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Ford Family
Ford Family

I realize this is an enormous undertaking, that the Ford family of the Washington Township area is one of the most prolific and an inordinately common name, but I will do my best here to try and make sense of it all. If you have an addition or correction, please send it to me via e-mail

Now onto the history:

As far as I know, most of the Fords in this area descend from one Thomas Ford, born somewhere in New Jersey about 1764., or his brother, Stephen. Thomas is supposedly buried in the cemetery at Pleasant Mills, but I have been told that his headstone vanished long ago so this cannot be ascertained. Oral family history written down by Helen Leek Mack, testimony from those who claim to have seen said stone before it was broken, is the only evidence.

Thomas Ford was living in Galloway Township, Gloucester Co., by 2 Jun 1835 when he signed an affidavit for his brother, Stephen's Pension Application. (Rev War Pension Records M804, Reel 1001, Case #R3661). Also signing that affidavit were one Simon Lucas, of Galloway Twp, and Jesse Evans, of Washington Township.

Some researchers have speculated that the John Ford buried at Lower Bank was also his brother, but this remains unproven. That John lived from 1770-1845.

The descendants of Stephen can be found here.

NEW-JUST ADDED 2/19/2006
I have received information regarding descendants of Daniel Ford some time ago and I have finally gotten the time to post it here. Just what Daniel's relationship is to Thomas and Stephen, if any, is not clear yet.

Thomas married a woman by name of Mary Drummond, who was born in 176. She died on 24 Dec 1841 and was buried in the cemetery at Pleasant Mills.

These are the children of Thomas Ford and Mary Drummond:

  1. Thomas Ford, who married Nancy Cramer. It seems this may be the same woman who also married his brother, Benjamin. I am not sure, however, who was the first husband.
  2. Martha Ford. She married Sebastian Crowley, and died on 16 April 1881.
  3. John Ford, born 4 July 1798 in Greenbank. He also died there, on 19 Nov 1885. His wife was Mary Margaret Magee, also born and died in Greenbank. She lived from about 1800 to ca. 1860. Their children were:
    1. Rebecca Ford
    2. William Magee Ford, who married Margaret Melinda Ford, a first cousin once removed.( She was daughter of Charles H. Ford, and grand daughter of William's uncle, Charles, mentioned above.) William Magee and Margaret Melinda Ford were the parents of:
      1. Samuel Ellsworth Ford, who married Hannah Alma Oaks. They worked together at the Walker Farm, where she was a maid and he a farm hand. and had:
        1. Austin Garfield Ford (1899-1963), who married Laura Neely
        2. Geneva Pearl Ford, the oldest, born 26 Oct 1886, about two years before her parents were married. Geneva married George S. McBride, and she died on 28 May 1935.
        3. Ralph Harrison Ford (1889-1970), who married Ida Stinsman
        4. Lilla May Ford (1890-1973), who married George J. Dance
        5. Ethel Marie Ford (1892-1975), who married a painter named William Howard Somerville.
        6. Elmer Ellsworth Ford, b. 1896
        7. Russel Palmer Ford (1897-1918), died in the great flu epidemic.
        8. Floyd Filmore Ford (1902-1980), who married Gertrude Brownlee in Oct 1925
        9. William Everett Ford (1904-1962), who married L. Viola Lucas
        10. baby Ford, died at birth on July 16, 1906
      2. Charlotte Ford, born in 1846 in Greenbank. She died sometime after 1920. Charlotte was married to William Ford, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Willits Ford. Charlotte and William Ford were parents to:
        1. Emma Elizabeth Ford, born June 1877, died 9 March 1944.
        2. John Willits Ford, born March 1871,died 1945. He was married to Louella Leek, dau. of Charles T. and Anne Marie (Reynolds) Leek.