Terhune Family

Part Three

Early Terhunes of Gravesend and Flatlands, Kings County, New York

Before proceeding, I would like to go on record that Teunis Bergen's "Register of the Early Settlers of King's County was the first genealogy book I bought when I began serious research. I hold him in high esteem for the valuable data, both qualitative and quantitative, that he gathered, preserved, organized and published for the benefit of those many of us, who came after him.

Nonetheless, errors do occur, especially in the case of the Terhune family in Bergen's "Early Settlers" pages 298 to 299 among others. Through the years, these errors have been repeated in countless other family histories and genealogies. Some of these errors are significant, affecting Wyckoff, Van Voorhees and other family trees, and need to be corrected.

  • In this section (marked by bullets, as seen at the left), we strive to assemble documented information related to these early Terhune generations and to correct some long standing errors in those families.

It is curious that the errors are associated primarily with the Terhunes who remained on Long Island. For that reason, the following will focus primarily on those Terhunes who remained in Kings County, New York with only limited information related to those who migrated to New Jersey.

Descendants of Albert Albertse Terheunen

First Generation

1. ALBERT ALBERTSE1 TERHEUNEN1 was born about 1619, possibly in Huenen, Gelderland Province, Netherland2 and died after February 22, 1685 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York.3 He married Geertje Dircks4,5 about 1648 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York. She was born about 1622 in Netherland and died before April 15, 1693 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York.

    ALBERT ALBERTSE TERHEUNEN emigrated December 1637, aboard the Calmar Sleuthel6, 7 with Captain Peter Minuit.
    In January 23, 1657, he obtained a patent for 25 morgens (50 acres) along with Jacques Cortelyou and others to establish the village of New Utrecht.
    In June 17, 1660, Albert bought Jacob Steendam's November 12, 1652 patent for a plantation in Flatlands and obtained a deed on July 16, 1660 [Calendar of New York Historical Manuscripts, page 214] (see map on page 27)
    In court on August 19, 1660, a judgment was issued against Albert Albertsen, ribbon Weaver, "for not removing into the village [New Utrecht] agreeably to the ordinance" [Calendar of Historical Manuscripts...edited by E. B. O'Callaghan page 216]
    On December 29, 1675, Albert bought 30 morgens of land from Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff "situated under Amesfoort, on the west side of the Gravesant wagon path..." [Keskachauge, pages 718 to 719] (See map on page 27)
    He was buried in 1685 in the Dutch Reformed Church churchyard cemetery in Flatlands, Kings County, New York.

It is our belief that Albert emigrated in December 1637, as an indentured servant, aboard the Swedish ship, Kalmar Nyckel (Calmar Sleuthel, in Dutch). However, in all candor, it must be noted that there are those who beg to differ, interpreting the sources noted in Footnote 6 to represent the immigration of Elbert Elbertse (Stoothoff), rather than Albert Albertse Terhunen. The distinction, in our view, tends to hang on the description of the young man on the ship as a weaver. Albert Albertse Terhunen is often described as a "Lintwever" or "ribbon weaver" in subsequent church and official New York records. This craft is never associated with Stoothoff in the many references to him.

To further complicate matters, bear in mind that the surnames, Terhunen and Stoothoff, were not adopted until some years after these young men came to America. Kiliaen Van Rensselaer's letters, shown in Endnotes number 6, identify the young man as "Elbert Elbersz" in one letter and as "Elbert Albertsen" in the second, both written on the same day. There is little doubt that the "young man was either Terhune or Stoothoff", nonetheless, the sad fact remains that, barring the unlikely discovery of new evidence, we shall never know for certain. Nevertheless, there is also no doubt that Terhunen either came aboard the Calmar Sleuthel or he came over soon after on another ship.

  • There is an erroneous misconception concerning Albert Albertse Terhunen that is repeated in many texts. It concerns his arrest and fine for not destroying his house and moving into the village of New Utrecht in 1660. The error is that the reason for this action was given as Indian raids that required the colonists to consolidate their people into safer locations. This is not accurate.

