of California, U.S.A. has provided us with her pedigree.


AS OF October 2002

More Bath/Bathe coats of arms have been added and others have had their holders identified.

Information added to the Coats of Arms, Medieval Connections and Origins pages have been given a red typeface.

The entry on the Bathes of Devon in John Prince’s "The Worthies of Devon" and the Sheriffs of Devon from Tristram Risdon’s "A Survey of the County of

Devon" have been added as pages accessible from the Home page.


AS OF November 2002

Another coat of arms has been added.

Additional information for this update has been given a blue typeface.

The pedigree of Jill Hayden and her cousin Louela Anne de Bathe Honey, both of South Africa, has been added.

AS OF January 2003

A Counter has been added.

The 1275 Post Mortem Inquisition for Walter Bathon, Lord of East Raddon has been added.

Mr. Jim Thompson has proposed alternate Cornish origins for the Bath surname,

These are discussed in the "Origins" conclusions and can be viewed at:


AS OF March 2003

Col. Vivians Cornwall Visitations of 1570, 73 & 1620 gives Sir William Bathe, Sheriff of Devon 1324 and Lord of Colebrooke.

A sketch map of the de Bathe / Bathonia holdings in Devon has been added. La Sage and La More have not been located.

AS OF June 2003

A map has been added showing the location of all Bath & Bathe males, of all ages, in the 1901 British census of England and Wales.

AS OF July 2003

The Coats of Arms page has been significantly added to, further establishing links between branches and adding others. Male heirs have been found for Sir Henry de Bathe (d. 1260) of Upper Lambourne, Berkshire and Sir Walter of  Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire.

AS OF August 2003

A possible missing link has been found between the Alltyferin Baths and Reynold de Bathonia (d. 1254) of Radwell (Rodwell) manor near South Petherton, Somerset. See "Coats of Arms" and "Medieval Connections" pages.

AS OF November 2003

 A sketch map of medieval de Bathe family holdings in Somerset has been added.

AS OF December 2003

A comparison has been made, from the 1901 Census, of surnames from medieval towns versus non-locality medieval surnames. See the "1901 Census Page".

AS OF April 2004

A page has been added of miscellaneous medieval land transaction records that mention the name of Bath Bathe.

AS OF Sept. 2004

A tale for Bath / Bathe children has been added. Written 150 years ago, it tells of the legend of Bathe Pool. The Medieval Connections page  has been reorganized to show the identifiable branches of the de Bathe family.

AS OF Feb. 2005

A hard disk failure caused the loss of the lineage and address of a descendant of Jane Bath and Richard Penhalurick. Would the submitter please re-establish contact.

The pedigree of James Bath has been added ; Pedigree VII

The pedigree of the American descendants of William Bath has been added ; Pedigree VI

AS OF Mar. 2005

The pedigree of Mary Fullerton has been added ; Pedigree VIII.

The possible tomb of Sir Henry de Bathe has been found. Is this the tomb of Sir Henry?

AS OF May. 2005

The tomb effigy does not belong to the base: Is this the tomb of Sir Henry?

Information from the Colebrooke Parish web site http://www.colebrooke.org/ claims that the de Bathe family held the Lordship of Colebrooke from 1241 to 1330 and were then followed by Sir Andrew de Metsted. As de Metsted was married to Margaret de Bathe, daughter of Augustine, this indicates that Walter of East Raddon and Walter of Colebrooke, sheriff 1238 - 1251, were, at least, closely related.

The Bath Origins page has been revised.

AS OF June 2005

foWe've been in contact with Mr. Henry Summerson of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and author of "The Crown Pleas of Devon Eyre 1238". Mr. Summerson informs us that the list of Devon sheriffs created by Tristram Risdon is in error in several respects and that there was in fact no Walter de Bathon, as sheriff of Devon in 1216 - 19. The "List of Sheriffs" published by the Public Record Office (National Archives) should be taken as correct. Mr. Summerson surmises that Walter de Bathon, sheriff 1236 - 51 was an "employee" of Nicolas de Moels, who appointed him as sub-sheriff in 1234. 

We've also been in communication with Dr. David Crook of the National Archives and author of the updated DNB entry on Sir Henry de Bathe. Based on the research of M.A.F. Meekings he gives that Walter de Bathon and Henry de Bathe were considered kinsmen in Meekings opinion and that Hugh de Bathonia was likely not the father of Henry. Dr. Crook will be publishing a book on the work of Mr. Meekings, with many more details.

Neither authority could give opinions on similarities in the various Bathe coats of arms. The appropriate pages will be updated with this new information.

AS OF November 2005

 Bath / Bathe / de Bathe DNA project has begun.

AS OF August  2006

The PRO list of the Sheriffs of Devon has been added to the High Sheriffs of Devon page.