Terhune Family



Certain Elements of Genealogy, Social History and Religious Interactions

By Barbara Terhune

June 20, 2007


The Seal of New Netherland was adopted by the Dutch West India Company in 1630. It was to be used to stamp the legal documents of the colony generated in New Amsterdam. Appropriate to the main article of trade at the time, the centerpiece of the seal was a beaver. The beaver was surrounded by a string of wampum or seawan. This Indian shell money was the principal currency of the New Netherland Colony for many decades, even used as donations to the church. Hard Dutch currency was scarce and a string of wampum was worth about four guilders. The shield and the Earl's crown signified that the territory was a province of the Netherlands.

This work is the product of many years of genealogy research, presenting major corrections to Terhune, Van Voorhees and Wyckoff genealogies, as well as additions to the early Terhunes of Gravesend and Flatlands.

It is a compendium of three disparate, yet related topics and is fully sourced and supplemented with detailed endnotes.

Terhune Genealogy 1637 to 1850

Dutch Colony History 1624 to 1710

Reformed Dutch Church History 1628 to 1770


The Dutch revolted in 1689 ( the Leisler Rebellion ) against the British and ruled the Colony for two years...establishing democratic representation...the FIRST American revolution????

Jan Terhune, son of the immigrant surveyed and mapped Western Long Island in 1674...

Many Dutch colonists hated their Domines, who supported Britain in the 1689 revolt, and did not baptize their children in the church...

The Reformed Dutch Church was in turmoil for 70 years over Domine Frelinghuysen and home rule...

The British governor of New York in 1700 to 1708 was a transvestite and often wore women's clothing in public...

The Dutch colony was ruled by a company, not the Netherlands government...

Peter Minuet, second colony governor, also started the Swedish colony in 1637...

Eva Terhune married Domine Frelinghuysen and their progeny became famous generals and politicians in the 19th Century and beyond...

Eva Terhune, wife of Domine Frelinghuysen, was the daughter of Jan Albertse Terhune and his second wife, Margrietje Van Sicklen and she did NOT marry at age 12 or 13...

Roelof Janse Terhune's wife was Marike Van Voorhees, NOT Marike Wyckoff. He was the son of Jan Albertse Terhune and his first wife, Annetje Roelofse Schenck.

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