The real reason is that Governor Stuyvesant wanted to establish villages in Western Long Island as a buffer against the English that had been claiming all of Long Island and also as additional farmers to grow crops for the increasing population in New Amsterdam. To that end, he endorsed a petition of Jacques Cortelyou to fund a settlement of twenty lots of fifty acres each to be called New Utrecht. As found in the Documentary History of New York, pages 433 to 434: "Let the petition be granted provided that they deliver by the first opportunity a map thereof to the Director General and Council...dated 16 January 1657." Albert Albertsen was one of the twenty granted a patent of fifty acres.

The settlers were also to build a blockhouse, palisades, fences and houses. By 1660, several proclamations had required the patentees to abandon any separate dwellings and move into the village. Albert ignored these injunctions and said he was only "renting" nearby land. In August 1660, he was arrested, jailed and fined 50 guilders. He subsequently moved into New Utrecht. In the same year, Albert bought a two thirds interest in a 400 guilder grain mill that was to be used in New Utrecht.

GEERTJE DIRCKS whose name "Geertje" sounds like "Charity"
  • It should be noted that contrary to "popular opinion," Geertje was not a DeNyse. According to court records, only her patronymic is provided:
  • Tuesday, 16th October 1663, Court Minutes of New Amsterdam "Abraham Pietersen Corbyn, arrestant and plaintiff, versus GEERTJE DIRCKS TERHUNEN, the ribbon weaver's wife, defendant and arrested.

    Plaintiff's wife appearing demands from defendant thirty three guilders ten stivers balance according to Abraham Corbyn saying she still has an old a/o, which her husband has with him, whereby something else is also coming to her.

    Defendant produces a counter account.

    The Court refers the matter in question to Hendrick Jansen Van Der Vin, Old Schepen of this city, and Hans Stein, to take up parties a/c to decide and settle the same, to reconcile the parties if possible, if not, to render their report to the Court, the attachment remaining so long valid, until parties shall agree among themselves." (Upper case emphasis added)

The above identifies Geertje as daughter of Dirck 'unknown'...

  • There is no record of the given name, Dirck, among the first three generations of DeNyse (Tyssen) family, so it doesn't seem likely that she was of that family.
  • Those who claim Geertje to be a DeNyse identify her as the daughter of Teunis Nyssen DeNyse and Femmetie Jans Seals. However, there is no record of a daughter, Geertje. Furthermore, the dates simply don't compute. All of their children were born in the 1640s to 1660s, whereas Geertje was bearing children in the early 1650s.
  • In addition, Geertje and Albert Terhune have no children named either Teunis or Femmetie.

Children of ALBERT TERHEUNEN and GEERTJE DIRCKS are: (See Family Group Sheet on page 36)

i. HEYLTJE ALBERTSE2 TERHUNE, baptized June 12, 16508 at New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church and the witnesses were Aert Willemszen and his wife8
2. ii. ALBERT ALBERTSE TERHUNE II, baptized August 13, 1651 at Flatlands, New Netherland and died September 07, 1709 at Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.
iii. ANNETJE ALBERTSE TERHUNE, baptized March 03, 1653 at New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church and the witnesses were Willem Gerritsz, Tryntie Hadders and Tryntie Claes9
3. iv. JAN ALBERTSE TERHUNE, born about 1654 at Flatlands, New Netherland and died after 1731 at Flatlands, Kings County, New York.
4. v. STYNTJE ALBERTSE TERHUNE, born March 06, 1655 at Flatlands, New Netherland and died after September 1732.
5. vi. SACHJE "Sarah" ALBERTSE TERHUNE, born 1658 at Flatlands, New Netherland

Second Generation

2. ALBERT ALBERTSE2 TERHUNE II (ALBERT ALBERTSE1 TERHEUNEN)10 was baptized August 13, 1651 in Flatlands, New Netherland11 and died September 07, 1709 in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. He married first, HENDRICKJE STEPHENSE VAN VOORHEES II12 about 1675, daughter of STEPHEN VAN VOORHEES and WILLEMPIE SEUBERING. She was born about 166013 and died about 1692. He married second, WYNTJE JANS BRICKERS about 1693, daughter of JAN BRICKERS and GEERTIE FONDA. She was born about 1667 and died in 1705 in Bergen County, New Jersey. He married third, MARATIE DE GRAVES about September 08, 1705 in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey14

ALBERT ALBERTSE TERHUNE II was baptized August 13, 1651 at the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church and the witnesses were Wolfert Gerritszen Van Couwenhoven and Grietje Van Nes.11 He executed a deed on April 14, 1682, with others for 5320 acres, a tract called Aqueyquinunke, along Passaic River in New Jersey.15 His early will was dated February 03, 1704 and was recorded in Liber 3 of Conveyances, page 1516 and was superceded by a later will between February 16, 1707 and 1708 in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey17, 18 His will was probated September 20, 1709 and recorded in Liber 7, page 420 in the Office of Surrogate of New York.

Children of ALBERT2 TERHUNE and HENDRICKJE VAN VOORHEES II are: (See Family Group Sheet page 36)

6. i. JAN ALBERTSE3 TERHUNE was born 1676 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York and died before August 23, 1718.18
ii. WILLEMPTJE ALBERTS TERHUNE was baptized April 02, 1677 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York20 and died young.
iii. ANNETJE ALBERTS TERHUNE16, 18, 21 was born in 1679 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York and married JACOB ALBERTSZEN ZABRISKIE22 in April 1699.
iv. STEPHEN ALBERTSE TERHUNE16, 18, 23 was born April 04, 1680 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York24 and married LYDIA (DAVID2) DEMAREST/DESMARETS in October 1707 in Hackensack, New Jersey. She was born about 1689. STEPHEN ALBERTSE TERHUNE was baptized on April 18, 1680, "op Utrecht" [at New Utrecht] and the sponsors were Lucas Stephensz and Stijntje Alberts.25
7. v. GERMECHJE ALBERTS TERHUNE was baptized August 13, 1682 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York and died after 1727.
8. vi. WILLEMPTJE ALBERTS TERHUNE was baptized December 07, 1684 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York.
9. vii. MARRETJE ALBERTS TERHUNE was baptized October 31, 1686 in Flatlands, Kings County, New York.
10. viii. RACHEL ALBERTS TERHUNE was baptized April 22, 1690 at Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.


11. ix. GERTRUYD ALBERTS3 TERHUNE16, 18 was baptized March l0, 1694 at Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.
x. ALBERT ALBERTSE TERHUNE III16, 18 was born August 1695 at Hackensack, New Jersey and married ANNA MARIA ACKERMAN in October 1719 at Hackensack, New Jersey.
xi. JOHANNES ALBERTSE TERHUNE18 was baptized June 21, 1700 at Hackensack, New Jersey and married GEESJE R. WESTERVELDT in April 1725.
xii. DIRCK "RICHARD" ALBERTSE TERHUNE18, 26 was baptized July 26, 1702 at Hackensack, New Jersey and died September 16, 1766. He married CATREYNTJE KIPP on October 03, 1727.
xiii. WYNTIE ALBERTSE TERHUNE18 was baptized April 01, 1705 at Hackensack, New Jersey.


xiv. ANNATIE ALBERTSE2 TERHUNE18 was baptized on December 15, 1706 at Hackensack, New Jersey.
  • NOTE: This Annatie Albertse Terhune did not marry Jacobus Schuurman. This subject is discussed at length in Part One of this paper.
  • NOTE: As a correction to previous Terhune genealogies, EVA TERHUNE, wife of Dominee Theodorus Jacobus FRELINGHUYSEN, was NOT a daughter of Albert Albertse2 TERHUNE. She was, in fact, the daughter of his brother Jan Albertse2 TERHUNE by his second wife; Margrietje Van Sicklen. This subject is discussed at length in Part I of this paper.

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